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    First of all thanks for your guys feedback. We saw this already and it is on the todo list.
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    Thank you for your report. After watching and rewatching I now know exactly what happened and fortunately it's not a hack. If the OP wants to PM me so I can show him what it is and why I came to this conclusion, he's more than welcome. It IS a macro but it's not a cheat. Either way, it goes against the game rules.
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    Its not about the snipers but the rare loot like red stalkers famas l85 sigs tars they spawn way to often. none cares about loot anymore like m16 scars m4 its just empty em and drop em on the ground none cares. This needs to be fixed loot is way to op and sniper are not hard to get your hands in. Like getting snipers from airdrops are rly easy. But getting 1 from a super zombie is hard. Thas how it should be for airdrops aswell.
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    Hello dear community and developers. Firstly i want to say BIG THANKS to admins and devs for BEST map Colorado v1. Sincerly good work about clasic map with optimization, textures and hight fps. i know devs has decreased loot spawn but thi is not enough. Today loot has OP, spawn rate OP, time of spawn loot so fast, position of spawn of loot so much, exist disbalance vs other mao oregon and colorado v2. This factor ( OP of loot) damage interal economycs of survival mode, and will lead to lower value of survival items and transform survival mode to open world. We ( survival community trusted traders ) work so much about price list of items survival mode ( https://goo.gl/wQiukT), but now with OP of loot, its so hard for configure balance of value and prices. I think so much ppl agree with me and devs has lower and balance survival loot. Thx for attention http://vfl.ru/fotos/78335a8c23614581.html http://vfl.ru/fotos/40eb110723614582.html http://vfl.ru/fotos/59d63fc223614583.html
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    I dont know if im the only one that misses the smallville pvp map i feel like we need more pvp maps its so boring to play Rocky or Hospital every single day!
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    Alright, I will do that. Thank you! XD
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    Thank you isnt I also prefer the Suzuki Vitara.
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    Its about survival you know?
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    TRUE ! Loot in v1 is so OP +1 For decrease the loot in v1
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    As long as there's enough players playing survival, they won't wipe it. Unless a good amount of players come to the forums and make a poll, but even then idk.. it's too much work and risk for devs to wipe the whole thing. As much as I would love to play old warz again, I don't think it's gonna happen. Everyone got spoiled by having loot laying everywhere. If they ever decide to wipe and do a proper survival version of the game, I would like to see 2 Colorado V1, 2 Colorado V2 and 2 California servers (perhaps adding more servers later on if survival succeeds). Balanced loot, currency, harder and extensive skill tree. The things that made old game fun was, balaced pvp, exciting trading, farming was actually enjoyable. I don't think players care about new maps and so on, they want nostalgia cause that's what brings people back.
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    +1 vote BAN nice catch! The inventory not even opens to change Weapon! The game IS DYING for this and others lame reasons! Make the game great again!
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    True! The massive spawn of loot makes the market volatile. As a farmer/trader i have been noticed a massive amount of snipers since colorado v1 got implemented
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    I think we should adjust the items it drops + make the alien drop more items. What do you think?
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