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    Friends, We are going to go live to give out some good vibes and hope that everyone can just have a good time together. Come join in on the fun, music, dance, and sing along! That was an invitation as in like why are you reading click HERE <---- click, thank you all for your amazing support. Thanks, Stinefelt
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    Thank you all for joining us on the stream! We love singing along to our favorite tunes while playing new z and creating wonderful memories together! Tune in next time for spaghetti dinner in Nato.. ^^
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    I am still having issues trying to log on. Neither Steam nor download game work. I put in a ticket, this isnt a ban issue and I have already exhausted all available advice from the forum BEFORE i even tried to contact support. Help getting this fixed would be great. Thanks.
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    It's not a problem just making sure that I understand and the feedback here is reflected as best as possible! So the hardware in your region you feel is not the same as it is in other regions? So you try to play on the other regions because you feel the performance is better than in your own region? I would suggest that you could open a support ticket with the NewZ team to express your concern around the server provider they utilize for your region and that they could investigate it further to see that it is meeting their expectations. Again I'm just seeking to understand so I can narrow down the best way to explain this in feedback to the developers.
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    The team has done circles in gathering feedback from the community and pointing players in the right direction to receive support. So with that, I don't know your location or system even your connection? If I am understanding what you are saying is that even if you connect in your own Region, you get disconnected due to lag issues?
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    Do not talk bullshit, just like the arena because it is camper and does not know to change shot. Already wants to hide in the houses your noob.
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