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    Hello, Could you add an ability to see player nickname when aiming at him? Today I saw a cheater, who flied over mountain, but i can't report him, because I even don't know his name. Regards, Hawex
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    oh I didn't see that but I guess a post about that is a good thing too since not everyone wants to watch a whole video of it and just do it step by step like in the post I did this thing very long time ago, fixed crashes for me even. ?
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    Dear Players, Due to the recent issues related to patch 2.22 and the new FAC 2.0 we have extended the Free Premium Weekend Event with one day! This now ends: September 11, 12:00 PM (CEST) For those wondering; the other weekend event related stuff has ended as planned. Have a nice rest of your week! Best regards, // The New Z - Staff Team
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    @ElChupacabra Putting the name to the look would be a bad idea precisely because of the people who hide and this would be unfair, but putting the tab (reputation, premium and name) would be good. So we could report a fraudulent player without having to die for him.
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    No need to worry. When the Gold Coins I just purchased today are gone, I will be too. What I was pointing out was Geneticz use of foul language. But, since you have some other idea of what I was talking about it's cool. I also won't be posting any more comments or suggestions to the forums.
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    Some questions: Have you tried restarting your game launcher as admin? Can you explain the issue a little bit more detailed? Is this only happening on a particular server, or everywhere? Does it happen in the menu as well? Can you send this to us in a support ticket at https://playnewz.com/support.php/ Best Regards, Sven
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    I am trying to reach my goal of all characters having full skill tree I could care less about items, and that is also why i'm PAYING to be able to do this, please don't spam my topic, if you have a server you'd like to rent me a spot in, great, if you don't please don't post here, lets keep it clean, thank you.
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    The problem i see is if you are on my server you would loot my loot, drive my cars and kill my zombies ... This: doesnt make it better. ^^
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    I understand the frustration tbh. We're doing our best here. People here have sacrificed their entire weekend to fix these issues and help players and then some people think it helps to start insulting in other languages. Of course there is other languages and a difference here but purposely insulting in another language just so the staff and other people don't instantly know it's insults is just low. Geneticz is talking about this. About the other people pointing out their issues in other languages; these also get logged. I am keeping track of these complaints as well. It's just harder for us to reply when a comment is not in English which is understandable I suppose.
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    Its a bit late to take the macro problems serious LUL
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    Bad patch only problems with the mouse: Because of the patch, the mouse pointer works very jerky. Make a play or shoot SZ no fun. Not only does the loot leave much to be desired by the super zombies, no, now you can not even play on your private server for what you pay for overpriced money. EU server Colorado ?
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