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    Put the close respawn in clear v2, many South American clans want to play on that map but that makes it unplayable
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    Its a bit late to take the macro problems serious LUL
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    Personally want to thank you for this amazing comment. People often forget what's really going on sometimes and I am happy to see there is still people out there that see what we're actually doing. We are literally working around the clock, every single day, even in the weekends to provide players with a good game and a good environment. Have a nice weekend! Best Regards, Sven
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    Make this map great again. Close respawn & double GD
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    thats not what it have been said on dev streams but whatever, it is still allowed lmao. and it is still doesn't answer me tho. either you ban all macro programm or do nothing about it, thats all. ofc, i came on newz when everyone was already using macros so, always used macro. too late for learning how to not macro when everyone can still use their own mouse macro program
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    Macros have never been an excepted part of newz play culture they have been allowed to be used to a degree for the simple fact that macros are a very complex issue to handle.
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    If that was intetionally to desable x-mouse so why its still working on all the others ?
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    Great gaming, great message, great guy!
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    I started Steam / The Game / The Launcher / The FAC tool with admin nothing works. Restarted my PC 10 times etc
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    Game is just getting old. Not that much to do imo
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    ok so if i understand the situation, you guys make x-mouse button obsolete intentionally(steelseries too from what i read) but... why ? like i said in the support ticket you can't say that macros are allowed on dev's faq stream and just make x-mouse disabled into the game 1 month after, it doesn't make sense. the majority of players using and used macro (fredaikis also, ironic right ?) since days so like you said," you can't remove the mechanic, it's a part of the game NOW". it's not like anyone can just install a macro program if they are complaining about it (not anymore abviously).
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    Im playing with macros since 6 month because of rocky .. too much adventage from the other macro players so i had to use them! But the problem right here is why all the regular mouses software are still working( logitech, razer..) except only one(X-mouse) ?? try to make it equal for everyone !
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