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    There is nothing to explain.I myself made a psot about cars and how awfull these are at their current state.You cna run over ppl who are behind trees,walls.Kill them when they sit inside a building.Dragster do not recive any dmg from time to time when its standing still and when it reaches 30 mp/h its invincible.When you levae the car there is a chance that tyou will fall under the map and lose your items.Sometiems you can get teleported miles away.There are 1k reasons to delete them.And here is why its a huge +1 from me.
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    Hello everyone I am W4RDOGS, official partner of the game and I come to ask to remove the spawn of cars from the official servers since they do not bring any benefit, many players are threatening to stop playing because of the trampling that are disrupting the PvP in the cities. I repeat! Cars are not helping at all in the open world! I ask you to analyze, I brought this post to request several players in the community. A hug! @Sven @Steve Ecke
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    Considering the first season leaderboards, i received 1 heavy alien (80m) and another prizes. At that time there was no instant respawn, which was spent 10 times less than loot. There were no Chinese with 450 of ping in South America. There were more people in the game, which was easier to have people motivated to play a whole week to win their prize. Adding people on servers with 5/10 people with killstreak of 50, 60 ??????????????????????? I did not spend time in reporting them, since people are not punished in this game, I got tired of reporting people doing boost in the double gd, and nothing. Honestly, very angry, it was a good game.
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    I think it would be interesting to get the cars out of the pvp servers or get stuck with Riot. ?
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    Hello, I'm the CHOKITO IS BACK, I'm from the Ext clan, and I'm going to say that they take the cars out of the map, because there's no profit and no clutter in the middle of PvP, players are not using it to farm or go to another city and yes to kill the players in the middle of PvP !!! Once again I say DUMP THE CARS OF OPEM WORD !!!
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    Hi there are lots of posts on inventory and how it sucks. After thinking about it from a pure database angle here is what I think may work. I am assuming weapon items have a series of attributes which store the magazine type, number of rounds in magazine, any attachments like scopes, grips, suppressors etc so manipulating these becomes a simple programmatic exercise. 1. No weapon should ever be put in the armory with a clip in it - THIS IS REAL LIFE - IF YOU HAVE EVER SERVED YOU WILL KNOW - so all weapons have zero ammo in inventory. Ammo clips should be removed as part of the move to inventory process. 2. All ammo moved to inventory (ammo in weapons and also unattached ammo clips) should be automatically clip stacked - clip stacking of the inbound clips includes the 1 clip of partial load in inventory. 3. rearrange the weapon inventory view to a table with columns for a. long arms b. pistols c. machine guns etc. 4. rearrange the ammo inventory to a table with columns a. ammo items with full load of rounds b. item with less than full load of rounds - and there should only ever be 1 of these items in inventory - see 2 above taking stuff out of inventory them becomes a simple affair of select weapon / select ammo and if you use load-outs you can pre-load clips as the items are put into your slots or choose to do that manually The same simplification approach should be undertaken for anything that has a variable attached to the item description that makes the item not a unique entry. anyway just a thought....................................... have a fab day
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    I have made numerous posts about the condition of the cars with detailed explanations of the problems they have. Nothing gets fixed. They will just add yet another car. I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why the new Police Dragster, when placed, instantly turned into a Sheriff Dragster. All I hear are crickets chirping in the background. Which, btw, the Police Dragster seems to have vanished completely. Besides, I thought cars were disabled in PVP. I know you can't kill anyone on a PVE server.
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    I think its because of the new FAC, got these issues as well.
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    nobody is forcing you to participate on these events sir
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    What do you mean exactly? Just so you all know: We're back in the office and back to business!
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    That's a good idea. But we had the idea to bring some kind of new currency on Survival. We are still investigating those ideas to find the best compromise! Anyways thank you for sharing us your ideas, keep it up!
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    Or the game dollars went into a wallet that was held on the player at all times and if you die you lose them all
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