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    Do not remove the tropics please, it is the best map! This update was the coffin lid to kill the battle. The more I claim, the more you get worse, before I play a game of tropic per day, now even that does not work. Thank you for making more than 20 people of my clan stop playing, as we only played the tropics.
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    Dear Players, It's Friday again and that can only mean one thing: WEEKEND EVENT! Before we jump into that we would like to announce that during this weekend event there will also be a DOUBLE GC sale! The double GC sale AND weekend event start and end at the same time, as following: START: August 10, 2018 12.00 PM (CEST) END: August 13, 2018 12.00 PM (CEST) With this weekend event we wanted to do one particular thing for each game-mode so that as much players as possible get affected / able to join the events in their game-mode. ✦ DOUBLE GC: All GC purchases are doubled during the weekend event period. This goes for both Xsolla (playnewz.com/buygc) and Steam (in-game when playing through Steam). Enjoy! Next to the DOUBLE GC sale we are also doing the following events: ✦ Release of the new Infinity skins! This means all the new skins of the Infinity set have been added to the Infinity skinbox. Next to that we are also giving an Infinity skinbox away to 3 random winners! You can join the giveaway at: https://playnewz.com/giveaway.php (Please not that you can always go to the in-game marketplace and "see content" when clicking on a skinbox to preview what you can get out of a certain skinbox) ✦ OPEN WORLD: COLORADO EVENT SERVER: No shields + Double jump. One of the Official Colorado V2 servers has turned into an event server and players will have double jump and no one won't be able to place any barricade only in this server. ✦ BATTLE ROYALE: ARIZONA V2 FIRST PERSON ONLY. All Arizona V2 servers are first person only during the weekend event! ✦ SURVIVAL: COLORADO FIRST PERSON ONLY. All Colorado Survival servers are first person only during the weekend event! If you have further feedback, ideas or comments please let us know in the comments on this thread. We hope you all have a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Could I see that chart? What's your opinion of the G36, as that one is my personal favorite, using Reflex Sight, Bullet Compensator, and Forward Grip. TAR would be my second choice. Four attachments? Does Rifle Laser improve gun stats too?
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    Add colorado V1 on official servers ? I think it would be a nostalgic feeling.
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    Os lugares onde os jogadores nascem estao muito bagunçados, varias veses eu nasci no meio do nada, e nao da pra chegar onde tem uma arma, pra tentar sobreviver, eu acho que deveriam organizar melhor essa questao, pois fica muito mais dificil ganhar uma partida. The places where the players are born are very messed up, several times I was born in the middle of nowhere, and can not get where a gun is, to try to survive, I think they should organize this question better, because it is much harder to win a match .
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    Seriously? Asking what assault rifles are optimal so I know what to use and trade for is a stupid and unnecessary question? Jeez man, you were a newbie once too. I'm asking questions so I can learn.
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    Not in US Dollars like it shows in-game? Was going to buy 2400GC for $12, to cover 4 months of Premium.
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    Yeah, nevermind. Paypal converts it to dollars. Just got 5kGC. Thanks.
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    I applied for the Open World division of SLEC, I didn't know you guys had a Survivor division too. I much prefer Survivor mode, so if you guys are still recruiting for the Survival branch, I'm interested. It'd be nice to have a clan to farm loot and experience with. Sounds like my exact playstyle, I tend to avoid players whenever I can and I don't attack them unless they attack me first. If they leave me alone, I leave them alone.
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    Yes I like this idea. Louder footsteps would be nice please.
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