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    Hey, I will check all the applications asap, you can expect answers around todays evening.
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    Hey everyone, We saw that Rockyford is not that popular anymore. Then I asked some knows hardcore-pvp players and they give me some ideas what I could change to make the map enjoyable again. So the first plan is, to bring the version back, which player want. Juifar gave me this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np2mrCLggv8&t=102s So the points overall which I wanna change are: Remove the 2 buildings next to the parking place Open the White House Add back the 2 Red Houses behind the mechanic Lower the amount of grass Remove the FOG The plan overall is to make the player area smaller to create more intense pvp areas. So what do you guys think, maybe you have a better idea? Let me know in the comments!
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    The Screenshots from Structure and outsdide just show that all is normal now. For Parkerville, you stand on the grass and zombies dont come to you. before 2.20 that was and shouldn't happen. was never save. New screenshot from Zeta, there are no zombies now: https://imgur.com/MP6xNdu Edit: There is also no loot.
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    Huge +1, pvp will become more intense and less campy. This will definitely revive the pvp servers tho
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    If I'd be active I'll join
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