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    Dear Community, We have now added a new "International Section" in our forums. The main reason for this is to have a place for those speaking a non-English language. We felt there is a lot of players that are not on our forums simply because they do not speak English. To meet their demand we have created an international forum section with the most popular languages. (of players who play our game) We hope this is a step in the right direction to get our forums more attractive to players. Have a nice weekend! Best Regards, Sven
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    I really wish they would answer this, im curious. its been how long on the crossbow bolts. LOL yes, I know they call them arrows, but no crossbow uses an arrow!
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    Hey, I guess you won't let pvp server players participate on the current weekly leaderboards, so you should add another weekly leaderboard for pvp servers too. It's kind of unfair that the active pvp players can't participate on that kind of "events" OR players with really a really bad computer can't do that either. so I guess this would be a really good workaround cheers
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    thats why I said atleast give snipers a 10-15% speed debuf, bringing a rifle like that will slow you down, a 3kg is EASY to jumpshot with and the mobility is normal, dont tell me you cant jumpshot IRL with a 3-5kg rifle, its possible and easily done, a 16kg or even 20kg LMG or sniper rifle, yeah good luck with that! This was supposed to be a looter,shooter "survival" game, well there is no survival besides getting the loot and logging out and then stashing, now its just playing against thais,russians and macro sheitkids!
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    Good luck everyone!
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    Found it out. Holy Moly. Oregon SURV doesn't have car spawns - issue from our end. Will be fixed ASAP. Thanks for the heads up again!
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    I have yet to find a car on Survival Oregon since the initial change. Has this been updated yet? I see a bunch on Colorado. Thanks!
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    Yeah I am still waiting as well....
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