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    Well said friend, well said! As I read the previous post I was thinking this myself.
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    I do not want to play this game anymore because it's not survival but a continuous deathmatch!Why was it necessary to do this update, which increased the loot even more? All the rare guns now lie on every corner!It's just awful. There is no sense of survival and fear of losing your subjects because they are everywhere.Developers listen a little to the community of survival and only make their dull skins that do not bring anything to the game.SKINS,SKINS,SKINS!I would be glad if on survival did the wipe and really made the survival.I am very disappointed and I have a sad face.The new map did not help survival be better...
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    RONIN Polski klan RONIN rekrutuje graczy na Survival! Wymagania: 17 Lat albo głos po mutacji Umiejętność grania w zespole Podstawowe Global Inventory Co Oferujemy ? Własny server Discord z rangami! Dobrą Atmosferę Graczy w topce SurZeus,MATRIX którzy zawsze chętnie grają Eventy Klanowe Survival/Colorado/Caliwood/Br/PvP Mapki Wielu aktywnych członków https://discord.gg/8UKSqGD Obecni członkowie: SurZeus,MATRIX,XENOB,GNIEWOSZ,X3KRUK,Axell,danielos3
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    Run the game without the latest FAC version. Read this for more information:
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    Another great montange and lit 1337 songs +1
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    Yeah I completely understand. There are tons of stuff that have to get done and making the game better is the biggest priority. Just wanted to suggest for later in the future just in case you guys run out of ideas. It was just an idea that popped in my head.
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    It's a normal delay! Enjoy this
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    I still believe the users and especially the very vocal ones on the forum have way too much bargaining power. A good development team has to gather more data and analyze that to come to a much broader conclusion. Sometimes the best and most sustainable decisions are not the ones demanded on a forum or in a subreddit. Look at what other games do... Just listening to addicted whiney babys that want the game to be built arround their demands will just decrease the population even further ultimately lead to starvation.
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    It would be nice to have a trunk in the car . For example ATV-may have a small trunk for filling with gasoline and repair kits. this will free up a few cells in the backpack. But the ATV can go everywhere. That's his advantage . Zk Spawner and Humvee - can have a trunk of the same size as the black locker. because the Hummer is bigger but has 2 extra seats for passengers. The bus- can have a very large trunk.you know, given that it only goes on a good road and has a large turning radius and not an ideal means of transportation . Only if you have a big clan and you are going to war to capture a small state. It's also good because these charged guys will be able to put their trophies in the trunk of the bus. Buggy - like a ATV, does not have a trunk, it can only contain gasoline and repair kits. But the Buggy has a third place to land, where the passenger is on his feet with a comfortable position for shooting. he could have fired his weapon. The buggy has no armor, so the shooter is vulnerable. Stryker Spavner-can also have a large trunk type two black lockers. He also has a machine gun. When does he start shooting? why not. if necessary, charge cartridges such as PKM (200) is still not a tank. It's vulnerable because it's big and slow. You have to choose between the driver's seat and the location of the gunner seat . Just gun shoots crooked and requires ammunition. It would be interesting to diversify the use of machines . Or, for example, maybe just put a black locker in the car. it can occupy one passenger seat. How many passenger seats, so many black lockers can be installed. It will also add to the popularity of Black's locker and the new place of use. If the car explodes, the locker falls to the ground and remains my property. I'll have to go back for it . Of course, you can't lift the car until you lift the lockers. And if you have a simple trunk of the car that should be enough cells in the backpack. As for the control of the machine, do not strain so much. Especially the ATV. And this creaking sound of brakes constantly why it is necessary? he's annoying. Let it be only when I press the brake and only at high speed. It's not necessary when I go forward or backward. The slip sound is a different sound and it cannot be constant. And it should be different for different machines. I'm sure you know that yourself. And it's not just me that comes to mind. But why don't you do it really well once and for all. Every update something happens to the machines. But it's still shit bigger or smaller than last time. Let's do it, guys. I know you can I believe in you! And have a nice day!
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