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    [ SYSTEM CLAN ] PORTUGUÊS: VENHO POR MEIO DESTE POST SOLICITAR O SISTEMA DE CLANS NO SURVIVAL, NO SURVIVAL JÁ EXISTE VARIOS CLANS E TODOS ELES APOIAM A IMPLEMENTAÇÃO DO SISTEMA DE CLANS , VÁRIOS CLANS JÁ JOGAM EM GRUPOS MAIORES QUE 5, NÃO TER O SISTEMA DE CLANS SÓ ACABA DESANIMANDO ALGUNS JOGADORES , SENDO ASSIM, FAZENDO COM QUE JOGUEM EM MENORES NÚMEROS E NÃO CHAMEM NOVOS JOGADORES PARA SEU CLAN, POR CONSEGUINTE SOLICITAMOS O SISTEMA DE CLAN. #Sistemadeclanjá INGLÊS: We came by this post to ask you for the implementation of the "CLAN" system on survival, there's a lot of clans that play without group (because the small limit of members on group)and all of them agree with the implementation of the clan's system, a lot of clans already play with more then 10 member and its becoming boring have to aim for the nick before shot, by this we are asking you DEVs for implement of the clan's system. #CLANSYSTEMNOW ( Está print foi retirada com 6 clans diferentes 30/06/2018 ) (This printscreen was taken with 6 different clans 30/06/2018 )
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    RED DRAGONS Precisamos do sistema de clã para o modo survivor, solicitamos aos desenvolvedores em manifestação pacífica para que todos os clãs possam desfrutar deste recurso onde faz realmente falta. Precisamos do sistema de clã para o modo survivor com extrema urgência. Juntos pela mesma causa. ? RED DRAGONS SEMPRE ?
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    RED DRAGONS Pedimos uma posição dos que estão a frente do game porque temos mais de 37 membros e ter um sistema de clã para melhor identificação é essencial. Facilita e ajuda na identificação de cada um assim proporcionando um PVP melhor e mais tático para nossas equipes. RED DRAGONS SEMPRE
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    RED DRAGONS Sou Coronel do clã RED DRAGONS e solícito aqui juntamente a todos os membros de todos os clãs do modo survivor um sistema de clã que possa nos ajudar pois precisamos já que temos muitos membros nos nossos clãs. RED DRAGONS SEMPRE ?
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    Sobreviver não significa jogar em um número pequeno de pessoas e sim sobreviver utilizando todas as formas necessárias,mesmo sendo se for criar um exercíto,o sistema de clans vai possibilitar que qualquer jogador possa criar seu próprio grupo e não apenas jogadores experientes. Se você pesquisar verá que em todos jogos,séries,filmes o foco da sobrevivência é conseguir uma comunidade de pessoas para possibilitar uma maior sobrevivência, jogar em grandes números significa sobrevivência. Translator: Portuguese
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    Solicito em respeito a todos os clãs do modo survival, a ativação do sistema de clãs, este modo vem crescendo bastante e a implementação de clãs seria um ótimo upgrade!
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    What you guys think? @GENETICZZ im curious what you think about my quick scopes Are them good a little?
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    @GENETICZZ1.You don't even play this gamemode so you have no idea what player wants. 2.I said about 5 man limitation - just like on the pvp maps. 3.Its needed for capture the flag thingy. 4.Ppl already play with 10+ ppl.
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    No Clans for survival needed. it's called SURVIVAL for a reason. it's not about pushing one guy trying to survive with an army of 30 ppl...
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    Just write the support pretty sure they can help you with your problem http://playnewz.com/support
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    Concordo pq o survival esta tendo muito clã grande e assim fica melhor pra todos jogarem
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    concordo need a clan system for survival !!!!!!!
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    Como participante de um clã que ao todo somos 15-20 players., clamo para que analisem sobre o sistema de clãs, pois realmente faz muita falta! Upp!!!
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    The Guardians of the Forest, the best clan for spanish speakers, agree with this request. We want to build a powerfull kingdom of survivors and we need this feature to accomplish the will of the Queen. Thank you!
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    Dear clans, We have reworked the Clan Riot Shield to speed things up and clean up the current issues we've been dealing with related to inactive clans, double posts, incomplete and incorrect information. Now, we require ONE person from a clan to make the application, as only ONE person will be contacted about it. Some very obvious information that I can't believe I have to tell you guys: Sending the application more than once will NOT make it any faster. You need to meet all the requirements to be accepted. More information on that in the FAQ. Lying in the application is useless. We double check the information. Your clans reputation within the COMMUNITY (not with our staff team) is VERY relevant (known rule breakers will NOT get clan riot shields). Writing tickets, PMing Staff members or emailing us will NOT speed things up. There is NOTHING you can do to give your clan priority. Do not even try. We will be releasing only a certain amount of riot shields in each patch. You NEED to have patience. I would also like to apologize to the clans that have already applied on the older form, but due to the amount of 'rule-breaking', unresponsive, lying, inactive clans, we thought it would be better to start from scratch. Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE APPLYING) Q: How long does it take for the Riot Shield to be ready and implemented ingame? A: We plan on releasing around 3-4 Clan Riot Shields on each patch. However, how long it will take from application to implementation may vary due to many different things, like volume of applications, straight communication (if the leader takes too long to answer us about it, it takes longer, so keep an eye on the email). Q: Can we make our own Riot Shields? A: Yes and no. If you have a specific design in mind, feel free to tell us what you had in mind, even if doesn't follow the color patterns of our current application form. However, we prefer to make them ourselves, even if we literally copy the design you guys come up with. Q: Something on my application was not approved by your team, what then? A: If anything like that happens, your Shield will keep its place on the queue, however we will start working on the next ones. which therefore might delay yours to be implemented. Q: We sent our logo and we were still required to remake it. Why? A: Taking images from google and adding effects and changing colors and letters on it does NOT make your logo unique. We take Copyright very seriously and we check for that. If your logo is rejected due to Copyright, there is nothing we can do. Another important point on that is that we need to see and have the original source of the logo, as in the file that was created for the logo with all its original material and vectors. It has to be sent in .png, .ai, .psd, etc, with alpha channel. Q: My clan met all the requirements but still was declined. Why? A: As I said, we want the Riot Shields to be seen as a reward of sorts. Clans that have a history of rule-breaking ingame and a bad reputation within the community (not following basic rules, for instance) will not get that reward. It's not that if your clan 'trash-talks' others, you won't get it, as trash-talking is part of the game. But abusive behavior in general (the ones that cause temporary bans) are very relevant and will cause an instant decline. Having one or another of those bad apples on your clan won't mean an instant decline either, but remember... The leaders are who represent your clan in everything they do. REMEMBER: We reserve the right to decline any application we see fit. Remember, this is not a RIGHT we are giving you guys, but more of a reward for cooperation. Q: We are so close to meeting the requirements, but we haven't met them all. Is that an instant decline? A: No. Clans that are close and/or don't meet all the requirements still have a chance of being accepted. However, they will have less priority than the ones that have met the requirements. If you still have any questions about the application itself, just send me a PM on the forums. Questions about an ETA on your clan's application will be ignored. You can now apply using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/7jI7JWzjzbbya5wJ3 Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
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