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    Ok so here I would like to why im disappointed with the new map and this will be my presonal opinion with some quotes etc.I did that cuz something was promised and i was hyped about it and when recently i found out it was missleading i kinda went mad.Dont get me wrong its nothing big yet...still. My complain is the lighting and quality of Oregon which was promised to be looking like old WarZ/ISS map.Colorado themed with nice lighting,a lot of terrain details,color correction,grass tint and many other things so map can look realy good.Everything of this is absent on the new map.Everything is just green -literaly green and rock textures are the only ones.And if this pushes me,veteran away im scared that this first look will also reject other players both new ones and those who were waiting for WarZ themed map like me.Here are some quotes from mods.players so ppl won't say things like "Nobody said that,dont lie" etc. "12) Yes. The new map is going to look AMAZING. (Complete new different lighting etc more based on how it was in War Z alpha.)" " We're already looking into the Colour Correction and the visual side as that's one of the most wanted feature by the community. " "Ya survival looks just like open world now. I hate that playdo look this game has... it needs a visual change on survival mode at least. Who really cares what open world" "+1 Give us the old graphics, grass tint and lightning" "Keep in mind that we're working on a brand new map You'll be happy with the lighting and looks of it " And there is way more...many ppl promised us good looking map which will be worth to explore.I like the new locations,the details but the quality of the map just doesn't feel right and it just doesn't look right.I was hyped for some WarZ feelings.In recent update Silent tweaked colorado (survival one) lighting and it looks dope!! But when i asked why can't this be done on new map he said its impossible...I rly hope something will be changed atleast for survival players because this map is the last hope for the players of this game mode.
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    Hey guys, Chupa here. As soon as I saw this ban, I took care of it as I noticed it was excessive. However, from the report, Nordmo was EXTREMELY offensive and disrespectful towards the moderator when he was asked to take it down a notch. The ban was however excessive so it was removed. This is not a behavior that is usual of Nordmo, so I'm going in with the mind set that it was spur of the moment.
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    Darn you Chupa you beat me. But you must have a MASSIVE apartment building, because it stretches all the way from Russia to Canada.
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    Yes and everyone uses Flappy and have the exact same computer specs.
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    Love these weekend events
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    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb OREGON Map Is Live and Going, Drops Activated, Some BR and other info Come Get Some !!! @infestationnewz @StreamElements @OBSproject @TwitchTV_ @Lachhh @anykeyorg @fredaikis
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    Same here @HEARTBREAKERbut I am compiling a spot list of where one can get through the barrier and go into all the red areas. Now the question is do you guys want just screen shots or do you want a mini video of the spots?
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    https://gyazo.com/a22a9100f3083953a44b2a64c5b1e16f You guys says we should expect some randomli dirt talk , trash talk in this game. ... But somwhow having lose canons mods banning players when they do is oki? This guy Nordmo is a legendary account, he is a "paying" costumer, he is one of many thats subs streamers in this game..many streams.expect from a "power hungry" mod , easy ban? Plz fix this
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    This has already been reviewed and currently spoken with the player. There are behaviors and vocabulary that is not allowed in our game. Have a good weekend and happy event! https://playnewz.com/rules.php
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