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    So here are a few suggestions which will make PvP milion times better than it is now. 1.Make more holes inside the main inner fence so you can get insde from every side. 2.Increase height of this concrete. 3.Remove the big tower in the middle which is to op and when players are camping inside with the snipers you wont be even able to move form the spawn or walk inside the fence (based on my experience), 3.Add more cover spots cuz as you can see on the video there is nothing i could do to hide adn push. 4
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    Hello everyone! Since I ran out of cars I thought it would be a good idea to make a spawn location guide since I have not found one. Currently I am working, adding new spawns and images to make find cars more easily. As far as I know, there are currently only 10 cars spawned on the private servers at a time and it is good to have a private server. I inform you that I am going to add as many spawns as I find, if you know a spawn location then comment this topic and if you can take a pic, where the car spawns exactly it would be also helpful. Spawn map: Photos of verified spawns: Rocky Ford Parkerville Oak Mountain Rest Stop Clearview Smallville Campos City 1 Campos City 2 Fallsdale Whitestone Mountain Pleasant Valley Rotten Valley Ridgeway Airport 1 Ridgeway Airport 2 Camp Splinter Norad Military Base Glenwood Springs Frosty Pines Blue Ridge Boulder City 1 Castle Pine Sleepy Crest Superior Junction text in green signatures frequent spawn of cars
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    So tbh i hate the new way of choosing characters cuz for me and not only me its confusing and not as smooth as it used to be. So I created this my version of sollution in pain.Also players should not only be able to change chars with arrows but also with pressing on their models in the bacgrounds.
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    True. Either way when it comes to objects that are very far away from you it's okay if they look a little bit "less quality" but not too much. I'd like to jump into reports like this because what I can conclude from this is that maybe we can improve the LODs for the tents a bit more and at the same time improve the airport tower LODs. Thanks for the report! Best Regards, Sven
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    We are aware of this. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope to be able to fix it tomorrow morning!
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    That's a cool idea! Maybe something for next patch
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    They will be released throughout the upcoming weeks / days.
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    So according to the patch notes "Shane" is available? Explain how is he available when he is still locked in create/customize character and he is not available in the marketplace? Edit: NVM, I misread the notes. *facepalm* Great job on the patch!
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    I think its a good idea, I'll talk about it
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    most players use these helmets so e.g ; m9 nvg camo, lime
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    100euro = gc + forever premium. FOREVER premium is not enough benefit for you guys?
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    Good update ^^
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    you can manually change the "r_limit_fps" setting in the settings file, usually located in: "Documents\FredaikisAB\NewZ\gameSettings.ini"
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    Go to documents > FredaikisAB > NewZ > Gamesettings.ini > then search for " r_limit_fps 240 " then change it to what value you want. IDK if this really works
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    Servers are currently going down for patch 2.18. Stay tuned for further updates. More info: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/4949-patch-218/&page=2
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    Still see forever premium is still being ignored in these "Subscriptions" updates.... Sucks that I brought this to your attention a long time ago on twitter and nothing ever came of it https://gyazo.com/15d7de1bfef6c854fcdcaf1350a4df76
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    Please do not nerf the asval, famas, or thompson. No one really uses them and i love them. I swear every patch, the odd guns i use get nerfed even though no ones complaining about them or using them. i spent over 40m gd on as val 60 ammo just to read that my 3 main guns are getting nerfed this next patch. Just don't ever nerf any gun honestly. No gun is overpowered compared to snipers so why ever make them worse until they are significantly better where they beat snipers more than 60% of the time within 60 meters. As of now it's no where close to that and any non sniper gun will lose to a sniper atleast 98% of the time at 60 meters. All the guns that aren't snipers, tar, aug, or sig, struggle to find any real place in the game... Yet i'm seeing the 2 most popular guns that no ones complaining about being too weak getting buffed... while the unpopular guns are getting nerfed? I try very very hard to show people there is a wide variety of effective playstyles for new and veteran players to enjoy and have fun with... and i know you guys value mine and everyone's input... But some of the changes i see in the patch notes feel like you're trying to limit the game more to just snipers, tars, and augs. Which i'm also wondering why the supercup was limited to 3 ar's ... why not allow all of them so people can see the effectiveness of some of them? Right now players say, tar or augs the best to use so everyone uses it and they don't even consider trying other guns. the supercup could've been a great time to show how good some of the other guns are and could've really opened up a lot more fun encounters in the game.. But again.. seems like were getting dragged back into the same small pool of 1 effective playstyle, use snipers, tar. run past everything else. And i didn't see anything about the spawn protection on the quick respawn system.. people don't even have time to put their attachments on before the spawn protection runs out and u get maybe 6-7 meters away from the spawn points before having 3 spawners behind u instantly shooting u even though you just checked and no one was there. I'm hoping these patch notes are not the final outcome of this patch. I really really hope they aren't.
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    Actually already had this discussion before but i'll gladly re-address this: The forever premium account type is NOT an account subscription. When buying the 200€ GC package your account will get GC and IN ADDITION "forever premium". See it like when you buy clothes from a store and if you spent 200€ you get a t-shirt for free. This is a one time thing, that you can only get this way, but that's it. In our game it's even better. You don't "just" get the t-shirt but also WAY more GC when buying this package compared to the other packages + you get for ever premium. Basically EVEN MORE WORTH THIS. But once again: That's it.
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    the loudout decrease kinda screws traders, like im a hardcore trader and so are my friends, we use all 10 loadout slots for trading with each one with different guns we trade or armors, kinda screwing us, but w/e not like its gonna matter what we say. also the thompson speed and damage decrease was kinda dumb to, like it felt perfect, me and my friends feel like it was fine. probably just those thai babies complaining they cant get kills, but cool. not like people who arnt staff get any say. since kazmight and silent only tell you what THEY like from our ideas, not the whole as a community.
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    Also, if you reduce benefits of regular premium do you think maybe you could at least a little more benefit for the forever premium?
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    z3tx shit talkers got the boot already?
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    I guess people are waiting for the new map
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    in ur asss bitch