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    The leftpeek/right peek issue is something that we are constantly reworking to find the perfect solution. You can check all the last patches; we always rework it to find another solution but the community always finds a new way to do it. For the next patch, we will change it once again. Let's hope that will work. About the FPS issues, that's also something we are working hard on. You cannot just be like "Oh okay, let's improve the fps" and then you press a button and pouf, players get more fps! I wish that would be like that, but that's not the case. We have to investigate, check and rework things that are causing fps issues. But the problem is that the engine is really old and hard to control. We are going to try new things for the next patch, let's see if that improves FPS!
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    Right now zombies are a joke. Other than supers or you fucking up big time by pulling 20 at a time, there is no real threat coming from our brainless friends. There has always been suggestions about making the range higher or implementing some real screamers and the introduction of sprinters helped out a bit, but here is what I noticed: Compared to lets say The Walking Dead, I always know when a Zombies is aproaching me because they do that "oh here i come" scream when ever they aggro you. That scream allerts me and I can prepare and rarely get surprised by a zombie What if there was "sneakers" , Zombies that dont scream when they start running at you but rather simultaneously with their first attack. This would be super scary just like when Rick Grimes gets attacked by a Walker coming from nowhere. This would lead to a more cautious, thrilling loot experience where people constantly check for zombies, turn arround more often and are more scared over all. This requires almost no coding as well since all of the work is pretty much there. Zombies in this game should play a bigger role especially in survival and deserve some love. This might be a first step
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    Yeah what they said. I was a Deputy yesterday and in three pvp map kills I went to Killer, then Bandit with -209 rep
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    to make clear what i'm looking for, less firerate for imi tar, something around 605-615 instead of 645, but add 0,5 damage.
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    Hey there folks, here is my few cents on something I would have loved to get implemented for a long time and that could help the new map: Rework the loot system to a point where you NEED to travel the world in order to get your hands on everything . Thats pretty much it. Right now there is not a lot of incentive to go to different locations. You can stay where ever you want to and farm/fight there. You can even hop servers at freaking Hidden Forrest ranch and farm a good bunch of military loot... there is even a super zombie. This is just unbarable even for open world... You should move arround based on your needs or at least have characters at the different spots. You want food, supplies or certain crafting material? Cities and big villages got your back You need meds? Better look for the nearest hospital You need military guns? well you either get lucky or go for the 1-2 locations where you can find it You want to kill a super zombie? Guess you need to farm this or that certain place then. You are looking for NVGs? Well we have a mine/quarry where those were used on a regular basis You are interested in military gear? Those military camps might help. There should not be any KStyle Helmets in a civilian house. There should not be 5 medkits on a carcrash. Ther should not be machine guns on a fucking hidden forrest ranch. Enhancing player movement by givin incentives will not only make the exploration of the new map more natural, it will automatically establish certain pvp areas and draw players into them. You either go to the quarry or you wont likely get NVGs. To some this is just easy pvp, to others this is a "get in, get stuff, get out" type of dungeon adventure. This might come in handy with another suggestion made a few weeks ago. There should be a wipe or some sort of separate GI for the new map, otherwise people will not need to move and get new equipment. Both of those suggestions combined might bring back some of that "old" WarZ feeling I totally miss. Another idea might be reworking the zombie loot. Couldn´t a zombie that drops an item already have it before you kill it? Like a helmet being on a zombies head or a zombie having armor on him, a backpack that can be picked up and have potential loot in it? This is a lot of coding and animation work, but hell this would be nice. Think about watching a horde of zombies carefully because they might have something you want. Or imagine players being killed by anything but a headshot turning into zombies and walking arround instead of disappearing and leaving a pile of loot... my wet dream...
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    Can we have the Reputation, KDR, Killstreak back above the healthbar please. I thought that was the most useful amazing thing ever and believe the new way to check just gets you killed. Anyway, not that big of a deal I just like the old way better.
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    With the new in-game respawn system it is really easy to get a lot of reputation, I recommend PVP servers
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    You can easily hit this level of rep if you take a new character into clear view in a popped server and fight against super high rep positive and negative players or go into a pvp server you will achieve the same outcome.
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    Los jugadores siempre encuentran alguna manera de volver a hacer right peak, left peak, midle peak d**k peak, esta vez esperamos arreglar este problema por completo
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    This problem has been fixed several times but always some player finds some way to do it again. Currently, we are working on this problem again to fix it completely
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    We are working on a great update to balance all game modes, soon you will see news
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    Well this is something completely different :), you see you missed the most important keywords: "behind a shield". I will make sure this is less of a issue for the next patch. //Fred
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    this conversation is not only about damages of imi tar
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    Yeah imagine the feeling when spawning in at airport and seing a poor noob that turned into a zombie walking arround with all chrome armor and military backpack...
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    Creating new zombies and new kind of zombies is something we plan to work on really soon. Stay tuned! We are still gathering feedbacks and ideas on how we could make the Survival mode less "easy". Let's see!
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    Gibelin is not talking about how straight the weapon shots; but talking about the damages it gives.
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    I love all those ideas especially the players turning into zombies
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    +1 I liked the old way it was also
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    That just has to do with skill my dude. I started a new montage series called road to reckless and I made that character week- week and a half ago and Im already 5k rep away from Reckless already
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    REP Separation! open world and pvp rep need to be separated.
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    It wasnt supposed to be useful it was just a good laugh
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    Here is my current for sale inventory for Open World Mode Note: All Guns Are Empty, ammo can be worked into sale or trade! Note 2: Might be willing to trade some skins and items for skins and unusable/collectable items and rare wearables ( example: Trucker Cap, Infestation Cap, Balaclava, Scythe, Battleaxe, etc, etc) RANGED WEAPONS- M16- 67 STI Eagle- 21 FN M249- 42 AN 94- 49 RPK- 68 MASADA- 50 1911- 19 Kruger .22- 27 KT Decider- 35 FN P90S- 27 FN P90- 22 Mossberg 590- 110 FN57- 26 Veresk SR-2- 32 AK-47 141 Jericho 9mm- 22 Bizon 54 P226 53 MP7- 38 Double Barrel- 72 MP5- 130 MP5-SD- 9 FN FAL- 155 Mini UZI- 27 Anaconda- 29 B92- 9 Desert Eagle- 78 FN Scar-H- 18 Nail Gun- 9 M200- 43 AMR2- 40 Mosin Nagant- 32 Kruger Rifle- 16 Crosbow- 50 MG36- 61 SAIGA- 20 G36- 52 EVO-3- 57 G11- 3 Thompson- 88 B93R- 4 Kruger Mini- 23 AW Magnum- 8 VSS Compact- 89 PKM- 5 M4- 41 FN Scar CQC- 68 FN Scar Night Stalker- 20 FN Scar Red Stalker- 16 M4A1- 150 SIG Sauer 556- 129 L85- 52 M4 Semi- 13 AK-74M- 12 Honey Badger- 16 Steyr AUG- 97 AKS-74U- 3 AS VAL-16 QBZ- 15 AA-12- 5 QLB- 1 IMI Tar-6 Famas- 3 SVD- 5 Blaser R93- 1 M107- 1 VSS Vintorez- 1 AK-12 (No Longer Obtainable except through trade)- 1 AMMO- STI Mag- 44 SVD Mag- 135 Bizon Mag- 139 Arrow- 153 P226 Mag- 85 Shotgun Shells (8)- 257 Kruger Rifle Mag- 37 .338 Magnum Mag- 178 AK 7.62 (45) Mag- 452 Stanag (60)- 248 Saiga Mag- 35 AK 7.62 Drum- 373 MP7 (40) Mag- 20 DMR Mag- 295 G36 (60) Mag- 221 Mosin Clip- 92 AA-12 Drum- 186 MP7 Mag- 45 SMG Mag- 153 G36 (40) Mag- 164 Kruger Mini Mag- 52 MP5 Mag- 234 AWP Mag- 108 Nail Strip- 13 Evo-3 Mag- 88 ASVAL (60) Mag- 43 Flare Cartridge- 12 9mm Mag- 71 G36 Mag- 139 .50 Cal-5 Mag- 284 FN57 Mag- 54 Desert Eagle Mag- 304 Shotgun Shells (2)- 96 1911 Mag- 26 Anaconda Rounds- 48 Stanag C-Mag- 304 Stanag Mag- 2207 P90 Mag- 119 QLB Drum- 147 Stanag (45) Mag- 242 SMG (40) Mag- 116 PKM Ammo Box- 224 Kruger .22 Pistol Mag- 47 AK 7.62 Drum Elite- 114 M249 Ammo Box- 324 Stanag C-Mag Elite- 155 Arrow (Explosive)-23 AS Val Mag- 334 FN57 (20) Mag- 31 G36 C-Mag- 254 Kruger Rifle Mag (20)- 19 Kruger Rifle Mag (30)- 20 .50 Cal-10 Mag- 44 SVD (20) Mag- 19 VSS Mag- 162 VSS (20) Mag- 162 G11 Mag- 3 AK 7.62 Mag- 270 .308 Winchester Mag- 2 MELEE AND THROWN- Jokoto Katana- 42 The Brotherhood- 44 Frag Grenade-145 Flashbang- 104 Smoke Grenade Red- 34 Smoke Grenade Blue- 32 Smoke Grenade Orange- 37 Smoke Grenade Green- 30 Flashlight- 15 Machete- 82 Hatchet- 24 Wakizashi- 39 Police Baton- 6 Shank- 9 Golf Club- 12 Flare- 15 Hammer- 6 Fire Axe- 1 M9 Bayonet- 14 Katana- 12 Shovel- 4 Bat- 1 Pickaxe- 10 Bada Boom!- 117 Chainsaw- 20 Frying Pan- 2 Metal Bat- 1 Chemlight Orange- 3 Chemlight Blue- 3 Chemlight Green- 1 Chemlight White- 1 Chemlight Red- 2 Chemlight Yellow- 2 Karambit- 15 Clean Sweep- 1 Pitchfork- 1 Banana- 1 ARMOR AND HEADGEAR- Heavy Armor- 74 M9 Helmet Black NVG- 49 Clown Mask- 10 M9 Helmet Forest (Goggles)- 5 Alice Backpack- 91 NVG Goggles- 22 Large Backpack- 43 MTV- 55 Gas Mask Advanced- 27 M9 Helmet Green- 3 M. Style Helmet- 8 Slash Mask- 11 Mp Helmet Sandstorm- 8 M9 Helmet Urban- 4 M9 Helmet Camo- 4 M9 Helmet Blue- 27 M9 Helmet Black- 7 Custom Vest- 7 M9 Helmet Forest- 2 Medium Backpack- 8 M9 Helmet Desert- 4 Boonie Desert- 2 IBA- 14 NVG Goggles Civilian- 3 Military Backpack- 157 Gas Mask- 12 Shadow Mask- 16 Black Mask- 7 Jason Mask- 13 Skull Mask- 12 Small Backpack- 53 Boonie Leather- 7 Basic Glasses- 5 Hunter Backpack- 7 Santa's Hat- 5 Captain Jack Frost- 3 Easter Bunny Head- 43 Pumpkin Hat- 7 Easter Bunny Mask- 52 M. Style Helmet (Snow)- 1 Improvised Gas Mask- 7 Beret Cover- 3 Boonie Green- 2 Thief Hood- 4 K. Style Helmet- 120 Ghillie Suit 20 M. Style Heavy- 17 Streamer Cap (Twitch)- 11 Adventure Backpack- 7 K. Style NVG- 78 Construction Hat- 1 Fireman Helmet- 1 M9 Helmet Desert (Goggles)- 1 MTV Sand- 3 MTV Nightstalker- 3 Medium Armor Forest- 3 Custom Guerilla- 3 Santa's Sack- 1 Autumn Mask- 1 FOOD AND DRINK- MRE- 171 Granola Bar- 19 Electro-Aid- 16 Can Of Tuna- 13 Water 1L- 20 Can Of Ham- 25 Watermelon- 3 Meat- 19 Minicabra's- 15 Can Of Pasta- 28 Water 375 ml- 17 Can Of Soup- 29 Pineapple- 6 Instant Oatmeal- 12 Can Of Soda- 5 Potato- 7 Banana- 7 Coconut Water- 29 Juice- 42 Carrot- 2 Lettuce- 6 Chocolate Bar- 2 Roasted Potato- 1 (Rare?, Fills Hunger quite a bit and restores health) Bag Of Chips- 1 Shrimp Noodles- 22 Energy Drink- 9 Apple- 1 MEDS/SPAWNERS/SPECIAL ITEMS- Bandages- 449 Poultice- 129 Painkillers- 722 Antibiotics- 84 Medkit- 45 Bandages DX- 504 Binoculars- 4 Tactical Binoculars- 49 Range Finder- 6 Repair Kit- 128 Gasoline- 97 Personal Locker- 2 GI-Access Locker- 10 Premium Repair Kit- 14 MLG Horn- 34 Sheriff Dragster Spawner- 13 Stryker Spawner (APC/Tank)- 6 Buggy Spawner- 3 ZK Bus Spawner- 8 ATV Spawner- 2 Zombie Repellent- 17 Bandage TV (Twitch)- 21 Time Capsule- 9 ATTACHMENTS- Reflex Sight- 54 Reflex Sight G11- 40 Kobra Sight- 24 Kobra Sight SMRS- 44 Holographic Sight- 69 Optic Sniper Scope- 90 Flash Hider- 43 Silencer- 145 ACOG Sight- 80 Compact Scope- 125 Forward Grip- 100 Red Dot Sight- 84 AWP Scope- 43 SMG Grip- 13 Tactical Sniper Scope- 53 Pistol Silencer- 15 Rifle Laser- 21 Rifle Flashlight- 11 Blackwater Longe Range- 74 PSO-1- 81 The Cleaner- 24 Pistol Laser- 6 Pistol Flashlight- 6 Heavy Barrel- 21 Modular Combat Grip- 26 Bullet Compensator- 58 Swiss Arms Scope- 49 PGO Scope (VERY Rare, no longer obtainable except through trading)- 1 BARRICADES- Barb Wire Barricade- 52 Sandbag Barricade- 52 Wood Shield Barricade- 69 Ballistic Shield- 15 Ballistic Shield Purple (Twitch)- 13 SKINS- Vss Tokyo Ghul Dark- 1 K. Style NVG Camo- 1 Machete Camo- 1 FN Scar CQC Camo- 1 FN Scar CQC Party- 1 FN Scar CQC Melon- 6 FN Scar CQC Banana- 5 FN Scar CQC Technology- 10 Medium Backpack Skully Pink- 1 AK-47 Dreadnought- 1 PKM Dreadnought- 1 Mauser Dreadnought- 1 Steyr AUG Dreadnought- 1 Steyr AUG Skully Pink- 1 Steyr AUG Indy- 1 Steyr AUG Tropico- 3 Steyr AUG Rainforest-3 Steyr AUG Melon- 1 K. Style Helmet Flames- 2 Imi Tar Fusion- 2 Imi Tar Bamboo- 1 Saiga Leaves- 3 Custom Guerilla Easter- 3 Custom Guerilla Zombie- 6 Custom Guerilla Christmas- 1 M4A1 Christmas- 1 Chainsaw Christmas- 1 Mossberg Christmas- 1 FN Scar CQC Christmas- 1 K. Style Winter- 1 Custom Guerilla Winter- 1 Moto Helmet Winter-1 AA-12 Winter- 1 Saiga Valentine- 1 Moto Valentine- 1 AN96 Valentine- 1 M9 Bayonet Valentine- 1 Desert Eagle Valentine- 1 Small Backpack Purple (Twitch)- 3 IBA Matrix- 6 K. Style MLG- 1 MP5/10 Soulburn- 1 MP5/10 Battle Royale- 1 B92 Battle Royale- 1 Imi Tar Battle Royale- 2 FN Scar CQC Battle Royale- 1 M9 Bayonet Black Matte- 1 M107 Gold- 1 M107 Sub Zero- 1 MTV Forest- 2 Mauser SP 66 Cyberbeast- 1 NewZ Jokoto- 1 P90- Indy- 1 Machete Hynx- 1 AWM Pink- 1 Chupacabra Hat- 1 L85- United Kingdom- 1 Custom Guerilla Autumn- 2 K. Style NVG Autumn- 1 Imi Tar Autumn- 1 Blaser Halloween- 1 Custom Guerilla Halloween- 1 FN Scar CQC Halloween- 1
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    In the Rocky ford servers, there are many idiots playing in groups because they are positive rep, they play in groups of 10, 12, it is absurd.
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    Look at trades - everyone buy imitars.. there is conclusion: it is good enough. It just will be op with 26dmg imo
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    Yeah playing solo agains bigger groups is way harder and some ppl jsut like to play solo so adding solo br servers would be nice.
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