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    Thanks for the video, it helps a lot.
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    sorry other post! when you get out of the car! some zombies hit the car and become invisible. (seems to be their soul attacking, because the bodies remain on the ground) kkk
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    @RyoKiller as the mods said more information would be nice What payment Method are you using? the mobile payment Method? if so you cant buy the 200 € pack via phone im pretty sure i dont know how it is with the 100€ pack
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    Currently there is no date for its release. They are working hard to make it as soon as possible
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    Yeah playing solo agains bigger groups is way harder and some ppl jsut like to play solo so adding solo br servers would be nice.
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    The new spawn system is awful for sure. On medium-high pop servers it is often a game of sniping from spawn to spawn, and lets not even talk about rocky ford. Gameplay seems to have degraded since the new spawns were implemented. I support a 1.5-2.5 minutes respawn timer for open world at this point. Although I do think there are some ways to fix it without scraping it entirely. As for the snipers, open world is a sniper pvp game, that also has AR's for occasional use.
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    Chinese is available on the game already, as Heartbreaker said.
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    Currently you have the option to change language to Chinese in options / language. How to change your language:
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    They made it as a mean AGAINST rapid fire macro but in the end it only killed their game even more. For peoplike like me who do NOT use a single macro, it's fucking annoying. Good job coz I see more and more people stopped playing the game, but who cares
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    I think they are referring to the 100 pop servers that there are on every region
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    Open World PVE server? As far as I know is that we do not have any open world official PVE servers? Could you be a bit more specific? Best Regards, Sven
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