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    This are two ideas that I've always loved to see since the original ISS. I think that this game would definitely benefit from a special "Story" mode, along with a more dedicated Co-Op that players could participate in which would be a PvE gamemode and could be progressed forward with community writing and involvement/design. Players would have a set of objectives to complete (which could be a re-use of the existing mission system code that was present within ISS). Similar to Battle Royale, players could receive rewards and have leaderboards stats for this mode like "Objectives Completed", "Players Revived", "Matches Played", etc. and maybe even work on implementing special boxes/items that could be built around player interaction and working together to win. Story Mode: Players queue up with a party of various amounts of people (Maybe 5 max?) to go along with a storyline. The camera control system used for the bus could be re-purposed to include cutscenes and function the story along. Players could be put on various maps and timelines (For example: A campaign where players are the Military and have to work towards covering up the outbreak. This would involve Burning bodies, executing groups of survivors with inside information, destroying radio towers, etc.) Safezones could be used for players to catch a breather, similar to checkpoints and other things like Safezones in a Left 4 Dead Campaign. Various Storylines could be added, and even connect together to continue the game's timeline. This could work well in a early-apocalypse timeline as a lot of buildings lack overgrowth and don't have as much "broken-down" design. This could also allow more people to assist with development by writing stories and suggestions for campaigns/objectives as well as inspire players to try the gamemode out regardless of whether they win or lose. Players could earn rewards based on progress as well, with the ultimate reward being for completing the campaign. Holdout Mode: Players are given a location to barricade and cover up in with a starting loadout of items similar to the Battle Royale system, which is a wave-based system. Players face off against zombies in a co-op mode, with boss waves every 5 and 10 increments. Wave 5 would be a Super Zombie, with 10 Being an Alien Super, and increasing in number of zombies/super-zombies/aliens depending on the wave players reach. This could come with a "vending machine" system where players can purchase items based on what is needed (Weapons, Ammo, Shields, Etc.) and could get access to better items as more waves go on, with leaderboards being available based on waves finished, zombies killed, players saved, supers defeated, etc. and could even come with it's own steam achievements or special boxes/items similar to Story Mode Rewards. How would Reviving Players work? When a Player dies, they have a 15-20 second "down" state in which players could use a syringe or other item to resurrect players and bring them back, but each player could only be revived once or twice to add to the tension. Loot drop would be disabled to keep tension even higher, to discourage players from just looting their dead comrades and trying to strong-man the whole mission. There are some other suggestions and ideas I can formulate about how all this could work, as well as any other questions that I'd need to define. Thanks for taking the time to read the post and I hope that you'll take my suggestion into account.
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    Dear Players, Just a quick update to let you all know applications for the Fredaikis partnership are now opened again! We have changed some guidelines and we now added minimum requirements. Make sure you meet our minimum requirements before applying! For more information please visit: https://playnewz.com/partners.php Best Regards, // The New Z - Staff Team
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    WEEKEND EVENT INFORMATION ✅25% Extra GC on purchase of the 15.000 GC (50 Euro) package on Xsolla (https://playnewz.com/buygc). You will earn 25% more GC on the 15.000 GC package means you will get a total of 18750 GC. ✅Lounge as PVP map. The Lounge (a new pvp map / NOT the trading lounge) will be available for this weekend ONLY as a new PVP map in the PVP Servers section. Start: April 27, 2018 12:00pm (CEST) End: April 30, 2018 12:00pm (CEST) The Staff Team wishes you all a great weekend! ? Register: https://playnewz.com Buy GC: https://playnewz.com/buygc
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    HeyGuys, I suggest to remove the "sneaky" mode (idk how to call it, it's about when you're walking without making any noises) who is in my opinion absolutely ridiculous. When people spawns behind you, ghosting because they know you're somewhere near them, it's really annoying to be killed easily without hear any footsteps. BehindYou
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    The Lounge PVP servers are quickly restarting to fix an issue related to the spawns. ONLY these servers are restarted. Give them around 10-15 minutes to return with the fixed spawns.
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    Ok so pretty much everone playing survival is aware of the difference between Premium and non Premium revive time.For Premium users its 5 minutes and for the normal users its 10 minutes which indeed is something that premium players deserve but these values are still not the best ones. The biggest problem is that the most of the current survival player base is using normal accounts and therefore I can say that the time of the revive is not right at this moment.The biggest problem is that when such a player (normal user) dies and then will be back on the server he will never be able to get his stuff back because it will be already despawned due to ~7 MIN item de-spawn timer.This creates an unfair advantage for new players who would be only getting annoyed after each death and then they will think that game is P2W and might stop playing.So im here with possible sollutions and their pros and cons. 1.Reduce revive time to 3 Minutes for Premium users and to 5 Minutes for Non premium users. Pros: Everyone will have a chance of getting their items back. PVP will become more dynamics - many ppl from open world are used to join pvp instantly after death this could help them addapting to the survival. Players with slower PC's will have chance as well. Cons: -Don't see any becasue 3 minutes is enough to get gear from people u killeld and run away. 2.Increase item de-spawn time to 12-15 minutes for Survival Game Mode. Regards SurZeus
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    Dear Players, TWITCH DROPS ARE EVERY 1 HOUR AGAIN! ? We have listened to your feedback and reverted back. We have also updated the content! Now; 2 new skins are added (Karambit & Adventure Backpack) AND new / more items are added to the box! Note: you can always see the content of the box LIVE at any time by going to the in-game marketplace, select the community box and click on "see content". ? For more information about the drops go to: https://playnewz.com/drops.php ? Watch your favorite New Z streamers here: (every hour you get a box) https://playnewz.com/twitch (Make sure the stream you are watching has drops enabled!) Best Regards, Sven
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    It would be cool if there would be a 1v1 warmup Server with the trading lounge as a map. But hey, nice weekend event tho.
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    Thank you for the report, we are going to fix this as fast as we can. Regards,
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    After Hotfix #3 of Patch 2.17, Battle Royale no longer allows players to switch their spectator view from player to player. Originally, this was done by pressing "space" while spectating a player.
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    I want to start off by thanking everyone that has followed my stream " THANK YOU " I have reached 3000 followers and I have decided to do a special giveaway on my last stream day this week. It will be Friday night 4/27/2018 midnight central time. This giveaway will be for my followers only to say thank you for following. What is to be given away you ask, Is it game gear ?, Is it GD ?, Well I'm keeping that a secret until Friday so if your a follower of my channel you may want to be there. Once again Thank You All for your support.
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    As of lately, I've been traveling more and more as I finish college and move back to a different place. Unfortunately, this game's not really designed for play with a Laptop and mouse, regardless of what setup is used next to a wireless keyboard/mouse, and even then space can be finnicky. Gamepads are usuallly light and easier to run with while traveling, and could be somewhat easily adapted for mobile play. Some people I know also personally only have a laptop to play on, unlike those fortunate enough to own a desktop. Infestation's code already includes a base for gamepad support. The most difficult thing would be adding a options menu for button remapping/controller sensitivity options/etc, but i'd know how to implement the inventory as well as other tabs in general. Button presets would also be good (IE how halo has bumper-jumper, classic, knuckles, etc.) Inventory management could be done with a button for opening the escape menu and a circle to mimic a typical cursor, with one button being held down and moving a stick to move items, then a directional pad and another two-buttons used for open item sub-menus (equip, unload, etc.) Here's a layout for a good general idea of what might work well with a typical gamepad. (The first set represents a Playstation Gamepad, while the second represents an Xbox gamepad.) Menus and Navigation: Start: Open Inventory Select: Open Map R1/L1; /RB/LB - Cycle Tabs on Menu Left Stick - move 'cursor' (A circle used to represent selections) X; A - Select Item (Hold down to move items in the inventory when hovering over them.) Circle ; B - Open Item Sub-menu (equip, unload, etc.) Direction pad up/Directional Pad Down - Select sub-menu option X; A - Confirm sub-menu selection Square; X Button - Cancel selection In-Game Controls and Management: L1; Left Bumper - Switch Character Perspective R1; Right Bumper - Switch Shoulder L2; Left Trigger - Aim in/ADS if first person R2; Right Trigger - Fire weapon Triangle; Y Button - Switch weapons Circle; B Button - Crouch (hold to initiate Prone) X; A Button - Jump Square; X Button - Interact Directional Pad Up- Switch Firemode (Hold to reload) Directional Pad Down - View attachments (attachments would use the "cursor/select" system from the inventory) Directional Pad Left - Hotbars 3/4 (Double tap quickly to quick-use 3, hold to quick-use 4) Directional Pad Right - Hotbars 5/6 (Double-tap to quick-use 5, hold to quick-use 6.) Left Stick - Move (Click in to Sprint) Right Stick - Aim (Click in to use auto-run? Could be re-functioned, not sure yet) I know this may or may not represent a decent chunk of the playerbase, but this could also open-up avenues for a console port as well as things along the lines of easier acessability for players who may have issues with a full keyboard/mouse setup, travel a lot to use a laptop, or may otherwise benefit from using a gamepad.
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    might be the best player out there in terms of aiming and range drop anticipation
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    The NewZ needs more people like you, keep it up! good initiative to help new and existing players, well done!
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    No. Please no. This game mode is just getting more like Open World. There's almost no difference anymore, many people are saying this. You guys should rather add the M-Style helmet and the ASVAL instead of the Heavy.
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    Hey newz DEVs, so I understand that making clan skins takes a long time to make and it is huge advertising for clans, however many of the big clans that are still around don't have clan skins and are not good enough to win against the top clans in NewZ. MY suggestion is that you should make clan skins for the big clans that are STILL with newz. I believe you should open a clan skins again BUT your clan must have something like 10,000 hours played to get clan skins or your clan must have been created for a certain period of time I know some of these are "BOOSTable" but please consider bringing back clan skins. Doing this will keep most of your players in the game, It will give clans a reason to keep playing and they WILL be proud when tons of people want to join there clan because they have clan skins. Most of the players in NewZ feel that you guys don't pay attention to them. You DEVs have NO idea how happy this will make everyone in newz. I cannot promise that new players will come back but i can promise you that players will stay if their long existing clan gets clan skins. If you guys do not think this is a good idea, you should create a strawpoll and leave it open for a week. If the majority votes for clan skins, then start making clan skins for clans that have been with newZ for a long time. If the strawpoll does not vote for clan skins keep making clan skins only available if you win the SuperCup.
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    Sounds to me like adding a clan achievement system would be very beneficial for the ongoing growth of NewZ. One of the requirements for having "Sub Skins" is being a partner both on NewZ & Twitch. Achieving this through NewZ is challenging enough and I love the idea. Even if the Dev Team decide to implement other options for achieving clan skins, make it extremely difficult! Only those who have & continue to support NewZ Daily should be applicable.
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    ADD/Fix bring back old lightning,colors,grass tint fix invisible zombies missions since barricades are rare they should have longer lifespan 5ppl group Enjoy most no dx/riot/heavy tanks all arround rare snipers loot has its value
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    Sweet! Too bad I can't play this weekend
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    Hello. oueh, oueh. You said the same thing last weekend and surprise nothing on private servers .... bye!
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    Then you are definetly on the right place.