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    Just dawned on me, there are no heavys in BR, can you replace the customs with heavys, so we can use the new skin.
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    There's one little gap in Boulder that drives me crazy everytime. Its right here at the stacked boxes. Whenever you got into this gap on the right, between the boxes and the trailer you get stuck. Could this box be placed closer to the trailer?
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    If it's not listed under My Servers, my guess is that it's gone. Maybe make a support ticket? That will probably be your best bet. They are pretty fast to reply as well. https://playnewz.com/support.php Good luck! Hope you get the answer you're looking for!
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    Hi, so there will be airdrops on private servers? Just asking because i rented a server for the event but afterwards i realized i haven't seen an airdrop in a private server.
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    All the chrome looks like that. No matter what you can not base it on the menu-lighting. That never worked properly. Besides that every map has different lighting so that is why it's so important to show on for example what map.
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    Added a little progress update (highlight of today's stream!) for those wondering where we currently are with the progress:
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    Currently working on the BLUE part:
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