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    It can't be to big It just for the event.
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    You probably have a program which conflicts with the game. Send a ticket to our support at https://playnewz.com/support.php so we can help you! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    ahahaha made my day Fixed missing Frosty Pines in Colorado V2. how the fuck u delete the whole town
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    We are sorry, we have to perform another restart really quick. Stay tuned for a little longer.
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    Yeah that is a good idea. We also will bring something nice for the gravestones. Stay tunned
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    I also like the idea of going back to see the list of players in game +1
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    Just fix the physicx problem for small code lockers while patching. Cheers.
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    we just need to report the bugs / glitchs, nothing else is needed. Let's keep the community free of toxicity hype hype hype patch!!!
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    Well this is a different thing then, as this topic is made for the Loot Feedback. But thank you for your suggestion/report guys.
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    Right now they last a very short amount of time due to performance issues if several players die in a small area the gravestones can cause potential issues. But I agree the time can be increased somewhat. I also liked the idea about having different styles of gravestones based on the reputation of the player who died. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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    Best of luck recruiting!
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    Me neither! Finished a new fire station layout!
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