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    I just want to thank everyone for coming out to the 3 day scavenger hunt It was allot of fun. Congrats to all the hunters that found the lockers. There was allot of gear won as well as allot of GD on top of every locker. A Big thank you goes out to my Community Manager Matriarchy and Super Game Moderator Murkymurks and Shippo for all your help and being the dreaded assassins in the hunt. I have put on several of these hunts and to date they have been a blast to host. This was the last one for this map I plan on doing another one when the new map is dropped so stay tuned. Of course I have to give a "REALLY BIG THANK YOU " to all the viewers, Fredaikis, and the crew that came by and dropped those follows and support for this event. Your continued support means allot to me.
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    We had it once and player only abused it with rep boosting, refreshing their spawn etc. So yeah right now it's not planned to comeback.
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    Starting at 16:00 (CET) today! See you then?
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    There are not even Game Dollars in Survival I would be really happy about Double XP
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    Moved to Off-topic due to wrong section of forums. Best regards, PaC'.
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    Hey! does not do weekend sales events when the bank is closed. ;( (very sad because i cannot buy)
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    Bro, im so pissed off of you, cuz you got so much luck, sometimes i deserve death, but 50% of my deads are just your luck bro.. But wp:)
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    ahah yes the music was finishing so Thank you bro
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