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    Dear Players, We are doing a Twitter giveaway where you can win 1 chrome ghillie suit skin recipe! All you have to do is go to the following link and do all the steps. Here is the link: https://gleam.io/UCltJ/infestation-the-new-z-twitter-giveaway-chrome-ghillie-suit // The New Z - Staff Team
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    is Desert eagle a rare weapon in survival? because a super zombie dropped me one Ty
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    Hi, when i log with steam the game dont have sound,but if i log without steam i have sound lol How i fix this?i wan to play with steam but i dont have sound
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    Hi Developers, why the hell have you changed the steering method on the vehicles, its now basically like trying to steer using back wheels. It was fine, don't go on the patch about improving the cars when you've just made them worst. The buggy is almost undrivable!! And how the hell can a truck called a' zombie killer' be stopped dead at 25mph by hitting a single zombie and get massive damage because of it!!!!!! This is a issue with all vehicles. Why cant you just fix these problems, not to mention the f7 not working. The bus still gets stuck too. Oh and i hit a zombie yesterday and flew 2000 feet into the air and landed on a bloody mountain miles away!!!! Sorry to moan, everything else is good, but either get rid of the cars please and let us teleport to safe zones or admit you cant fix actually fix the problem ,or you don't want to so we cheers PS. I keep getting ambushed by players in faster vehicles if im in a slow sprinter. How can an armored military vehicle sustain so much damage from a few bullets, it should take 100 bullets at least!!
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    I wish someone could give me a .dds plugin for Adobe Photoshop CC so i could create skins again I really have some nice things going around in my brain for survival. I would add more deep colored camos to the mode the actual camo skins are too bright in my opinion.
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    i reinstall,problem solved
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    Yes this is your best bet ^^^, Have you verified your game files with steam btw?
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    looking for 1 of this,tell me price
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    We need more information so we can assist you, thank you!
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    @CampersRUs I know I will brake my promise regarding my previous post being the last, but it seems you need some issues cleared out, and badly at that. Your post might actually derail this patch thread, not sure why you did not make another thread about it, oh well. Perhaps our posts could me moved into another thread not to derail the thread regarding patch changes; the patch changes are not only about survival; this is. If the so called "whiners and complainers about private Survival servers" are in the majority, then their opinion matters for sure, as strenght comes in numbers; numbers can change certain things, not only in a gaming community, and not only in terms of game changes. Everyone feels their opinion matters, why do you feel your opinion matters? If you didnt you would not post your last post now would you? If you can call me a whiner, I can call you a conformist and a fan boy surely. I would suggest sticking to arguments and not labeling people and trying to make their opinions less valuable. Every player is a potential customer, also the players that play for free. Not sure what this is about? I voiced my opinion, stopped playing the game, not sure what this has got to do with money? I think this is actually directed to people that support the new game patch, to put their money where their mouth is and buy premium account, not to the ones that are opposed it. So I suggest you keep putting money where your mouth is, since you like what you see in the new patch. Of course people realise the expenses of keeping servers up; it is not the people that made this game F2P now is it, the decision has been made by the devs. As for server reduction, it would be a good idea, because there would be more people on each servers, and the game experience would be richer. Having say 3 servers pers continent would be awesome. Similiarily they could easily close the game down, but it would not makes sense since they had been working on it for so long and game has potential. Of course the devs can do what they want. There are other ways to make money, perhaps not make this game F2P? Have a one time fee if you want to play longer than a week? Introduce FPP servers only for a one time donation/fee? Additional skins as someone suggested before alteady for additinonal money. For you, people that have different opinions, which do not match your opinion is "negativity"? Different opinions NEED to be heard. You saying that other opinions are negative to me is negativity in terms of freedom of sharing ones opinion. Please, we infact do not need negativity in terms of blocking people sharing their opinions. Other people renting private servers will have impact on survival mode - that is the bottom line. It is no longer survival when it becomes P2W. You do not understand the implications of people getting massive loot for rent money without fear of getting dropped by other players. It might be a game killer in the long run, but it is surely a game changer. It no longer is survival in the sense of surviving looting and bringing to back to base. What about all the free crate drops the players get on rented servers? All the metal gears they will get from drops and farming? Weapons? I do not play Open World for that very reason; Open World has nothing to do with Survival mode. You can rent private servers in Open Mode, and farm there; that should be enough - it first the game mode. Also, do you think any complaing about Open World would have changed anything? Since it is you asking why do we think our opinion matters? And would you not write about all the negativity there as well with people voicing their opinions? Two issues that stopped me from playing Open World: Snipers on every corner, spawn points, bus stops, cities; AND PVE servers, where one can farm weapons without thread; ridiculously easy. And this is where Survival is heading with private servers. Who are you even talking about here? I did not see one person that implied they are the greatest player in the game, when talking about the new patch changes - and I have read most if not all posts where people are vocal about their opinions regarding survival private servers. You could not be further off point. Thinking that your opinion matters - that is a different story, because yes everyones opinion matters, it just comes down to numbers in the end. Even a newbie can say sometine very important. Private servers will kill survival mode as is; game mode will become more P2W with abundance of loot on rented servers both in crates and zombie spawns, and weapon spawn location (bases etc.). Easier to get materials for lockers. People that will fight over loot and lose loot on normal servers are at a HUGE disadvantage. Did you even think about EXP farming? You did not, did you now? How big of an advantage will people have with EXP farming on a server where there is no threat from other players 24/7? Since getting the skill "Hardened" - makes one die not after 4 headshots, but after 5 headshots (from what I have been told)? Do you think this is not a game changer? Gather some supplies to explore further? Explore further what? Explore the map? To explore the map one can go on a server with low population, and explore it there. I could not care less for killing new players, it is the Vets that I would be interested in killing, and players on my skill level; and Vets are potential customers IMO, more than new players. If new players do not know how to PvP what good will Private servers be to them? They will loose loot instantly. So you are speaking for yourself, perhaps it is what you do on survival servers, hard to tell. Also, for new players - that is called learning the hard way, and it works. I have been there, done that and learned how to cope, had been killed a lot of times. Took me perhaps a week to get to know how to play, but was worth it. Reality check: The entire community consists of me, you and every single, even the weakest players at the bottom of the PvP hierarchy. So yes, we all control what happens in the game. It just goes down to numbers like I have previously stated. Having an outlook; ah I cant do anything I am so small and alone - will only lead to people conforming. This applies everywhere, not only in the gaming community. And dont forget to have a great day!
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    Nice Nice Nice ! (Aimbotman)
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    Crafted items should be either unique or an improved version of it's lootable counterpart to give them value and players a reason to gather the necessary materials. If you think the crafted item is to easy to obtain you have to change how it is crafted or / and how difficult it is to find the materials needed to craft them. Even if you decide that a Bandage for example takes 500 cloth ( not being serious ofc ) to craft and it seems not logical that something as small as a single Bandage takes this much to craft it's fine as long as it makes crafting a Bandage as difficult as you want it to be. Balance & enjoyable gameplay > logic ( if you ask me ).
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    The developers are intending on adding a special survival currency in the near future, and i'm sure they will build on that idea too!
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    High and Hungry Is Recruiting PPL for our CW(clan war) team. we search for 1 sniper and 1 AR player . if you want to join you need to speak english ONLY Eu/Na player PM me on discord Name: tetsu kun#7970 or Pm me here
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