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    Maybe keep this after the event, at least for Toxic and Alien.
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    After playing what I would call a mediocre weekend event, I decided to go to a radiation area and give it another shot. I was kind of bored so I thought it would bring a little more excitement to the game. When I arrived I was confronted with the usual irradiated zombies and killed a few. They dropped the usual loot they drop which is PKM ammo. Then, I was confronted by a regular Super zombie. It took a little more ammo than usual to kill him but he dropped some decent loot. By decent I mean NO helmets or armor. Then I found an Irradiated Super and attacked him. As usual, it took an extra amount of ammo to kill him. After he was dead, I was shocked to see that he had dropped only 1 SVD. I searched the spot because some items drop into the ground but the SVD was the only loot found. Then, to my surprise, I heard a second Irradiated Super. I lured him to where I was and proceeded to kill him. I was ASTOUNDED to see that he had dropped only 1 HEAVY ARMOR!!! I again searched the area and found NOTHING ELSE!!! What The Hell!!! @Steve, In another thread you were approached about improving and changing loot because of the junk that drops. You stated that 'It will be easy. I can change the loot live so I don't have to wait for an update to do it' Why did you tell that person you can do it, when in reality, you don't have any plan on doing it? Lying to a player about what you can do is worse than not answering at all. Which brings me to my next issue. Why have none of the developers answered the points I made with the post I have linked here? Is it that you don't want to respond to comments that are other than complimentary? Wait, I think I know what your answer is going to be. 'I'm so busy doing other things I don't have time' OR 'I'll bring this up in the next meeting and see what everyone says about it' OR you just don't give a damn. In the link below, I tried presenting some issues as precisely as possible in an adult, polite manner. So much for diplomacy. Yes, the post may be in the wrong thread. I was just following the thought that was presented in the thread. Besides, the issue presented affects ALL game modes, not just survival. http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8185-another-unnecessary-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=42808 If you think that ignoring what I have been trying to point out is going to get me frustrated and just drop the issues, you are sadly mistaken. If anything, it's going to irritate me more and you will hear it more and more. Bottom Line here guys, You are doing little to nothing to fix some issues that have been ongoing for well over a year. Some for longer than 2 years. You want to keep this game relevant. You want to keep making money. You want the players to be happy. Well, unless you stop sidestepping issues that are hurting the overall enjoyment of the game, you will end up with nothing. I know I've said this before. But it bares repeating. And NO, I'm not speaking for just the PVE side. I'm speaking for ALL the players and modes. Since you have little to not separation between the modes, what issues presented here effect ALL GAME MODES. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
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    @JKS. My whole thought behind banning macro use is this. It gives an unfair advantage to those with experience in using them. There are those that do not know how to set up a macro, let alone use them in a game situation. Maybe banning them is out of the question. However, putting a timer on when certain items can be deployed is, IMO, not only workable but it's a necessity. Especially for newer players that everyone want's to attract to this game. Like everything else, it takes a learning period to even know what can and cannot be done in any game. By putting a time limit on how often certain items. like weapons, health, and shields, will greatly curtail their use. Like I have stated in the past, I had a player that was obviously a PVP player, (I could tell because the tag on his/her name was other than civilian) on a PVE server that was rapid firing shields around me to box me in so the super that was close by could kill me and he/she could obtain what I was carrying in my pack. Too bad for that person that I had enough skill playing that I was able to escape. Another thing that can, and should be adjusted is how close you can place items. If you restrict how close you can place 2 shields (also lockers) you take away a lot of the advantages rapid placement of these items. I, personally am happy with the scroll wheel on my mouse to switch from one item to another. @TheWraith, as you can see, the use of macros does impact play on a PVE server. It may not be as evident, but it does have it's negative effect regardless. On the server I spend most of my time, Colorado V1 PVE server US, someone thought it would be a big joke to line up personal storage lockers that blocked a roadway thereby causing you to have to either exit your vehicle and walk through the blockade, or find a path around the blockage. It was especially troublesome in the fact that even the personal storage lockers remain in place until the owner picks them up. (It would have been even worse it they used GI lockers as they are permanently placed). Shields, however, are temporary as are the other barricades and can be destroyed. (the player that placed that personal storage locker blockade has either picked them up, or was banned for cheating or simply quit playing because the blockade no longer exists). So, yes, macros do have an impact on all modes. (I too am strictly a PVE player) I agree with you both that macros are programmed into the mouse and maybe cannot be banned. However, adjustments to negate the impact they have on NewZ can, and MUST be addressed moving forward. After reading both your posts, I realize that a lot of what others call cheating (myself included) can be attributed to the use/abuse of macros. With them, it don't matter how many new players are attracted to play NewZ, they will soon become disgusted with trying to compete with those that have played for any length of time and use macros, and will simply just give up and move on to another game. A vast majority, I would say roughly 90% of those new players don't come to the forums to voice their opinion. A lot of the time, trying to get things fixed seem to continually be an uphill battle. Issues I have reported over and over are still there. I won't go into detail of what issues but those that have been around on the forum know what I'm talking about. I will say in general, the loot table is in poor shape and is badly needing a major update with regards to what is dropped when killing Super, Alien and the new Rad Zone Super. I know this is a very long post, I apologize for that. But these issues are important enough to garner the amount of time taken by us to warrant a major overhaul of what is currently in place. Yean, I know, we can expect one of 4 answers about these issues. 1) We are aware of it. 2) We are working on a fix 3) I'll bring it up in the next meeting 4) We tried fixing it but... ____ ____ ____ ____ (you can fill in the blanks on this one). Anyway, I wonder what we are going to see for this and the following weekend events. Are they going to continue to include all aspects of the game? Or will there be a continuance of only those things that benefit a certain 'select' group of players. Only time will tell. Thanks for reading this BOOK!! OH... Before I forget... HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
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    Good idea!!! But i thinking now with all that trash bags we dont need dumpsters to drop them in??? Or i must write this in suggestions???
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    Toxic SZ are worse than normal SZ.
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    Hello, so basically I want to explain you guys, why snipers actually do kill the game. This is actually based on Feedback which new players gave to me. So let's start with a fresh and new player, which is hyped to play the game. Let's imagine him joining Colorado and he's like, ok, let's see what we can do. The first thing he's going to notice is the huge amount of snipers shooting around. He literally has nothing in his GI and he can't do anything against people with snipers. Let's get in my position actually now: I have no snipers in my GI, I can't play Colorado because there's only people with snipers there now which I can't do anything against since they just snipe me over long range. So, as soon as I see that the PvP Servers are empty (AR ones) I actually have to exit the game, because I can not play the game because I don't have snipers. And snipers are very expensive. My point now: New players will quickly quit and uninstall the game, because they can't fight against snipers with nothing. I really do think snipers have to be a rare thing, even in open world. There are alot of people who can't afford snipers, which will result in quitting the game, which is bad. We HAVE to do something against snipers, no matter what. Something has to happen. New players are tired of getting sniped over and over again which I fully understand. ^^ Hope you get my point, Cheers.
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    Hello! I know that the developers of the game will not pay attention again, but I will write. I have an idea about cars.Since cars are not often found on the map, you can make sure that cars can be saved in a safe zone or in the forest, but for this you need keys that a player carries in a backpack or holds in a safe zone. If a player is killed, then the keys get to another player. And he can find this car somewhere on the map. 2 years ago you said that you want to change the lighting on survival.To make the lighting look like an early ISS. So it would be prettier. Why are there fewer scary sounds? Now they sound very rarely. I suggest making the grass more optimized and adding some bushes and small trees to the forests.So you can hide better.You can also add a little vegetation to the cities. Many players have long been asking for this.You need to make more loot variety on survival.More variety of helmets that won't spawn,guns etc.In each place, the loot is almost the same. I think you can make sniper rifles more accessible to players.I would like to return to the excitement that was before in WarZ.I want to find snipers at military bases or points. Damn, crafting ammo should make sense.Magazines are very easy to find in the world and crafting is very meaningless. I suggest increasing the rarity of magazines. Can still add a weapon breakdown?So that weapons can be repaired? You have a long time ago agreed with the idea of zombie armor.Naturally, this armor cannot be taken away, but it will be harder to kill zombies.Such zombies can be added to military bases or to the big cities. A lot of military loot spawn on farms and ranches.This should be fixed.And also on the highway, where there are cars, you can find a lot of military loot. Remove many trees in Colorado V1 that are stuck in rocks or mountains.And you should also remove grass on rocky terrain.
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    Also let me add here that I'm rather new here, and a had NOT said anything about any Devs UNTIL NOW. I mearly pointed out that when Steve or ANY DEV is needed no one came. You allowed verbal abuse To go on for days. That's not over worked...that's neglected or willfully ignoring a problem hoping that your noisy PVEer pop will quit. Funny, after the guy called you guys nincompoops you even considered his ideas but bashed every one else. Your priorities are messed up dude or this guy was created by you guys... Read his OP...not my words. I always take special consideration for the words of the man who calls me a an idiot...you guys are special.. *******Edit******* I tried to multi quote a post by DNI_Adrian on Aug 3 rd that drives home my point that neither of us are the ones to call the Devs anything neg, just stressing that even the Devs weren't safe from his verbal abuse while it was going on. I ask which one he called that bc he was being just as offensive to you guys Ashe was to us. Yet no one came. You let players get verbally abused and it wasn't right. Where was you guys duty to moderate YOUR FORUM and protect YOUR regulars like even me now I guess from people like that guy you just said "um yeah , it's ok we will listen to ya after you abused our people like that.. just try to be be respectful next time".... That makes a VERY BAD impression on new people of your game!!!!
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    Yes. I'm talking about the Toxic green zombies. I honestly can't see how you or the other Developers and/or Admins weren't aware of this. This is not my first post on this issue. Plus, there have been other members of this forum that have tried bringing this to your attention. (Again, when I say YOUR I'm talking about everyone on your staff that is responsible for responding to comments, issues, complaints, reports and the like. For example, Of course, these are just 2 examples related to this subject. You cannot expect the gaming community to be happy when issues like these and so many others are either brushed aside, not answered, or given the answer of 'I understand and will bring this up in the next meeting. All those that are responsible for repairing issues that happen should be checking this forum DAILY. By not doing that, you are letting really good, loyal gamers like myself to become so frustrated with poor game quality that they eventually leave. For myself, I'm like a dog with a bone. I'm going to keep chewing on it till there's nothing left. Unfortunately, there is less and less of that 'bone' left to chew with this game. I haven't made almost 600 posts here because I like posting. I'm doing my level best to point out issues that I see so they can be addressed in a timely manor and fixed. It's up to you the staff of Infestation: The New Z to see to it that these problems are fixed. @Fred, @ElChupacabra, @3lias, become active and take some of the heat off @Sven. BECOME MORE ACTIVE!! DO SOMETHING TO HELP WITH IMPROVING THE GAME!! COME OUT OF HIDING AND TALK TO THE PARTICIPANTS OF THIS FORUM!!! We're actually a really nice group of people. We don't bite, well, for the most part. We may get frustrated and long winded at times. We may even lose our tempers and rant and rave and even YELL!! It's not done to be disrespectful or hurtful, it's because WE CARE ABOUT THIS GAME and WANT TO SEE IT THRIVE AND GROW!! Oh, and please, Please, PLEASE... Motivate the support staff to do more than just give the standard answers for reports they receive. If someone is having a problem, HELP THEM FIX IT. Some of us try to help by answering questions for newer members of this forum. WE CARE!!! SO SHOULD YOU!!! Here is just one example: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8210-super-zombies/ It's easy when you really care about what happens with the game.
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    ...and I not speak english. It's totally google and movie learning, kkkk.
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    Yes TL Trade Lounge. You got exactly what I was saying with the rest too! Awesome!
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    It sould be some alarm sound for radiation!!! I think is good!!!
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    True. Although biggest problem with this is copyright. The "light swords" are called "sword" for a reason. I love the idea though. Keep things like this up. I would transform this idea in a more space / futuristic week event. A bit like the infinity skins are in theme. Now that we mention the light swords, I do plan on reworking those as mesh, textures etc. are a huge mess, unoptimized and look like *** so maybe a rework there + an event themed like this will be a great combination! I can already share with you that the first upcoming one I am doing is summer themed. Some very cool and funny stuff incoming for that! Thanks for the feedback! Best Regards, Sven
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    I love how you ASSume that EVERYONE online is a male! ASSumptions have been made, and now when we tell you we ARE FEMALES you chose NOT to believe us. I will give you the first ASSumtion, but since you were told we are indeed females, you should stop with the insults regarding gender. It's quite alright actually, as I am rather certain these comments of yours constitute sexual harassment!
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    Nice comeback moron. It's the old 'Any excuse is better than none'. If you were so damn tired, LEAVE. Oh and when you do, STAY GONE. You and your supposed 'witty' comments are banal at best. Funny thing is, through your elongated posts, you keep saying the same thing over and over. Acting like a petulant child. And, if you are, as you say 'A PVE player' why are you attacking that very mode? Confused much? Oh and, since it's 'almost' wasn't worth your time typing answers, why not just quit trying to act like you are hyper-educated. Oh and the bitterness and hatred toward half the player base seems to be coming from only one side. YOURS. Take your own advice. You don't belong here because in your own words, your comments are naked and ugly.
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    Then please stop saying what should and should not be done in the PVE servers. It's funny how you don't see PVE players doing this bunny hopping crap. What you do see ALL the time in trade lounge, (the SAFEST place in game) are the PVP players constantly hopping as if someone might be able to hit them and do damage! Ridiculous at best!! As far as spacebar/V, this does not dominate every PVE enemy, nor does it turn the entire game into shooting fish in a barrel. What your describing is how this might effect PVP play. PVE players have no need to go about hopping. This insane. The PVE players that I know, along with myself would NEVER venture onto a PVP server (safe zone or not) to buy,sell, or trade anything.
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    Yet another attempt to force players to do things they do NOT want to do! If you think that players would play ALL in one server you are sadly mistaken. People would leave the game by the masses. The PVE players will not stand still for this kind of change!!! Since when is another player's inventory items count any of your, or anyone else's business? This effects your game play how exactly??? Where do you think all the stuff PVE players gather goes? I will tell you.....we sell it in trade to make money, and we usually are selling to PVP players who ask for specific items that we have. After the sale/trade everyone is happy. The PVP players can quickly re-join their game and the PVE players now have some nice GD in their pockets! So why does players gathering/collecting stuff bother you so badly? It does not directly effect you or your game. I for one do not play PVP, but I am friends with many who do play PVP, and this is absolute rubbish! A safe zone is just that...SAFE! If a player is running for their life and they can make it to a safe zone, so be it. There should be NO time limit as to when you can enter a safe zone. If a player spawns in and immediately is being shot at and they shoot back, and then decide to run for their life to a safe zone, they should be allowed to enter! Otherwise, you are allowing someone to be shot and killed without having a chance to run! Why does the amount of other players currency matter to you? Are you really that upset that some players have LOTS of in game money? This effects you and your game play how exactly? I am no billionaire by any means, but I do have a nice 9 figure of GD, ALL of which I earned over time. Unlike some players I do not buy GC nor do I buy GD to be added to my account. Sooner or later I will become a billionaire, and this does NOT, and WILL NOT effect what I do in game, or how I play the game in any way. It sounds to me like you just don't like other players who have more GD or GC than you do. This is almost how Survival currently plays except for the snipers and heavy armors being in parts. It's OK though since you want to do away with Survival, instead of making a suggestion to add things like the snipers and heavy armor being in parts. I think that would be a great addition to the current Survival mode. This is NOT forcing players to do anything. It is the game offering them different options. And let us not forget that IF a players does not like any of the above choices, there is always PVE! Or I suppose you are wanting to get rid of those servers as well? Did you by chance miss the poll on what should be done with servers? Players were asked, and we voted. A rather strongly I might add, as to what the player base wants as far as servers go.
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    Just so this is not misunderstood, I'm talking about removing armor and helmets from the Super and Alien loot table COMPLETELY. I have so many of each that I stopped picking them up when I find them LAYING ON THE GROUND EVERYWHERE!!!
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    Just as a suggestion, why can't you make it so you can wear any one of the multiple masks, helmets, hats, gas masks in combination with a civilian NVG headgear. I would love to be able to wear a mask day AND night, but without the NVG for nighttime use, you have to switch from one to the other. Would be a nice combination especially at night when visibility is lower and you are in a radiation area. Also, having been in the military and actually have worn a gas mask, the visibility is a lot clearer that what you present. Afterall, it's just there to filter out the noxious gasses and not block your vision. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    We have big plans for the Survival Gamemode, I believe the best thing is to make the loot and stats comparable to how they were on the original WarZ, and keep open world as is, for the "fun crazy pvp" that some players like
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    Some time ago I wanted a market that sold players' weapons/itens bought by NPC and placed on a "shelf". The purchase amount by the NPC would be set by the stock. The sale value as well. The idea at the time was to eliminate trade servers and trade via browser to put trade players in the game. A lot of time is wasted selling a product via chat. And if you want to sale/buy some item you can't stay all the time in the trade lounge. This will help player to buy and sell itens and make the guy who have 1000 SVD but even a 10 heavy sell snipers to buy heavy.
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    Ok. Here is my critique of this event. 1) The Alien loot has improved slightly, however they still drop helmets and armor. This needs to stop. 2) I got the chance to kill 2 Toxic Supers. Both appeared at the same time. I was a bit excited at the prospect of having better loot. The first one I killed, which took 500 rounds to kill dropped 1 ADVENTURE BACKPACK. I was shocked. Again, all that effort and all that ammo spent and only 1 item. Then I proceeded to kill the second one. Guess what. All I got for my trouble was 1 Heavy Armor. 1000 rounds total and all I came away with was 2 items? And neither of those were higher tier weapons? You really didn't improve the Toxic. It's still dropping junk. Backpacks and Armor are a big waste of ammo. They both can be easily found just laying on the ground in other locations. Once again, when I killed a Super I got 8 pieces of loot which consisted of 4 helmets and 1 armor. Sad. People talk about the game economy. After this event I would have to say it's in poor condition. I had high expectations for this event @Sven. Sadly, it fell far short of those expectations. After re-reading the statement from you above, I realize that neither the Alien or the Toxic zombies are going to get any better and are not worth the time to pursue. Besides the fact that the very minimal improvement in the Alien loot, it will no doubt revert to what it was. Oh, and over the weekend, I was subjected to getting booted out of the game when I tried to enter my vehicle. This should have been addressed and fixed MONTHS ago. The grade for this event on a scale of A to F (F being a failing grade) I give it an F-. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    I don't find a tocix kkkkkkkkk, nice. Best loot, with a bug
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    It's not an exaggeration. It's a fact. One normal radiation zombie dropped 2 PKM heavy machine guns. I know that normally they only drop one PKM ammo box. It was a big surprise to me. I thought that maybe, just maybe, @Steve actually followed through with his statement that he could update the loot drops live without having to wait for an update. It was right after that that the Toxic Super dropped 1 Heavy Armor.
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    Have a great weekend sven, keep up the good work
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    I believe that the cars should not be used as a main weapon to killing. I believe that the car can be used to run over people but, this should have a great cost. My suggestion is increase the damage to the car when run over people. Make it start to smoke when running over someone. Force to people use repair every time he runs over someone.
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    Hi all! I complete the 4 skill / abilities tree (epic / survival / weapons / phisycal) after 124 hours. But, the experience point is growing more and more ... perhaps more learned skill? anything can spend many XP point? I like to gain XP points when ... i have motivation;)
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    Hi all! I dond understand, why cant find cars in premium servers. My private server is okay, i know where the car spawn location, and i find it... but, only find just on my private server. Anybody know why?
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    If you are talking about Super zombies, (the big white zombie) they spawn in the time frame you said, 24 hours of the day. The Alien zombie (the Blood Red one that appears black due to the effect of night vision goggles) only spawns after dark, usually only once between 2200 and 0400. It will very rarely spawn twice in that time period.
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    Maybe its worth to think about it again?
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    Hello, As we all know, the game is gaining some players recently. If you want to keep that, do some more events with the community. Nothing is holding a community more on the game, than active DEVs with nice events & listening to the community. It could be simple events, like "KILL THE STAFF TEAM" where you guys load in a backpack full of skins for example, hide somewhere in Colorado and let the game hunt you. It could be a staff stronghold, where u get a server with event map and be in the market and protect your stuff. It could be something like a tournament, not a supercup, but like an european cup or american cup. Things like that keep the ppl around, keep that in mind. Cheers,
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    Apparently not. It's ok, I'm about to report this all to Steam. I have done screenshots of the whole thing.
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    Did you catch his comments about not respecting people he PVE's or PVP with? I've reported close to half a dozen of his comments. Including those he admitted to only coming here to bait, troll, and piss people off.
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    You try to tell her she has "emotional problems" yet admitted you came to piss her off. She's right, that makes you a troll. I wondered how she got the demon comment, then I searched your name. 5 sites in my initial 15 results were about demon names, all including "Mammon". She didn't call you a demon, she made a point of pointing out you called yourself by a demons name. She didn't name you, you did. You admitting you read past posts and came here to piss her off. Even referring to her as a him. You knew from before the comments you were going to insult her. Now you try to play victim. I hope sher reported you. Then is nothing more toxic than a troll. You are the prime example of sexual harassing over gender, personal attacks, and harassment that goes on. I'm with her on contacting Steam as well if they don't do something with you. I already have copied all your comments, start to finish. Editing after the fact will not help you. The original comments memorialized by screenshot.
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    We don't need lose players if all players have the same advantages. Block the macro is dificuld because is recorded in mouse, like a mecanic well touching the buttons in higth speed. BUT, if we have a time use, like a click in automatic rifle, the macro don't makes sense. If meds and riot have 200ms to use like a time to enter in car or simple ++ cooldown the macro will be stupid use because the control are more dificult. I kill macro players easy when they trying use riot on mountain. And all playes who cry to died for AR are losers and play with macro. They can't use a finger to get a rigth ammo to right distance, but "put" riot, heal in one click. To all who think cramming people onto a server for forced interaction is a good idea an banning macros is too hard: I GUESS you MISSED what happened when they put up temp PVE servers! They were in the top 1-2 most popped! The PVP servers were low pop. Hmmmm…. That tells a different tale. BTW YES!! You will lose players. The game is already suffering bc players who don't cheat get sick of shooting another player 2-3 times in the head with a sniper or 6+ times with an AR only to have them kill you. Banning macros would do more for the game than all the forced play could ever dream up. I never will understand having to use a cheat to play...I may suck.. but every kill I have, every time I died was all on me. I may not be the best but I play fair. I refuse to cheat. Cheaters need to learn to really play without a crutch. Also, if you take the money us horrid PVE players had been spending up to our recent holdout... it makes a difference income wise for the game. A rather large one at that!! Take @CampersRUs for example: Many times he's commented about paying for an extreme acct and private servers for 2+ years. I recently let go of our mine and my wifes) premium, and then our private server. I had my server for over 10 months, and premium for 6-8 mo. Wanna calculate what just the 3 of us just cut out of the games financials...and we are just 3 players!! I have read others say they gave up servers, premium, ect as well. Yeah, they might "lose a few players". The players that they'll lose are the ones that didn't mind financially contributing to the game that so many that cry " screw up the game... run off the evil PVE players... force em to play our way so we can have easy kills, we cant play unless we cheat with macros...we suck so we have to cheat or take our toys and go home!!!!!....whaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaa" booooo freaking hoo. Grow up!!
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    Yea, but your sense of justice will make the players stop, think and no uses macro? No. No makes diference. And no have a way to block directly macro. Maybe use best timings to make this usuleless. Do you see ANY desenvolvelper focus on that? And double jumping is disabled on PVP open world. Only PVP servers I don't knwo. For me this servers must be deleted.
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    This crappy event is........trash! And a big middle finger from devs to everyone.
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    Yea. 2019 you mean right? And please, don't tell me "he jump on frame 2.bla bla and shot you with no scope and the bullet make a curve and get you on lag" Repeating: My question is not "why do you not fix that", only why do you don't use a disciplinary order to make noob players stop to make this ?
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    +1 for Alien Super Zombie drops
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    Same processor here at 3.6Ghz. Your video card has OK to. You play at high or low options? 1 . Try "clear" in first game launcher the archives. 2. Limit your FPS to get more stability in game settings archive You have a 60/120/144 monitor?
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    instead of tgy to play and earn $ they ask... go and earn in a game!!!!!
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    Dear Community, As promised and as expected I am here to announce the upcoming police week event! We have seen a lot of excitement already around this event especially because of the release of brand new permanent items! Next to that we have events happening in all game-modes; in Open World and Survival we will release a bunch of new content and for Battle Royale we have a map / loot event planned. Are you excited?! Before we jump into any event details let's make clear over what period of time this event is taking place: Start: July 15, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Now, let's jump into the details of the event: Double XP & GD: During this police week event there will be a Double XP & GD event. This means all experience and in-game dollars gained in all game-modes will be doubled. This event has a particular time. Start: July 18, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Free Premium Weekend Event: During this weekend everyone will have a free premium account subscription. This only affects players that don't have an active premium subscription. This event has a particular time. Start: July 19, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Prison Battle Royale: We are doing a very special Battle Royale event again where we have changed the map to a brand new prison map. We will also update the loot to melee only, except there is 1 particular mosin rifle spawn in the map. Good luck finding it! Next to all of that we have enabled base building for this map. Let's see how that will work in the Battle Royale game-mode. This event has a particular time. Start: July 17, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Special Police Items: During the event we will release some new items. Here is a list and how to get them: Please note that half of the items will be limited: event only. The other half (as indicated) will initially be released during this event, but will also be permanently available in the game even after the event! All the new content: Police Box 2019: EVENT ONLY. Will be available in the in-game marketplace and find-able in-game but very rare. Skins: The following will only be available from the Police Box 2019. EVENT ONLY. The following skins will be available from the Police Box 2019 AND will be permanently inside the Revolution Skinbox. (& Mystery) PERMANENT RELEASE. Sprays: The following will only be available from the Police Box 2019. EVENT ONLY. Character Clothes: Will only be available in the in-game marketplace. EVENT ONLY. Items: The following items will be ONLY available during the event: EVENT ONLY. The following items will be released now, and permanently available and lootable in the game, even after the event: Loot: During this police week event there will be advanced loot tables including all the items mentioned above spawning. There will also be special police loot tables inside all of the police station in both Open World and Survival. All of the loot mentioned above will be spawning in both game-modes, however, for Survival chances will vary and not be the same as in the Open World game-mode. This also includes: Police themed zombies. (all game-modes) Police Sales: Trough out the entire event there will be special sales and flash sales. Stay tuned for more. Police Giveaway: During the police event week we will be doing a special giveaway. This giveaway will go through New Z's social channels so make sure to follow us and stay tuned for further announcements. Police themed Menu & Game Launcher: Specially for this event we have turned the main menu of the game into a police theme. There will be a different background and to totally get in the police mood. Police live stream by ElChupaCabra: Chupacabra will be doing a special live stream again where you'll have to find and kill him to get prizes! More information about the event exactly will be announced separately by him. This event has a particular time. Start: July 19, 2019. This event will take place at the following channel: https://www.twitch.tv/hereschupa Police PVP Map: During the police week event there will be a brand new PVP map available in the Open World - PVP Servers section. Here is what the minimap looks like: Updates: We wish you all an amazing event and hope to see you in-game! Have fun! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    I have to agree with that. Survival is not only for PVP but also for PVE and if there would be only 1 server, then it will be hard for the PVE player.
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    1. In my opinion people that have life time premium have already had enough benefits. Why? Let's take an example: Let's say player X bought life time premium 2 years ago. Averagely speaking this is the case. This means 24 months have passed that he had for ever premium. If he would have bought premium for that amount of money it would have costed him: 24 x 3 euro which is 72 euro. Life time premium is 100 euro. Averagely speaking. That would make player X have 100 - 72 euro = 28 euro extra invested. In return for that 28 euro technically player X got: 30.000 GC. Which in comparison is around a 100 euro worth of GC. This alone makes already 100 - 28 = 72 euro worth of profit already. Even next to that over time player X got: Benefits of events we did over time for life time premium players only. A permanent highlighted color in the in-game text. A permanent unique icon in the in-game tab list. A permanent "life time" premium status. Permanent premium benefits including all linked smaller events. If player X would have bought life time premium on a double GC sale, in that case he would have gotten 200 - 28 = 172 euro worth of profit in GC already. (This is also a very likely case btw) Is life time premium worth it? Yes. Is it totally worth it? Yes. Should there me more benefits for life time premium players? In my opinion: no. In my personal opinion the price should even been higher but hey, that's just my opinion. 2. In what way would it make sense to, focus on PVP, when, according to you; "70% of the servers are empty." I'm not sure what you are trying to say here but if you mean focus on PVP in a sense of development, of course it's not going to affect as much right now, simply because there is less 'amount' of PVP left. If you speak about: "Pay more attention to PVP" I get what you're saying. Overall in my opinion I agree, servers should be less in some places but at the same time we can not just remove stuff like that easy either. Why? Because it might even kill the player base more. It's risky and every player has their own opinion about what is the best to do. The player base is indeed too spread out, it's an issue that we are aware of and that's being addressed, however just decreasing ALL servers like that is not an optimal solution either. 3. Yes there has been issues with the South American servers. I don't know full technical details but we're on it. If you have any further questions about that feel free to make a support ticket or PM Chupacabra. Have a nice evening Best regards, Sven
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    First of all, its hard to attract new players or even convince players of other modes to come over when the behavior of OW PVP own players is exactly what runs them off. Watching them in chat laughing about noob hunting, bambi killing or how many bambis they KOSed today does nothing to encourage new players. AT ALL. Having new players young or older see live streamers ( better yet partners) all but naming someone they "blame" for being their stream sniper yet doesn't even play on those boards. Better yet in watching them closer, these same streamers are hiding on password protected private servers so the typical viewer ( not a subscriber or friend) would not have access!! Basically they KNOW who is doing it yet blame others. So, how about before making changes like this and forcing mega crowded servers ( which no new person will want to visit more than once) you leave places where they can at least begin to get their feet under them, if they can get past the ugly mentality of shooting for easy rep. ( Lazy players who are afraid to take on their own kind)
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    No when login... why??? If i wanna change a better scope in rifle i must log out and come back again???
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