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    Dear Community, Another patch! This one comes in preparation for the upcoming Police Week event and we have a lot of brand new exciting content to share with you all. This patch includes ranked leaderboards, a bounty system for Open World, major changes to the Survival 'locker' gameplay and major improvements on the (beta) building system. We are very excited to share this patch with you and without further ado, let's jump straight into it: Overall Updates: GENERAL: A bunch of Police themed content has been added. This is in preparation for the "Police Weekend Event" we are going to do very soon. Fixed and updated the following language packs: Turkish Thai German French Portuguese Chinese Spanish Moved the radiation text (indicator) to a different place to disturb the player less. We are currently working on some more languages that are not enabled as they aren't fully translated. The following languages are being worked on: Filipino (NEW) Italian (Outdated) Vietnamese (Outdated) Keep in mind that these languages are available, but not completely done. There could some errors in translation and some may cause crashes. If that happens, go to your GameSettings.ini file and edit it with Notepad, and change the language to ENGLISH. If you have any issues, please contact us at http://playnewz.com/support If you aren't able to change these settings, you can reset your game settings by clicking on the settings icon on the launcher and hitting the RESET button, as in the image below: MODELS: Fixed some materials of some objects which were causing errors in the logs. We have made some changes to a City Building, known as the 5-Story. Doors are now removed and all rooms are open. Fences in the staircase have been changed, so now you can shot through the bottom part. We also worked on a town building known as "Water Tank House". We updated the texture of the walls to make it look more worn out and also removed the glass from the windows to give the player more options to interact and control. Before the changes: After the changes: Base Building System (Beta) Updates: GENERAL: Reworked a lot of the core system for the building system. A lot of work has been done to the system and a lot of small and big improvements have been made. ADDITIONS: A new base building part: Metal Window Cover. This is a metal object players can attach to their big windows to have a little extra cover protecting their base. Here is how the it looks: A new base building part: Pillar. This structure can be used to support ceilings. It pretty much just acts like a wall but doesn't take the same amount of space as a wall. This will allow players to actually close of their roof when building a big base. We invite players to come back to the Building System BETA servers and help us test further improvements! Item & Skin Updates: FIXES: Fixed & tweaked the default MP7 material settings. The weapon no longer has this annoying sun glare effects when playing on ultra & high quality. ADDITIONS: Added a new silencer type for the sub-machine guns. This was the only gun category that did not have it's own silencer yet so now it's there. We will explain in each separate game-mode update where / if the item is released in that game-mode. Here is a preview of the icon: The following items will be introduced / released into the game during the Police Week Event that's coming soon. Just in case someone misses this, we'd like to mention the items here as well. Further information about how they will be released, when exactly and where they will spawn will be posted in the Police Week Event announcement. Here are the items: Added a new sniper: M40A1 Remington 700. This sniper rifle is a bolt type sniper rifle and reloads fastly after each shot. There is only one bullet in the chamber and this sniper uses a new type of sniper ammo: Light Sniper Ammo. Next to all that this sniper has a custom scope, custom sounds and minor custom animations. Added a new type of ammo for the M40A1 Remington 700 sniper rifle called: Light Sniper Ammo. Added a new type of head gear: Heavy Helmet. This helmet is a very heavy and protective helmet and is stronger than any other helmet in the game. It will be very rare but at the same time be a very strong item. Added a new type of head gear: Heavy Helmet v2. This is a second variant of the Heavy Helmet and, since the front cap is open, a little bit weaker than the original Heavy Helmet. It is still very strong however. Added a new type of armor: SWAT Armor. This is a brand new armor and a little bit better than the Heavy Armor. It's a tactical vest that fits good with a lot of the characters. Here is how it looks: Added a new type of attachment: Aimpoint CS Sight. This is an assault rifle attachment and a variant of the cobra / red dot sight. This sight aims down on a red glowing plus and zooms in relatively far. Something new for the icon of this attachment is that we have added the preview of the sight in the icon. This is going to allow us to in the future start changing the crosshairs for sights while keeping the same sight and that will allow us to make more variations in sights for players. We plan on adding the preview of the crosshair to other sights as well if this works well. Here is a preview of the sight: All items mentioned above can be found back in individual game-mode updates and we will explain there if they will be released in that game-mode and where / how players will be able to find them. Note: There will be more new items introduced in the Police Week Event that's coming soon. The items listed above will be permanently available even when the event is over. Some other items, which you will see in the event announcement, will only be released during the event. We have also added the following new skins in this update: Added a new skin for the SWAT Armor called SWAT Armor Camo. Added a new skin for the SWAT Armor called SWAT Armor Desert. Added a new skin for the SWAT Armor called SWAT Armor Green. Added a Tactical Sniper Scope of the Modern Black collection. This skinned scope got added to the following weapons: AW Magnum Modern Black Mauser SP66 Modern Black M107 Modern Black CHANGES: Changed the fire rate of the AA-12 from 150 to 100. Changed the decay of the AA-12 from 5-3. Updated all the IMI Tar-21 skin recipes with the newly rendered store icons. Updated all the Sig Sauer 556 skin recipes with the newly rendered store icons. Updated all the Katana skin recipes with the newly rendered store icons. We are going to make a change in how the pistols are working in our game. We decided first to lower the spread of the following pistols: B92 and its skinned versions from 1.5 to 0.1 spread Sig Sauer P226 and its skinned versions from 1.7 to 0.1 spread Jericho and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.1 spread FN FiveSeven and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.2 spread Kruger .22 and its skinned versions from 2.0 to 0.1 spread 1911 and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.1 spread STI Eagle Elite and its skinned versions from 1.8 to 0.2 spread Anaconda and its skinned versions from 2.0 to 0.2 spread TEC9 and its skinned versions from 3.0 to 0.5 spread and recoil from 3 to 3.3 Desert Eagle and its skinned versions from 3.0 to 0.8 spread and recoil from 10 to 8 FIXES: Fixed a texture layer of the K. Style NVG Desion. Some of the Modern Black Skins weren't showing like shiny black, this has been fixed now on the following skins: M4A1 Modern Black Sig Sauer 556 Modern Black PSO Scope Modern Black L85 Modern Black B93R Modern Black M107 Modern Black Mauser SP66 Modern Black IMI Tar-21 Modern Black REWORKS: Reworked the store icon of the AR Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Sniper Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Tactical Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Shotgun Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the Pistol Silencer. Reworked the store icon of the IMI Tar-21 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the SIG SAUER 556 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the Katana and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the MG36 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the FN M249 and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the PKM and all of its skinned versions. Reworked the store icon of the RPK and all of its skinned versions. Reworked a big part of the Riot Shield store icons. Survival Updates: GENERAL: We are going to remove all the personal locker from the official servers. The lockers + items are going to be transferred to the player's global inventories. From now on you can only place the Small Code Locker on private servers. This will prevent placing the towns full with lockers. However you will still have a chance to use a new kind of personal locker in the official servers called Wooden Code Locker. This locker, like the name says, is made with wood and is craftable. This locker can be placed everywhere but keep in mind, other player can destroy them and get your items, so you should place them smart. The long term goal(s) here are to improve current issues such as the fact that cities are filled and overloaded with lockers everywhere and also when we plan on fully releasing the base building system in Survival, this new type of locker will make more sense, as it's destroy-able players will have to place this inside of their bases to protect their loot. When destroying a wooden locker, it will drop all the items inside on the ground. The wooden locker uses a code lock. Anyone with the code can access it. Removed the locker code access cool down. CRAFTING: Changed the resources which you need to craft a Small Code Locker: Metal Gear (1) -> (20) Metal (50) -> (100) Added a new recipe of the Wooden Code Locker: Wood (50) Nails (6) Metal (3) Code Lock (1) Crafting Time (240) LOOT: The SMG Silencer is now spawning. This item is relatively common and pretty much spawns where normal AR Silencers spawn as well. COLORADO V2 (Survival): A new secret spot got added to the map. Good luck finding it! COLORADO V1 (Survival): Fixed the restaurant in Rocky Ford which didn't have the interior in it. Added some jump-ups at the white house in Rocky Ford. Higher the radius of the vision against the fog. Open World Updates: GENERAL: Ranked leaderboards are now enabled for this game-mode. This means you'll now be able to see the top 500 of players with the highest rank on this game-mode. Who will be the next number one?! Added a bounty system. Players will now be able to set a GD bounty on a player. When players kill a player that has a bounty they will receive the game dollars that are set for that bounty. Bounties use game dollars so, when setting a bounty, you will lose that game dollars from your account. The game takes a 10% cut of bounties. Bounties stack so, when two different players set a bounty on 1 player they will stack and add up. You will know if a certain player has a bounty on their head because it will write a message in the in-game chat. LOOT: The SMG Silencer is now spawning. This item is relatively common and pretty much spawns where normal AR Silencers spawn as well. COLORADO V1: Fixed an ambient sound which was causing crashes close to Rocky Ford. COLORADO V2: A new secret spot got added to the map. Good luck finding it! LOUNGE: Fixed the missing mission in the lounge. Reworked the Lounge completely. Competitive Updates: GENERAL: Fixed several UI related bugs. Ranked leaderboards are now enabled for this game-mode. This means you'll now be able to see the top 500 of players with the highest rank on this game-mode. Who will be the next number one?! Doubled the kill / win rewards. Battle Royale Updates: GENERAL: Fixed a bug causing to sometimes ban players when reviving a team mate. Fixed several airdrop related bugs and issues. Ranked leaderboards are now enabled for this game-mode. This means you'll now be able to see the top 500 of players with the highest rank on this game-mode. Who will be the next number one?! Riot shields and other barricades no longer play the destruction animation when a Battle Royale game starts. This will reduce the freezes that might happen to players when a Battle Royale game starts. The Battle Royale lobby / warm-up mode no longer grants reputation to the player. ARENA: Added collision walls around the tower where the player was able to glitch inside. Estimated patch size: Patch ETA: Patch is rolling out as we speak. 10:30 AM (CEST) on Thursday, August 11, 2019. Estimated downtime: Around 30 minutes / 1 hour. Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Best Regards, // Fredaikis
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    Dear Community, As promised and as expected I am here to announce the upcoming police week event! We have seen a lot of excitement already around this event especially because of the release of brand new permanent items! Next to that we have events happening in all game-modes; in Open World and Survival we will release a bunch of new content and for Battle Royale we have a map / loot event planned. Are you excited?! Before we jump into any event details let's make clear over what period of time this event is taking place: Start: July 15, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Now, let's jump into the details of the event: Double XP & GD: During this police week event there will be a Double XP & GD event. This means all experience and in-game dollars gained in all game-modes will be doubled. This event has a particular time. Start: July 18, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Free Premium Weekend Event: During this weekend everyone will have a free premium account subscription. This only affects players that don't have an active premium subscription. This event has a particular time. Start: July 19, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Prison Battle Royale: We are doing a very special Battle Royale event again where we have changed the map to a brand new prison map. We will also update the loot to melee only, except there is 1 particular mosin rifle spawn in the map. Good luck finding it! Next to all of that we have enabled base building for this map. Let's see how that will work in the Battle Royale game-mode. This event has a particular time. Start: July 17, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. End: July 22, 12:00 (CEST) 2019. Special Police Items: During the event we will release some new items. Here is a list and how to get them: Please note that half of the items will be limited: event only. The other half (as indicated) will initially be released during this event, but will also be permanently available in the game even after the event! All the new content: Police Box 2019: EVENT ONLY. Will be available in the in-game marketplace and find-able in-game but very rare. Skins: The following will only be available from the Police Box 2019. EVENT ONLY. The following skins will be available from the Police Box 2019 AND will be permanently inside the Revolution Skinbox. (& Mystery) PERMANENT RELEASE. Sprays: The following will only be available from the Police Box 2019. EVENT ONLY. Character Clothes: Will only be available in the in-game marketplace. EVENT ONLY. Items: The following items will be ONLY available during the event: EVENT ONLY. The following items will be released now, and permanently available and lootable in the game, even after the event: Loot: During this police week event there will be advanced loot tables including all the items mentioned above spawning. There will also be special police loot tables inside all of the police station in both Open World and Survival. All of the loot mentioned above will be spawning in both game-modes, however, for Survival chances will vary and not be the same as in the Open World game-mode. This also includes: Police themed zombies. (all game-modes) Police Sales: Trough out the entire event there will be special sales and flash sales. Stay tuned for more. Police Giveaway: During the police event week we will be doing a special giveaway. This giveaway will go through New Z's social channels so make sure to follow us and stay tuned for further announcements. Police themed Menu & Game Launcher: Specially for this event we have turned the main menu of the game into a police theme. There will be a different background and to totally get in the police mood. Police live stream by ElChupaCabra: Chupacabra will be doing a special live stream again where you'll have to find and kill him to get prizes! More information about the event exactly will be announced separately by him. This event has a particular time. Start: July 19, 2019. This event will take place at the following channel: https://www.twitch.tv/hereschupa Police PVP Map: During the police week event there will be a brand new PVP map available in the Open World - PVP Servers section. Here is what the minimap looks like: Updates: We wish you all an amazing event and hope to see you in-game! Have fun! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    We need as many servers as possible , people need a places for farm.If it is only 1 server in each region all people will be in same server and no one can farm because there will be people in almost whole map and will be so hard for farm , the new players will leave the game very fast because they always will be dead
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    I have to agree with that. Survival is not only for PVP but also for PVE and if there would be only 1 server, then it will be hard for the PVE player.
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    This is true, whether or not the game is free to play that doesn't give us the right to just do what ever the fuck we'd want and that still doesn't make it a logical decision to have this kind of events with ONLY PVP parts. I don't see why we shouldn't just make ALL type of players happy. Something for them, something for them and something for them. It's literally a win for us and a win for the players.
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    Is not. To real new z players this is a nice increase in game.
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    Reworked Skinbox Icons:
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    Reworked M107 Icons:
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    I don't know why there can't be an Official servers on Survival, both Colorado and Colorado Vl that are PVE ONLY for those who can't afford to rent a private server. Let us have our own Official PVE Survival servers and leave us the h3ll alone. Do what you want with PVP land. We PVErs won't mind at all, just leave us alone on our world. Just because we are playing/want to play Survival does not mean that we should have to encounter another player that will more than likely kill us. Survival is hard for everyone as loot is hard to find, so playing PVE Survival is hard for the PVPer to gather loot. Survival is also hard for those that play PVP to gather loot as well. It simply makes PVE harder than normal, and PVP harder because now you not only have to worry about loot, you have to worry about someone else killing you. Essentially nothing changes for the PVP player.
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    Dear Community Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this Weekend Event. Start: July 12, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) End: July 15, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details: Battle Royale Map Rotation We are going to rotate the Battle Royale maps again. this time Arizona v2 will be replaced by Tropico. Don't worry if you like to play Arizona v2, it's a rotation, which means the map will come back any time. Public PvE Server During this event we are going to turn on a public PvE server where player can farm and fight the zombies. PvE mode enabled means player can't kill other player. Open World and Survival Map is going to be Colorado Double Reward for Viewing You will get 2 Broadcaster Skinboxes during this event while watching a Infestation: The New Z Stream on Twitch. Right now you get 1 each 30 mins and it will be 2 then. More information about twitch drops can be found here https://playnewz.com/drops 20% on all GC Skinboxes Over the entire weekend you will get 20% discount on all GC skinboxes which are on the in-game marketplace. Only GC skinboxes Weekend Event Sale Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture below for more information. We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us. Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend! // The New Z - Staff Team
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    @Sven @3lias @Fred THANK YOU FOR THE PVE SURVIVAL SERVERS!! Really means a LOT to those who have asked and suggested. THANK YOU again! This is a very nice step toward implementing lots of ideas. Hyped for the Police theme! Can't wait!
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    Thank you for listening and giving us PVE servers!! Just wish it was a perm thing!
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    We need a perm, one!!
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    Dear Community, It's been a while since last dev blog and I have seen some questions around this so i'd like to publish a dev blog about the icon rework topic and explain why this is happening and how. Now, I do not plan on writing a huge pile of text with millions of explanations. This time I'd like to keep it simple and short. As you might have noticed in recent patches / posts is that some icons for some items are being reworked. In this dev blog I will explain why that's being done, how it's prioritized and i'll keep this up to date with the latest reworks so you guys can see how the new icons are going to look like! Why are the items being reworked? Simply because some / if not most current ones look like garbage. Especially around the skins but also a lot of default icons. The look is not the only reason. In the past year I have improved a lot around 3d models, textures and rendering and I just know we can deliver a lot better looking icons at this moment than we could a year ago. Next to all of this icon files (behind the scenes) are a big mess, some are unoptimized and there is a lot unneeded ones. Also with the mind set to keep improving the game and the overall quality of the game the icons play a huge role in that goal. How do you prioritize this? Isn't there more important things to work on? Yes, there is. There always is. You can see this as a little side project. From time to time we'll just rework some icons of item sets and over time more and more icons will be reworked and patched in the game. No this is not being prioritized. If I have an extra 5 minutes somewhere I'd like to do this in between. The prioritization of the icons itself is a bit as following: I just look at what icons are complained most about and rework these first. I basically go from there. The ones that need a rework the most are prioritized. Below you'll find a feed of the current rework progress: (Look in the comments for progress, ill post updates there ) If you have comments, feedback or suggestions please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and hope you guys like the results! Best regards, // Sven
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    As a side note... It's funny how there is a system in place that limits how many times we can react to posts in the forum but not a better one for blocking offensive language and character names.
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    There is always going to be something more pressing to do, something more critical. There is a reason most of the icons have not been touched since created. Clearly by @Sven using his own time, he wanted to make the game look as clean as possible. Especially for those who play on large screens where the distortion is most noticed. Just remembered, we are watching, closely at that. You have a very angry part of the game population, and I don't think you realize just how much so. How many times have we been told this will change, or that will be done differently and nothing has. You tell them to leave out a minor insult yet ignore the derogatory names they reported. Interesting how it's ok do say far worse in-game ... We are watching. It's ok for player to call us whatever "it's part of the game" we're told, but how dare you say it to or about decision maker. That's one hell of a double standard I would think.
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    Ok and really sorry if i sounded a little bit aggresive...
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    No, there is nothing wrong with that.
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    We breathe @CampersRUs and we refuse to just be quiet and accept what ever comes down the pipes. That is the attitude of some of the Devs, and they wonder why the game just keeps losing people... There is no point to report, they do nothing about it. It isn't just lewd, or vulgar names its ones with clear racial bias. I have vid where I reported the same player at least 4 times for a name that involved one of the leaders of the hate speech era who caused the deaths of MILLIONS... crickets chirped. Nothing done. Im sure new players and old agree that should not be permitted... yet to this day that players holds that name and bragged about how cool it was in open chat. I guess even hate speech is acceptable now. PVE players just keep saying the same thing. Then after one or 2 events that include everyone, it goes right back to events that are for BR, or PVP only. A while back one of the Devs even said " well, the sale is for everyone" (paraphrased here mind you). Great, have your sales, but that is nothing to the "double rep" , "double BR boxes" ect that goes on week after week. I have about 18 days left on my server and I am really not sure I want to renew it again... not for this! You're right @Sven, we do deserve an answer why nearly every event is for the PVP only crowd. We were promised before that events would be more inclusive, what happened to that?? So far that I personally read recently the game lost 4 players money for servers, premium accounts, even an extreme account. That's the handful who still cared enough about the game to hang around and hope for change. Now you have 2 more about to do the same. How much lost revenue yearly you think that adds up to? How much more you think just up and left with zero explanations? No, the game is NOT PVP only, but lately the DEVS seem to forget that ( Minus you. You're the only one who seems to give a damn about ALL the players. While my comments may be sharp, it is not at all aimed at you. You're just really the only one who bothers to respond. so you seem to catch the brunt of our anger) The last real event that included everyone was the Viking event. I can be fair and say 80-90% of the events FAIL to have anything for PVE ONLY players except ways to spend money. Where are the events that don't for PVE. There are tons of ideas been dropped, and yet here we are.. again. Week after week Double rep, something for BR, even survival and nothing for PVE ONLY. Yes an answer is deserved!
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    No idea why this weekend event only contains PVP aimed aspects. I'd like to see an explanation as well to be honest that's the least you deserve right? If this game is more PVP aimed, sure thing, you could say that however in reality there is a lot of people that like to farm, kill zombies etc. etc. I think the least that can happen is have at least 1 out of 4 points something aimed towards a PVE / loot / killing zombies aspect or at least any other aspect than killing players. I disagree that this game is PVP ONLY, because it's not.
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    maybe youre right but what can i think when someone sayz ...''spend our money for pve players''??? I dont think anyone wanna give money for someone who play only for free but at the end its a free game!
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    I stopped our premium accts first, giving them a chance to do things different. Im about at the end of my server rental, and the GC I have wont renew it long as I am tired of having to sound like a broken record. After that, I don't see me spending a dime to support a game that no longer cares about the player base. I can play for free and they can support the PVP only crowd out of their own pockets.
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    I personally no longer spend my money on this game
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    developers do not consider PvE players to be serious, so the profits in the game will fall, so I’m supposed to, and I personally don’t spend more time on this game with this ratio
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    And how supose we pve players spend your money dude??? Cuz clearly 7-8 events in 10 is for pvp players always.But if you like yeaaa pls make us a favor and ask them or suggest one or two...
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    It's a vicious circle: it demotivates players to join, if the lobby's aren't filling up fast enough etc. Shrinking the amount of servers should get the pop a bit higher, lobby's fill up faster, more players in less servers instead of them divided over every server and more players will most likely start sticking around because lobby's fill up faster, and more people to play against.
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    @Sven Whomever made this decision to shut you down on your WiP with the reworks is a total @sshat and a jerk!! I thi9nk that whomever did this to you is actually jealous of all the wonderful comments you relieved. You have done WONDERS to bolster the community. It is sad that whomever made the decision clearly does NOT want to see or hear what the players want. Clearly you got nothing but raving reviews about how well you were doing with this little project. It saddens me that it has came to this for you. Please don't give up the fight, we are behind you! I can't even begin to express, because mere words don't do you the justice that you deserve, nor do they even begin to describe, all that you have done. You are true to your word, honest, and fair. You Sir, are a dying breed, and you are AWESOME!!!!
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    I know man don't worry. I know it can change a lot besides the fact that a lot of current icon look like complete *** and a thousand other reasons but not everyone sees it that way. It wasn't just my own time, I'd do it in my own time but even that has 0 point so it kind of sucks. I have to admit that I have spend a couple of "work" hours here and there on this, but then again
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    Old vs. New: vs. vs vs vs
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    I forgot to add majority of players begging for items in trade are vet players. Players who are abusing the good nature of others. Next time you see someone begging, check out the tag by their name before you donate. Very sad to see.
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    Big changes for someone who just is here to beta test; then I read your own endgame. You mentioned wanting to own a game in one of your posts, then mentioned dumping a truck load of money on investing in this one. Seeing how you have spoke to the others who disagree with your vision, I tend to agree with them. You want to change this game so much it won't even feel like the game we came to love. I don't think I want to stick around to see it either. You wanted to see the community come together, it seems they are just not the way you want. If they want to sell the game, or have investers change it this much they should just come out and say it. In the meantime, watch how many you run off. Those vets while noisey, they had been loyal, something you might have enjoyed as part of your investment that can't be bought.
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    Reworked SIG SAUER 556 Icons:
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    Reworked IMI Tar-21 Icons:
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    First of all, I am not a game recruiter, secondly all I can do is tell someone about the game I can't make them play. I have brought people to the game who enjoyed PVP even, but alas the rude and the crude PVP players they encountered ran them off.
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    Although I guess my request will be probably not listened, I ask for 1 official PVE map in Survival. Only 1 map. Lot of people talk of PVP, but I always saw Cliffside PVP map in survival.... EMPTY Be sure a PVE map won't be empty. Try it, you will see.
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    This is my mega base, roughly 6000 building materials placed I was clicking 3 clicks per so thats 18,000 clicks. I was bored as fk... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777308582 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777308582 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1777308154 4hrs of pain, Gotz2Poo
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    4 long hours but first few hours was getting used to the build mechanics.
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    First of all, I have a hypothetical question. If a friend jumps off a 300' cliff, would you just blindly follow? Just because offensive/vulgar/degrading language is in other games does NOT mean that it needs to be or should be in this one. As I stated in my previous comment, I know the logistical nightmare it would be to try to have someone monitor every open server. However, what I did say was can someone, on a ROTATING basis, act as a monitor in the open unlocked servers. I think I even read somewhere (my memory escapes me where I saw it) that a moderator's name would appear in green. It would only take around 3-4 people to survey the different servers just to do a quick check on character names. BTW, Character names are something that can quickly be monitored if a filter were in place to block certain words and/or phrases. I know that both @DNI_Adrian and @Katryna247 have talked about this a lot. @Sven has the right idea. Make improvements to the filter that is already in place. it's disheartening to go in to servers and see the same offensive names over and over. Especially since some names have been reported multiple times. This CAN improve, as @Sven said, add a couple more report categories to encompass the language and character names. These new categories could be monitored more closely. This would greatly reduce the stress that can occur when someone keeps seeing the same behavior repeated by the same names. Here's a thought. Instead of having the system set up to use *** to block flagged words, why not reject the comment in text chat so it doesn't even appear on screen. That system is easily circumvented by using special characters. For someone that has knowledge of the ASCII codes it's even easier. For example ~Ò¿Ó~ I'm watching you. Also using s p a c e s or p.e.r.i.o.d.s between letters is another way to circumvent the current system. As far as bannable offenses, I think the '3 strikes and you're out' rule is a good idea. If a 3 day ban is being laughed off then make it a week for the first offense, a month for the second offense, and perm ban for the third. Yes, I know, there are a lot of people out there that use a VPN. Before they came in to being, it was easy to just do an IP ban. But, since a VPN rotates the IP of a user, this won't work. However, someone that is determined to use such names will be persistent and keep trying. In fact, they will become more blatant in their use of such names since they are upset that you had the audacity to ban them in the first place. I suspect that there are those out there that already have more than one account. (just my personal opinion here). I think that all of us have hit on a workable solution to one of the problems in this game. (No, I'm not going to mention trees or boulders) Have a Nice Day!!!
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    ️ Desion Skinbox GIVEAWAY! This time we are giving away 10 brand new Desion skinboxes! (5 random people can win 2 each) All you have to do is go to https://playnewz.com/giveaway and enter using as many entries as possible! Winners will be drawn on that link and an email will be sent with further info if you win. Good luck!
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    Macros and cheats are for loosers and useless players!!
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    @Sven Whom ever said this is a waste of time is not in their right mind. DON'T STOP!!! KEEP GOING!!!
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    How about this as an option to make everyone happy: Make one server on each PVE and reduce the # of PVP boards. That way, the PVPers get what they want ( a more heavily popped server and PVE players get what they want too! The PVP players can go PVP with others who WANT TO, while PVE players have their own and no longer have to deal with PVP play if they don't choose it. Its actually a win/ win. Plus when the total number of servers is cut the boards will be MORE heavily POPPED so they get what they want as well. How about trying that and see if that cuts down the issues on PVP vs PVE players, plus all modes ( except BR and competition) have something to offer everyone. Less stress for everyone!!
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    This is a joke. Just last night while playing, I came upon a player that was relatively new. I tried to explain to this player how to best kill a super zombie. I sat and watched and he did indeed kill the super. He gathered his loot undisturbed. Then I went to kill a super. This very same player that I tried to have a, as you put it, POSITIVE PLAYER INTERACTION. Just as I was about to kill the super, he swooped in after I expended my ammo, killed the super and stole half of the loot that was dropped right in front of me. I do try to help newer players. Yes, there are a lot that do appreciate the help. I have even outfitted new players with top of the line equipment ie: armor, weapons, ammo, healing items, food, and yes, even vehicles. I don't really care to sit here and have you tell me that I don't try to interact with others in a positive manner. YOU DO NOT KNOW THE PLAYER BASE IN THIS GAME. Also, your theory of pushing players into a finite space, there will be more and more of these types of situations. On top of that, you have a language barrier that you seem to keep forgetting about. This is a GLOBAL game. Not everyone speaks the same language. My best suggestion to you is, instead of coming in here like a bull in a china shop and trying to force your ideology on those of us that have been around for a very long time, try playing the game more and observe. I might be more inclined to listen to what you have to say if you had more time in the game. As it sits now, you have only been in this forum for 11 days. Get some actual in game experience in THIS GAME before you try to dictate the actions of others. NOT ALL GAMES ARE ALIKE. I have no idea what other games you 'helped'. However, I do know that what you are doing here is tearing apart the very thread that holds this game together. I also find it funny that you will not respond to me directly. Why is that? What are you so afraid of? Yes. This may be true. But from what I have seen in your posts is that you are driving it to the end. You say a few nice things here and there, but YOUR endgame seems to be to divide and conquer. You are trying to turn this game into YOUR vision of what you think it's supposed to be. Suck it up buttercup, that's not likely. I agree with this statement to a point. Again, you are trying to force your ideology down our throats. One of the biggest problems with this is the language barrier. You can't change the social mechanics with a group that cannot understand each other. All you do is drive a wedge between the players in this game. I am at a loss of words to address this statement. There is plenty of social interaction. No, not all of it is positive. You have to understand that the social aspect cannot be forced upon people that don't want to interact with people in a game where there are untrustworthy players. By this I mean, someone invites you to a group in PVP. You accept their invitation thinking you made a 'friend'. So you go on 'missions' together. You become complacent and put all your trust into this new 'friend' (in the early days, when you were in a group, the other members of the group could not kill or hurt you.) Then, after you have gathered a nominal amount of high end loot, you find yourself kicked out of the group you became comfortable in, and the person that invited you kills you to take what you worked supposedly together to gather. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THIS ATTITUDE BY DRIVING PLAYERS INTO A SMALLER AREA WITH MIXED GAME MODES. You will only succeed in making this situation worse. Yes, these servers do exist. However, after you have played for a number of hours/days, you lose the access to the tutorial and beginner servers. What you are doing is missing the whole point of PVE. All players of all experience levels can play PVE without fear of being killed by another player. The problem with the tutorial and beginner servers is, the lack of an experienced player to tutor the new players in the mechanics of the game and warn them about some of the pitfalls and negative interactions they may encounter. BTW... just because they have the label of Tutorial and Beginner does not mean that some unscrupulous players won't create a new account just to take advantage of, as they call them, BAMBIES, NOOBS, and a few other names I have seen new players called. NOBODY enters a game knowing every different aspect of what is to come. NOT EVEN YOU. Even though you profess to be the 'best game fixer' ever. If you are that good, START YOUR OWN GAME. Bottom line here is, Yes, we do complain about certain situations and issues with the game. NO GAME IS PERFECT. However, we air our grievances, discuss issues with the developers and admins and get angry. BUT WE ARE STILL HERE!!! All you seem to want to do is condense the population and throw money around. And you will continue to try to change the mechanics of this game. I bet you still haven't done what was suggested and actually look at the list of private servers. Those cost the individuals MONEY. Oh... but wait... you said something about people only wanting to play FREE. POOF... there goes that theory. You also insinuate that there is no respect for the developers and admins working hard to keep this game running and current. When in actuality YOU are the one that is disrespectful by trying to make them change a product that they have worked years creating and maintaining into YOUR vision of what you think this game should be. @Sven, @ElChupacabra, @Fred, @3lias, @Vintorez, @Steve, I hope you are reading everything that has been said in this thread. Have a Nice Day!!!
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    I endorse petition for a PVE official MAP. Regarding that people will stop renting PVE private servers for farm, so means the company will lose money. Don't worry, nothing will change, because people will still want a private PVE server for farm because in the official PVE server they will not find any loot as will be always populated And I will tell you a secret on how the average actual PVE player in Survival works..... You search open PVE private server, If you find in your region (normally there is 1) then happy, If not, search in another region, normally Europe/USA. If no open Survival server anywhere, then.... you try maybe luck in a official one If you feel up to, or CLOSE THE GAME. (I did both depending my mood).
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    I would appreciate if you did NOT assume anything about my Survival play. I have played 35+ days with character 1 and 67+ combined days with the 5 characters. Paying a few hundred dollars renting servers only buys contempt.
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    By trying to force people to only play on ONE MAP, just because you think you are the greatest game tester in the world, the player base will tank. It will cause a mass exodus AWAY from NewZ. You need to stop trying to force your opinion of what a game is supposed to be like down our throats. As many different people there are playing this game, there are the same amount of styles of play. What you are wanting to do is dictate every aspect of this game. I agree with @DNI_Adrian on this point. Stop trying to make us squeeze into one map with different modes. @Sven, I hope you are taking note of this. We have had similar conversations about this very issue. The inherent issues with the game itself is a big enough hurdle to get over. If you go along with forcing people to play on only 1 server, YOU WILL KILL THE GAME. Then, when you only have a few stragglers left, how will you pay the bills? Also @Thisisjoetv, Since you are so 'new' to this forum, you have not witnessed the amount of bullying and whining that the PVP only players have engaged in all in the belief that PVE players need to either change their style of play or QUIT. From the looks of it, it sounds like you are trying to take over this game. Like @DNI_Adrian stated, I will QUIT. As will a lot of other players.
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    There are already 4 Servers on most regions besides EU. Why do you make a poll if you give the oppurtunity to vote for 4 servers, but then you are saying many people think there are to many servers. It doesnt make sense to me. Lets face the fact that this community is small and its already split up in 3 other modes. By adding 4 servers you will have the same thing as it is now and especially having 4 maps is just ridiculous. Lets divide by 3 modes 4 servers and 4 maps. I think having 3 servers with 1 Pve and the other 2 pvp is a great solution. By that you get an overview who is actually farming and who is pvping. The maps should be rotated every 2 weeks, so that everyone gets there satisfaction and have different experiences every 2 weeks when it comes to pvp.
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    Wow... Hostile much? First of all 'buttercup' the ranking of CIVILIAN in the forums does NOT reflect which game mode you play. On here it simply means that you are brand new to the forums. (although I have serious doubts that you truly are new by the way you talk). Looks to me and others that you are simply using a new forum account so you can act like you are new to the game. And, if you want to make reference to someone, use their name. Yes, my name says CampersRUs. That in no way signifies where I play or how I play. For the reasons stated by both @DNI_Adrian and @Katryna247, I refuse to play PVP. I have tried it. I don't like it. And most of all, I detest someone coming in here and demanding that people play against their normal style of gameplay. PERIOD. Everyone here makes their own choices. Nobody is forcing you to even play this game. You are doing it of your own free will. Well, sugarplum, WE choose to play only PVE and will NOT bow down to your bullying to make us do anything different. Some have tried, however, they all ended up in an EPIC FAIL. Sounds like you need to practice what you preach. You are interacting with other HUMAN PLAYERS. DEAL WITH IT.
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