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    Just got to say this and get it off my chest. IF you play and use any cheats, macros, aimlock, lag switch etc. YOU ARE A COWARD! Why do you feel the need to cheat to play a game? I bet it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it? You cheat, you become number one in whatever game you were playing in, you don't get caught, you brag; yeah this makes you a real big person. Why can't you play the game like the rest of us...BY THE RULES? Oh wait, that means you have to actually WORK for your title, rank, and placement. You have to work hard to become good. Things you don't want to do. It's OK it's no skin off my back, your a lazy @$$ coward who is afraid and has to hide behind cheats. No problem, at least I have morals and can sleep good at night with a clean conscious.
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    Hey everyone I’m going to start my own little cup! Here are the updates: Here is all the information you need: There will be 8 teams fighting in K.O. matches. Match times will be made with me and the teamleaders who are going to fight To apply, the leader need to pm me with the following information: 1. Team name 2. Team tag 3. Team leaders name ( for planning ) 4. List of char names that will play (1 player as substitution allowed; no other chars will be allowed) 5. Country Rewards for the teams will be: 1. Team: 4x Chrome box + 24M GD 2. Team: 4x Fun edition box + 16M GD 3. Team: 4x Blacknight box + 8M GD Rules - One match lasts max. 5min o If 5min are over and no team has won, the team with more players alive wins the round o If the same amount of players are still alive, the team with the last kill loses - Each team consists of 4 players: o 1 Shotgun o 3 AR - The match is played on event server map: TDM #1 - There will be best of 3 - Finals and match for 3rd place will be best of 5 - Only players active in the match will be allowed in the same teamspeak channel - There is only 1 Team allowed / each clan - The players who died need to wait to rejoin until the current round is over Weapon and gear allowed: - Shotgun: Saiga, Mossberg, KT Decider, Double Barrel - AR: M4 (no M4A1), M4 Semi, M16, Scar CQC - Attachements: Rifle laser, any scope, any grip, silencer, bullet compensator - Armor: o For AR: Custom, KStyle helmet o For Shotgun: Heavy, KSytle helmet / M Style helmet heavy - Ammo: Stanag 30/45/60, Shotgun ammo - Unlimited ammo, shields, meds EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT LISTED IS NOT ALLOWED Teams that don’t follow the rules will be disqualified
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    Dear Players, It's patch time again! This time a bit smaller patch with some new content and a lot of fixes. We have exciting plans for patch 2.21 but before we started working on that update we wanted to roll out this patch to fix some issues and update some stuff! We would also like to remind you guys that we have created a special dedicated feedback section in our forums where we gather all feedback from you guys. If you have any feedback about the game, please go to http://playnewz.com/feedback and let us know! Now, let's jump into the patch notes: Overall Updates: GENERAL: Updated the Turkish language pack. Added some missing translations. Fixed a bug with the VOIP server. Fixed some UI animation problems. Fixed a vehicle teleportation bug. Fixed a bug causing some people to not be able to join ping limited servers. Improved the overall quality of VOIP. In-game VOIP is much better quality now. Increased the airdrop de-spawn timer from 20 to 30 minutes in every game mode. THE NEW CHAT SYSTEM: Added a Chat System for players. Players are now able to chat with their friends and their created lobby. They can even message friends that are in any game playing. With the aim to a more "beginner friendly" New Z a chat system was/is definitively needed. Please note that we are still developing this chat system and more will come in time during future patches. TIPS SYSTEM: With that same aim to a more "beginner friendly" New Z we have also added a tips system in the loading screens. Players will be able to read random displayed tips while being in the loading screen. These tips are random and we are adding new tips every now and then to make players more aware of different features or things they might not know about in the game! MODELS: Fixed an issue related to the rusty container ship (used in the Oregon map) where players could look through some parts of the model. Fixed a texture issue related to a highway tunnel model. (Example: https://prnt.sc/k8ccjf) Fixed a model issue related to that same highway block model. (Example: https://prnt.sc/k8cctn) (Can no longer look through) Created LODs for the flatbed train trailer model. Optimized the mesh and created a playeronly model for physics. Also fixed an issue where players were able to glitch inside of the model from a certain angle. CHARACTERS: Fixed an issue with the new Shane character where for some reason there was some vertices of the model of the legs not properly rigged. Fixed an issue related to the climber character where there was some materials missing in the game files. VEHICLES: Added a new vehicle called: Tuk Tuk. This vehicle is a transport vehicle for around 3 people and very common in Asia. Items mentioned above might not be released instantly. If you want to stay updated with releases please follow us on our social media channels where we announce the release of new items. Item Updates: ADDITIONS: Added a new muzzle attachment for the snipers: Sniper Flash Hider. This is just like the normal flash hider (for assault rifles) but for snipers. This flash hider does not work for already silenced issues. Added a new muzzle attachment for the sub machine guns: SMG Flash Hider. This is just like a normal flash hider (for assault rifles) but for sub machine guns. This flash hider does not work for already silenced sub machine guns. Added a new muzzle attachment for the pistols: Pistol Flash Hider. This is just like a normal flash hider (for assault rifles) but for pistols. Added a new muzzle attachment for snipers: Sniper Silencer. This is a silencer just for snipers and is bigger in shape than the normal assault rifle silencer. This attachment can't be attached to already silenced snipers. This silencer has its own unique sound. Added a new muzzle attachment for shotguns: Shotgun Silencer. This is a silencer just for shotguns. This attachment can't be attached to the Double Barrel Shotgun. This silencer has it's own unique sound. Added a new armor: Heavy Armor Light. This is a lighter variant of the original heavy armor and is half as good as a normal heavy armor. We are not sure yet how/when this item will be released but it's mainly added for use in the Survival game-mode. Added a new media Riot Shield: Riot Shield Easy Dad. Added a new country Riot Shield: Riot Shield Bangladesh. Items mentioned above might not be released instantly. If you want to stay update with releases please follow us on our social media channels where we announce the release of new items. FIXES: Fixed the Streamer Cap where in the description it says the hat does not offer any protection but the hat actually had a 10% protection. Protection is removed. Fixed the Streamer Cap Black where in the description it says the hat does not offer any protection but the hat actually had a 10% protection. Protection is removed. Fixed the Katana Frozen "auto" sound. It now loops properly when holding down the mouse button to "auto melee". Fixed the VSS Vintorez auto sound. It's actually synced up with the shots now. UPDATES: Updated the description of the Bullet Compensator. This attachment also increases the range of a weapon and that's also mentioned in the description now. Updated the description of the Heavy Barrel. This attachment also increases the range of a weapon and that's also mentioned in the description now. Also added the damage reduction information to the description. Updated the store icon of the flash hider attachment. This is to match the upcoming new barrel attachment icons. Updated the store icon of the pistol silencer attachment. Updated the store icon of the silencer attachment. Updated the sub machine gun muzzle attachment group. Sub machine guns now have their own muzzle attachment group meaning you can no longer attach assault rifle attachments to these weapons. Updated the store icon of the QLB (sniper) to match upcoming and current skin rendered icons. Also updated the Fun Edition one. Updated the stats of the FN FAL back to how they were at patch 2.19. Community didn't like the stats of patch 2.20 so we have decided to revert these changes. Updated the stats of the VSS Compact back to how they were at patch 2.19. Community didn't like the stats of patch 2.20 so we have decided to revert these changes. Lowered the damage of the broom. (melee) Updated the store icon of the VSS Compact. Skin Updates: FIXES: Fixed a texture issue related to the light sword cross rainbow skin where the texture was yellow instead of rainbow. Fixed a texture issue related to the light sword twin rainbow skin where the texture was yellow instead of rainbow. UPDATES: Updated the store icon of the gold skinbox to make it look better and more realistic. Open World Updates: LOOT: The new PKM Ammo (200) Box is now confirmed to be spawning from random airdrops and super zombies. NOTE: Some loot changes mentioned above have been executed already a while ago but for those who missed the announcements we are readdressing it on the next upcoming patch notes. Have any feedback about the loot in the Open World game mode? Let us know here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5379-loot-open-world/ TRADING LOUNGE: Optimized and improved the lights. Changed the type of the lights so they look and act the same but are more optimized giving players more FPS. Lights in the trading lounge now turn off when it gets day time and on when it turns night time. Added a "Disco Barn" to the lounge. Definitively go and check out this barn cause it's hilarious and worth a dance! COLORADO V2: The loot has been fixed. It now is how it was before patch 2.19 rolled out. Highered the terrain distance. Improved the color of the fog. NOTE: Some loot changes mentioned above have been executed already a while ago but for those who missed the announcements we are readdressing it on the next upcoming patch notes. Survival Updates: OVERALL: Fixed the random airdrops sometimes being empty. This shouldn't happen anymore. Fixed an issue related to the alien super zombie. This zombie now drops 2 items instead of 1. Loot should also be better. Enabled group damage in Survival. LOOT: The new PKM Ammo (200) Box is now confirmed to be spawning from random airdrops and super zombies. Buffed the loot from random airdrops in both Oregon and Colorado. Airdrops now drop 6 items instead of 4. Decreased the can of soup item spawn rate. Vehicles are now a bit less common. This is mainly done based on feedback from the community as a lot of people were abusing the vehicles to kill players. In this sense vehicles could be very overpowered. We do plan on adding more countermeasures for vehicles though. NOTE: Some loot changes mentioned above have been executed already a while ago but for those who missed the announcements we are readdressing it on the next upcoming patch notes. Have any feedback about the loot in the Survival game mode? Let us know here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5381-loot-survival/ OREGON: Night time is now darker due to request from the community. It's more scary plus it makes more sense to use NVG's now. Bus stops are not on Oregon anymore as they never were intended to be. When we add more safe zones bus stops will come back but only in safe zones. Alien Super Zombies are now enabled on this map as well just like in Oregon. Battle Royale Updates: OVERALL: Arena is now back as a Battle Royale map. We have reworked and fixed the map and we will enable this map again in the future probably with some kind of event. Attachments now auto-attach in the Battle Royale lobby. Battle Royale's now start with 20 players instead of 30 players. Battle Royale's will now also start faster if a lot of people join faster. Airdrops are now more common in Battle Royale. Have any feedback about the loot in the Battle Royale game mode? Let us know here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5380-loot-battle-royale/ SOLO / GROUP SYSTEM: Players are now able to, when playing solo, only join solo Battle Royales. Solo and Grouping is now split. Players that create a party and join a Battle Royale game will now play to others who are partied up as well separated from the solo players. This has been a huge demand from our Battle Royale community and we hope this can improve the game mode. Extra Information: This patch still has the FAC beta on/off option. This is because we are still finishing up FAC 2.0 and before that's happened we don't want to force players in FAC 2.0 due to a lot of things that could go wrong. If you have any further feedback about the FAC beta option while using it or while not using it let us know at: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5407-performance/ Estimated patch size: 150 mb. Patch ETA: Patch will roll out around 10:00 AM (CEST) at August 2, 2018. Estimated downtime: 30 minutes to 1 hour. Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something. Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers! For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at: http://playnewz.com/feedback To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team
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    Hello Guys So here is a little idea i'd like to discuss with people: You are probably all aware of the Clan Territory System, so right now, there is not really any point to owning many clan points, except for the thrill of fighting or just to be at the top of the leaderboards. We talked in the latest devblog about adding some kind of "buff" while you are in your territory, and what makes sense, is that when you are "at home", that you're safer, so our first idea was to give a little health regeneration, but because everybody has so many meds, it really doesn't make up for the hassle of keeping the point alive, so I came up with this idea: Its basically a little shield, in this case, of 20 HP to be exact. Any damage taken will first take on the shield. So in this example i have 100% hp, plus a 20% shield. If someone deals 25 % damage to me, I will end with 95%, pretty straight-forward. So the main idea is, if you are in a Clan Territory of your current clan, then if you haven't taken any damage for 10 seconds, you will start generating a little shield slowly, to a max or 10 or 20, or something along these lines. This system can be really nice, especially if farming, and you take a hit of a zombie or something, then you won't necessarily be forced to med (heal), also in PVP, this could be a game-changer, as it could possibly save you (Sniper head-shots will still 1-hit!) if you're lucky enough. This is just my idea, really just thought i'd run it through here before, I'm not sure everybody will like this, and if you don't, perhaps you have a better idea instead. XP / GD are kind out of the picture, people already have too much of both //Fred
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    As if not enough the loot is already easy now in survival, they still launch an experimental map where you find many snipers and items. Regretful of what survival has become. In thinking that in the beginning, there were many veresk, p90. Today, there are only sigs, imis, reds, snipers! Please do not let the essence of survival die.
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    We have updates and increased the amount of forum ranks. In case we need more in the future, then we are going to add more but for now I think they should be enogh. Here is a list of available ranks: We also updated our reaction emoticons of threads and posts: We hope you guys like the changes and updates. Feedback is always welcome. Regards, Steve //The New Z Staff
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    Hey Guys. We are coming back to NewZ after a year, looking for some cool dudes, who likes to play and have fun in the game. GOSU Requirements : • Be skilled and experienced in the game. • Age : 18+ (No Exceptions) • Able to play in team • Language : English - Callouts! • Reputation : +100k, -200k (Can be exceptions) • You must be able to bring gear every run (Big GI required) • Activity • Premium account • No multi clanning We can offer : • Discord/TS server • Active people for PvP (soon) • Clan skins (got removed due to inactivity, big chance we get them back, if we make it as it used to be) Format of Application : First name: Age: Location: Timezone: G In-game name(s): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What we should call you in-game and on Teamspeak: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your level of skill in PVP in NewZ? (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest): On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your level of knowledge of NewZ? (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest): On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your Global Inventory in NewZ(1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest): How many guns do you have? How many hours a day do you play NewZ? How many hours played do you have on NewZ? Across all of your characters, how many kills do you have? Are you a friend of anyone already within GOSU? Do you record and edit videos of your gameplay? Post the application below this post or just PM me on forum. Hope to see you soon, Regards, aMmik.
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    Dear Community, We have now added a new "International Section" in our forums. The main reason for this is to have a place for those speaking a non-English language. We felt there is a lot of players that are not on our forums simply because they do not speak English. To meet their demand we have created an international forum section with the most popular languages. (of players who play our game) We hope this is a step in the right direction to get our forums more attractive to players. Have a nice weekend! Best Regards, Sven
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    1. Every team across the world are allowed to join this tournament. 2. Limit of 16 teams. 3. Knock-out tournament system (direct eliminations) 1/16 -> 1/8 -> 1/4 -> 3rd/4th -> final 4. Best of 5 system in every game. 5. We are announcing a new time system which will make rounds last 5 minutes like in previous tournaments but this time we will add something new, if at the game at last 10 seconds of match (4:50-5:00) anyone got killed there will be extra 30 seconds added to the timer and now it lasts 5:30 but it only works one-time next kill which will be at 5:20-5:30 wont lenghten the match. - 4 AR (sig / imitar / aug) + 1 SNP (mauser / svd / blaser + b93r) - Stanag 30 only - 5x riots - Bandages dx only - Custom + k.style - Attachments allowed (expect flashlights) - Bada booms and frag grenades are not allowed. - Flashes and smokes allowed (max 2 - for example: 1x flash + 1x smoke / 2x smoke / 2x flash) - The match starts after Air Horn then players can move and shoot. - The winner is the team with the most players alive or the team that kills the entire enemy team. - You cannot boost yourself with shields over a fence. - Lagging will not be tolerated. We let every countries play but only if you have stable connection. If your connection is unstable, you will be kicked from the match. Each team that gets eliminated in the 1/8 finals will get 1,000,000 GD Each team that gets eliminated in the 1/4 finals will get a MYSTERY BOX The 3rd of the tournament will get a MYSTERY BOX + 5,000,000 GD The 2nd of the tournament will get a 3x MYSTERY BOX + 10,000,000 GD The winner of the tournament will get a 5x MYSTERY BOX + 20,000,000 GD and hug from Gibelin 1. Every match will take place on European Server. You have to deal with a high ping. 2. If we see that one of your players is lagging during the match, you have two possibilities and 3 mins for that. * You will be able to replace him with one of your reserve players. After the 3 minutes, (with or without your reserve player) the match will start again. * You will be able to finish the match in 4vs5 without lagger 3. Every match will be controled by a referee. The referee is neutral, he is just here to check if everything goes well and if every team follow the rules. He is also here to check if the players are not lagging. He is the only person that can take a decision about that. 4. Every complaint about a match will be assigned to referees. 5. Keep in mind that there is a limit of 16 teams, which means that as long we have 16 teams registered, means your team will be added to a waiting list. If a team doesnt get accepted or disqualified, your team could potentially join the tournament. 6. A player cannot play for more than one team, even if in different accounts. If this happens, the teams involved will be disqualified. 7. Every team MUST use our TeamSpeak 3 Server to communicate. Detailed informations will be provided to the leader of the team. 8. Every game will be set on our timezone (CEST) https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/cest
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    +1 allways loved the v1 more than v2
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    Yeees please! This is what all the people I talk to want aswell.. Would be so nice if we could get this back ! ++1 for V1
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    Could we please have Colorado V1 instead of Colorado v2 in survival? It has already been 5 years since we started playing on V2. All of the people i asked, they all want it to be instead of V2. Please make a poll about it.
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    Team: HIGH & HungryCountry: Germany / France / RussiaContact: Just text me at Steam, you got me there.Squad: TETSU KUN, SKILLERFREAK, GENETICZZ, FLOWZ, JUIFARRESERVES: DYNESS, Prodeuca, Hentai, Grumpy, Mysta, Skrapy
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    We have beginner servers again, that helps I also suggested on various occasions: - some sort of tutorial or at least quests for beginners to get used to everything - different loading screens with more info for beginners (like the keyboard one) - partner programs, you can invite friends to play newZ, help them learn and both sides are rewarded for that - other objectives in the game outside of pvp, making pve fun for people.. not everybody is good enough/willing to run arround with 10 man clans - penalties for killing/abusing civilians/beginners
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    Eh, hardcore survival with no GI would die out pretty fast.. unless there's like a leaderboard with prizes and shit idk, but still I don't think it would be as fun as if there were a GI to stash your loot. I've already suggested a Hardcore Survival Mode with rare loot (specially high tier gear), Colorado v1/v2/California 2 servers of each, harder and extensive skill tree (this alone will give players something to do for weeks, maybe more). But in the end it's all about the loot, manage it well and you'll have a great mode to entertain players. Yes it will take some work to sort the loot tables and all that, but I think it's worth it.
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    Dear fellow community Maybe I'm wrong, but the boats in oregon cannot be used for a sea drive with some girls and champagne? I think would be cool to use some of those abandoned boats for a drive just that Thanks & Best Regards
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    Hey, I will check all the applications asap, you can expect answers around todays evening.
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    Damn really like the effort you put into these. If you want my honest opinion? They are kind of "simple" but hey, you know what: why not have some more "simple" skins in the game for GD? I'll work on this! Thanks once again! Best Regards, Sven
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    Then make them atleast wearable? cuz k.style is the only META in this game, no other helmets are being used unless its a bambi who doesnt know how to pvp ._. all armors besides the guerilla and heavy are useless.
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    Perhaps the masks could offer more damage done while wearing, but offer less protection than helmets. Also you could possibly make the masks more rare?
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    I will NOT give up fighting for the rights of the PVE players.
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    Nice event... that is IF you play PVP. Why nothing for PVE players?
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    Why would you NOT want loadouts? When you die, do you really want to click the same old gear buttons EVERY time? Some of us die a LOT. (me)
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    So here are the screenshots. Varo : https://imgur.com/FEcImzz When spawn within red area, you are always in a crowd of zombies. before 2.19 they all was inside Varo. At NAto Airbase is same. See here: https://imgur.com/5oRz6vY and https://imgur.com/diYDjuw So now i take the partybus https://imgur.com/Z6jfhz8 and do warmup party in lounge https://imgur.com/WYfMn0U PS: About Zombies, they can walk through nearly everything now, tanks, containers, walls, fences and so on, can you check it please?
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    Vehicles are now a bit less common. This is mainly done based on feedback from the community as a lot of people were abusing the vehicles to kill players. In this sense vehicles could be very overpowered. We do plan on adding more countermeasures for vehicles though. Since when was vehicle a problem? just hide behind a tree and empty your CMAG on it. Wasting time running accross the map IS the problem. OREGON: Bus stops are not on Oregon anymore as they never were intended to be. When we add more safe zones bus stops will come back but only in safe zones. I'm pretty done with this game now, good job How many good people have left so far? all the traders like rdk, NOVA, then it was insejn, preczdato, willwisp. Then all the bixas like paranoid, juli, sunshine, trophiaz and many otheres. then the french people like maitro, jinsang, trolli, pitshu, timal and nowmore recently surzeus) You successfully KILLED this mod and made the game worse, are you happy? Please tell me coz now it's my turn. I have ~20 snipers, pm me for trading
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    Servers are currently going down for patch 2.20 For more information: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5544-patch-220/ Downtime will be around 30 minutes to 1 hour max.
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    Less vehicles and no bus stops on Oregon? On a huge map thats already hard to navigate with low populations in its current state? RIP Oregon survival... if you think the populations are low now this is going to kill it, especially those looking for action.
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    And on the 7th. day He rested, But we gonna kill Zombies ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.19 out, Drops Activated, Some BR and other info Come Get Some !!! @infestationnewz @StreamElements @StreamersCon @TwitchTV_ @Lachhh @ZoneGG @fredaikis
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    Great suggestions! I'll definitively keep these in mind when making the upcoming Halloween stuff. Also, just a tip: upload the images to https://imgur.com/ and you can then copy-paste the direct link and they will embed in your post. This way people can see your screenshots in the post instead of having to click on each printscreen link. Just a tip! Keep it up! Have a nice evening. Best Regards, Sven
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    Dear Community. Today is Friday and guess what? It's time for the weekend event! Let's jump into it: START: July 20th, 2018 12:00 PM (CEST) END: July 23th, 2018 12:00 PM (CEST) ✦ Double XP Event: You will get the double amount of XP by killing Zombies and Players. (In all game-modes) ✦ "Find me" Event: You can find GD Skinboxes from Normal and Alien Super Zombies. (Survival & Open World) ✦ Speedy Gonzales Event: There will be a double speed event on one of the PVP Servers. This means everyone will be able to run twice as fast. ✦ 25% EXTRA from the 20€ Package. Go to https://playnewz.com/buygc.php to use the discount. Have a nice weekend!
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    Yeah I am still waiting as well....
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    We actually want them, just less. Don't plan to run accros the hwole map all the fucking time
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    @SVEN and @Fred make the game better and try to fix all problems quickly. Really respect for this from all New Z community! Best regards guys! all 3 years we with this game!
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    i recently made a post about this game i said... 'This game will die soon if you don't give us the good loot back on premium. What the fk isthe point in paying premium for really sh1t loot? The loot is now worse than Runescape boss drops....maybe i'll just pay them for their shtty cosmetic overrides instead. Sort it out or your game will die and George Romero will roll in his grave thinking that you self loving i love myself in the mirror f4gs ruined his game.' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firstly i apologise for saying 'f4gs'. I was frustrated and bored at the really bad loot i was getting on premium servers , but now it seems you made it far better. It is different than before but better than it was when i complained. Thankyou for being patient and not losing it. I love this game more now because you actually read what i put and did something about it. I respect you alot for that.
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    Don't worry. Glad it's fixed and that I could help out! Have a nice weekend. Best Regards, Sven
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    Loooool how u can do this developers really ? How u can make a update like that's ? THE NEW Z IS NOT A BETA GAME ! STOP TESTED EVERYTHING JUST STOP DOING SHIT and make a good job or all ur community will leave. 25 times i tryed to logged on game ! IMPOSSIBLE Just go work in macdonald
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    Very nice initiative. Good luck with everything! Best Regards, Sven
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    I love this type of initiatives for the community! If you need any help in your event, do not hesitate to send me a private message, I will be happy to help you
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    I agree We need Clan System on Survival Mode
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    Hey! I have to say. I completely agree. This is also why we have discussed this in today's meeting. For now this is what we came up with: Better punishments aka not just bans but also other ways of punishing players for example restricting X player from playing Battle Royale's for X amount of time. With the better punishments give players the possibility to report other players again through the tab-list. On top of that we are planning on doing: Dynamic servers for Battle Royale just like we have already in place everywhere else. (Basically finish the system so that we can also change the Battle Royale maps live when ever we want so that we can do events etc) Change the Battle Royale join buttons to "Solo" and "Team". This + the dynamic servers will allow us to have any map as solo only map, or as a team map and we will be able to change that all live so in case there is something not well-received we can revert or change it again. In my personal opinion I think it's important players are able to play either solo or group mode in Battle Royale so that the ones that want to play solo don't have to face these groups. All this completely stand-alone from the fact that there is, and will still be players grouping. Therefor the first 2 points. We hope we can shift this in the right direction. Best Regards, Sven
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    Exactly Campers!! I think sometimes they completely either forget or ignore the PVE players! This is NOT how you convince us to play PVP either by the way.... just sayin...
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    I hope the loot is gonna be decent now again =D
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    2 Airdrops per Game Change the loot , its bored to play all time m4 , m16 , scar and G36 Like 5% chance to find dx , custom or k-style
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    It should be fixed / live by now!
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    +1 the loot is OP, and I think the drop rate of rare items is too high for survival mode
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    Dear Community, Hereby a so called "Cheat Sheet" where you guys have all the information possibly needed to advertise our game in one simple place. We feel it's needed and with this template we hope to give you guys one simple place to have all the data for New Z needed to help us advertise the game. It's extremely important you guys have the correct information and resources available and a thread like this with all the information in one place is definitively going to help out. So, let's jump straight into it. Keep in mind this thread might get updated with even more stuff from time to time. General Information We will refer to the information below through out the entire template. Feel free to copy-paste these texts anywhere you want / need: VERY SHORT SUMMARY OF THE GAME: SHORT SUMMARY OF THE GAME: NEW Z SOCIAL LINKS: DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THE NEW Z TRAILER & VIDEOS: OFFICIAL LOGO'S: ADDITIONAL GRAPHICS: Becoming a partner Want to do a little extra and get officially recognized? Become a Fredaikis partner! This partnership program is aimed to benefit both parties. While the content creators help us advertising the game in a natural way, it also gives them the chance of being a recognizable part of the community, which helps them grow while also being rewarded for their effort and time. The goal of the partnership program is to promote and advertise our games and at the same time have a dedicated partnered group of content creators that can interact with their community in order to get more feedback, which will help us keep improving our games. Fredaikis partners are in direct contact with the Fredaikis Staff team allowing them to directly report problems, ideas and other types of feedback to keep our games in the best shape possible. Fredaikis partners are officially recognized by Fredaikis where the partners have perks which can make them more than "just content creators". We appreciate all content creators advertising and playing our game and we'd like to give the ones that want to do a little bit extra something in return. For more information: https://playnewz.com/partners.php Complaints and Support Have a complaint? Need direct contact with us? You guys should be able to get in contact with us instantly if there is an issue. We think it's very important to be in direct contact with our partners. Just to make it as easy as possible for you guys to contact us here is all the information: PUBLIC INFO: (If a follower of yours asks how to get in contact with us) We hope this "Cheat Sheet" helps out! Keep in mind that we will keep adding stuff to this thread so make sure to re-check it from time to time! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team