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    Dear Community, Time for another one! This time we have epic stuff happening in Battle Royale with Battle Royale Madness, we have loot events for both Survival and Open World, Lounge PVP map is back in the PVP Servers section with instant reload and we are doing a discount on the 2500 GC package! Enjoy! Oh yeah, and for those wondering we have a HUGE patch coming up with HUGE new features including an account level system, a season pass system, survival resource gathering system and A LOT more. This is all coming very soon as we are currently in the final stage of testing. Stay tuned for this! For this weekend event we'll have it live the following period of time: START: September 27, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) END: September 30, 2019 12:00 PM (CEST) Now, let's jump into further details about this weekend's weekend event: Loot Event! Since this particular time we couldn't come up that would affect both Open World and Survival at the same time, we have split this point in 2: Survival: We have noticed it's very hard for people to get their hands on the new "Juggernaut Armor". So, this weekend only we have made it easier to get the armor (parts). This means the "Become a Juggernaut!" contract is now more common, the Juggernaut Spikes & Head case are now a lot more common from dropping from normal Super Zombies, the Juggernaut Body piece now also drops from normal Super Zombies and chances for it on the Alien Super Zombie have been increased. Also, to juice this all up the unique Juggernaut Armor / Helmet skin now has a super small chance of being dropped by a normal super zombie. Note: We are still going to give everyone these 2 skin recipes that manages to get their hands on the ultimate versions of both the armor or the helmet, but this will be an extra way (this weekend only) to get one or two! For more information about that reward and the juggernaut armor itself please read: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/8255-patch-237/ Open World: Vehicle spawners are back! You can now get the original vehicle spawner items again but only from normal Super Zombies. Vehicle spawners are the items you can use to spawn in a vehicle. Note: You can only use these vehicle spawners on private servers. Now, you might wonder why add this in the official servers when you can only use this in private servers? 1) loot is global so also in private servers, we can't separate it; i guess nice to farm for the weekend. 2) we are on our way fully introducing vehicles back in the game, of course balancing here is our prioritization. We would like to see where this leads us. Battle Royale Madness! For this weekend event only, we'd like to try something new in the Battle Royale game-mode. Loot has been changed completely! Just some examples: Heavy Armors, K. Style Helmets, VSS's, Snipers, Riot Shields, everything spawns! Also we have enabled double speed to make this even MORE MADNESS! If you have any further madness related to the BR loot, please let us know as we can still add even more items to the loot tables LIVE, during the Weekend Event! Just let us know your ideas in the comments! Lounge PVP Map + Instant Reload The Lounge PVP map is back in the PVP Servers section. This time we have also enabled the instant reload feature for this PVP map! This means that you won't have to reload any weapon! Enjoy! Xsolla Sale: 20% discount on the 2500 GC package. This weekend only there will be a 20% discount on the 2500 GC package only through Xsolla on our website at: https://playnewz.com/buygc.php ROUTINE: Battle Royale Map Rotation As always, the main and only Battle Royale map will be changed. This time we are changing over from Arizona to Arena. Note: We change the map rotation in the Battle Royale game-mode every week due to the low(er) amount of players playing Battle Royale. If you have any suggestions, ideas or feedback please let us know at http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5388-maps-battle-royale/ SALE: Invisible Backpack Skin + Mystery Skinbox Sale This time we are doing a big sale on the invisible backpack skins and we are doing a 20% discount on the Mystery Skinbox. Note: This sale is a weekly one so has already started before the weekend event and will not have the same start-end times as the weekend event. Please let us know what you think of this weekend event so that we can use that feedback in the future for new weekend events! If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to share that as well as we might be able to use your idea for upcoming weekend events! If you experience any type of issue(s) with the game please contact us through social media or create a support ticket athttps://playnewz.com/support.php/ For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback If you'd like to share suggestions and ideas you have for the game please let us know at: https://suggest.playnewz.com/ To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Have a nice weekend! // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
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    Trying it won't hurt anyone. If it doesn't work, swap it back on. not that hard of a deal. The Launcher can't get the game's information 'Failed to download game info!' so it appears to be a problem that something is blocking the connection. So these tips I posted might help
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    Seems that the events are slipping back to be only beneficial to the PVP, BR players. Once again, nothing for the PVE side. I thought it was discussed and decided that we would see an equal amount of benefits. I guess I also misunderstood that any 'sales' including GC sales were not to be one of the 4 main parts of events. Looks like we were wrong. I guess it was just an empty promise to quiet us down for a bit. Sad. Lack of benefit for PVE, Poor to no response to posts made. Always 'too busy'. tsk tsk tsk.
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    Salve galera blz....pessoal que está tendo dificuldades com o AUDIO depois da atualização do WIN10 onde você só esculta o tiro quando você olha para a direção onde o atirador está, fiz um tutorial de como corrigir.... espero que ajude.... abraços... (Colaboração do nosso amigo Paulo Henrique vulgo plx) - Link do Tutorial www.playextreme.com.br/tt/audio.pdf
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    only the people addicted to infestation are playing the newz at the moment, the game is not friendly for new players because of the skill gap so its just the matter of time when the game will be dead
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    Terrain settings are server-sided and I changed them for the upcoming patch. You can fix it for you right now by changing the overall setting higher or just the terrain quality.
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    These servers are running as my private ones. They went out of time, I forgot to check them, Sorry.
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    Easier to farm up the skill tree? Are you joking? If you have a standard account, as most do, you only gain 5xp per zombie kill. Double that is 10xp. Hardly enough to warrant taking a chance since there are still NO FREE PVE SURVIVAL SERVERS.
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    Hello, No events for open world? Disappointed ... In full seasson pass and more ... Really not top like event for weekend.
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    No idea, been busy. I'll check tomorrow for other remaining posts more in depth. Sorry. Thanks for the report. I'll see what's going on there. You too!
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    I have been vociferous in my contestations that NewZ was going to run into problems down the line as early as late 2017, most said I was crazy trying to implement change for a game that "has its ways". Roll on end of 2019 and "the way" is clearly the wrong way as with calling a spade a spade the game is dying and it is due to a myriad of reasons the Dev team seem to overlook or just frankly don't give a toss about. I support the call that the game is a sniper cesspit of shoot and miss toxicity with no chance of diversity, if you don't like sniper play you are out of luck as killing other players is just pot luck or perfect ambush. AR's, Combat rifles (FN FAL) and DMR's have little purpose and even in their optimal environments they are still easily beaten by snipers. To address this point I will start of pointing out how broken the dynamic is with Sniper vs Non sniper duals. The game is almost fully optimised for sniper game play, quick scoping is faster than aiming down sight with a PDW/SMG or handgun, the quickscope hit register is broken ie: complete misses are headshots to the game code and snipers can exploit no clipping when close to a wall or shield or another player, AR's or basically any gun not a sniper you can't jumpshot unless in first person and in first person you have to expose yourself fully leaving you open to a quickscope, as above AR's/other guns clip out when to close to walls, shields, players etc. Also as above the aim down sight for other guns is far slower than snipers quick scoping and there is just no feasible outcome where that is true, snipers with 8x optics can aim faster than a RDS/IS sighted automatic or handgun, sure thing. I have used the analogy if it feels fake and plays fake, the fakeness will drive people away, creating a game where other guns are completely and utterly over match in every circumstance is going to kill player base. 2019 I was right, the game is on life support fueled by micro transactions. Anyways been in a group with Svena for some time discussing ideas to improve the general balance in the game and how it is tailored to sniper only gameplay, just some of the points that came up. Suggestions: 1) Jumpshot and quickscope should not be exclusive to Snipers, it has to be the same for other guns, third person jump shooting must be universally allowed to make it fair. If you are using a non sniper to jumpshot you need to go first person and that requires you being exposed while snipers can no clip through shields, walls and even other players when to close. 2) PDW/SMGs should be highly effective at close ranges with a vast array of damage, fire rate and time to reload. For example a Bizon should be slower to reload due to its cartridge magazine design, the MP5 is the best balance between rate of fire, damage and reload times, The Thompson should have highest damage as it uses a .44 caliber round. All PDW's due to their compact nature should have the fastest time to aim and the lowest effect on player mobility. 3) Assault rifles and Carbines, right now it is just a bore, all have the same damage and the other stats are the same. There needs to be a massive difference in all from rate of fire, hit damage, time to aim, reload times. The Russian based AR's should generally have more stopping power but have lower rate of fire and slower bullet velocity while the NATO STANAG 5.56 rounds are high velocity high penetration rounds should have faster bullet velocity but lowered damages. The FN FAL should be classified a Combat Rifle making it the highest damage and best Automatic up to medium + distances eg: 200-250m, it should be allowed full AR attachments and it has a under and side rail so it should be allowed a grip and laser, the damage should be around 40 inside decay and a minimum damage around 29 over decay which should be around 200m 4) DMR's, DMRs or Sniper support marksmen rifles are hybrid high caliber rifles, they use 7.62x42 or .308 rounds, they are just semi automatic weapons. They should have medium to high distance efficiency with guaranteed two tap to the head kills, their rate of fire is to low as well as their damages, they should be around 55-60 damage a shot and a fire rate closer to the FN FAL, just no full auto. 5) Crossbows and Mosins have no purpose, both have to low damage and no value to be used. A mosin should be a low level sniper which can one shot to the head to offset the slow time between shots. The Crossbow should do around 120 damage with bleeding, that will be a head shot kill and leave a player low life with a body shot and bleeding for a while which slowly drains life and hinders mobility, the slow reload and the low range makes it a ambush weapon but could be a really useful one in the right circumstances. 6) For handguns the Anaconda and Deagle should be buffed, they should do 50+ damage to offset the recoil. 7) Automatic weapons spread issue, the current idea doesn't work, the spray makes very little sense the skill should be recoil management. Armorless players damage resistance penalties for all gun types. No helmet players receive 25% more damage and no body armor is 15% more damage. This will mean for non snipers DMR's should be one shots, Combat rifles (FAL) 2 shots and AR/Carbine/PDW's should be 3-4 shots to kill. Body shots should be 2 to kill for DMR's, 3-4 for Combat rifles and high damage assault rifles and carbines and around 5-6 for lower damage carbines and handguns. 9) Weapon and load out weight should hinder mobility, 50 Cals for instance should slow a player down due to weight while lighter weapons have less penalty. 10) 50 caliber snipers should be high velocity, low drop highest damage weapons but the guns and ammo should be rare, this is followed by the .338 which the AWP should be as well, these guns must be hard to get and ammo even harder. .308 and 7.62's should be less rare but still hard to find guns and ammo. Silenced snipers hsould be very hard to get 11) VSS needs to be reworked, it is OP as f..k, the worst adaptation of a VSS in a game so far, based on no reality at all. PUBG and Armor have the best versions of th e VSS. It can have a faster fire rate but much lower damage and bullet velocity needs to be low, it has a muzzle velocity of 220m/s using a sub sonic round, it is a ambush weapon not a range weapon, hitting someone at 200m should be very hard and with a 10 mag bullets run out fast because it is a automatic. 12) New Ammo types, ie: Stanag 5.56 high velocity rounds for faster bullet velocity and greater chance of hits, but slightly lowered damage, AS Val and VSS should get a SP6 heavy bullet magazine for more damage but lower velocity decreased range and affects drop rate. 50 cal tungsten tipped round for Instant 1 hit kills but very very hard to find due to that fact. 7.62x49 sub sonic rounds for the OTS SVU and lastly a steel tip 7.62x39 for all russian designed guns, upped damage but lowered velocity. 13) Lastly the decay issue, no guns should do 0 damage at any range, I suggest Battlefields model where a gun has a effective range up to say 80m, inside that range you do max damage, after 80m say a 15% reduction in damage eg: M4A1 does 26 damage up to 80m after 80m it should do around 19 damage regardless of range.
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    WTF 17K VSS LMAO, who is having this GI
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    Yeahhh , i miss so much the old newz , pvp in openworld with AR
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    My words. You've spoken me out of my soul. We need a change.
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    have you ever seen a riot shield in survival mode? NOT (Sniper Rifle) Is it necessary to play 1 full year to find? And after finding you who spent 1 year looking for you want to risk losing using and having a cardiac arrest with every step you take in front of you? Have you a beginner found your rifle yet? NOT Are you playing survival really satisfied with the lack of these items? We are not asking to make it extremely easy to purchase these items, but let's see how many times have you seen someone using? none ? so there's something wrong in the right game? Another problem of this game mode is the amount of (Sub Machine Guns) that is very easy to find, this type of weaponry is appearing a lot and in almost no amount to walk without tripping over such a weapon. Defense system for those who play with good-side patents, the punishment for a player with a positive rank + who kills another with a positive rank must be a greater loss of points, that player with a positive rank who is targeted and not killed if retaliate after being hit by another player with positive rank + should not lose reputation points by striking back and killing the shooter. Remembering that administrators will only give importance to topics with a high number of likes, if you agree with the content of that force and leave your like.
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    i think the xp for the seasonpass needs still a increase, its better now but still to hard for guys which have a real life. I farmed 5 hours today and got 6,5k xp, so when i play every day 5 hours i can not reach the goal to get 300.000 xp. ( I farmed on 2 private servers, only to get the xp)
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    @Sven Nice patch. I especially like the Prestige aspect. I only played for a limited time today, but I'm already a few points away from level 5. At first I was going to suggest that those of us that have been in the game a while get added experience to boost our levels. But, after playing a while, I decided that having everybody starting at the beginning is best. With this added aspect I now have a renewed enthusiasm for playing. Thanks for that. Keep up the great work!!!
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    Well, like I mentioned, good thing is that zombie kills are not the only thing that count, also: - Play time - Player kills - Wins in both Battle Royale and Competitive ^ all of these give more XP than just killing zombies. Either way, I just wanted to point that out since you only compare the zombie kills as factor.' Thanks for the feedback!
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    ok so i have been testing the season pass for a couple of hours now. the XP needed are certainly too high / the XP you get for kills (Zombies/SZ/AZ/Players) is too low. Of course its supposed to be a challenge but you need 300k Zombie kills. I have about 470k on my account and been playing for years. so hmm..
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    Glorious 60 fps :pepega:
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    Game feels like its become a huge gimmick/money grab to an extent. Not to hate, but I have been playing ISS emulators for a long time. ISS since it came out in beta. This game since it came out originally as an EMU. This game has seen better days and it makes me sad to see monetization drive it into the ground. I used to have so much passion for this game, and it's been utterly lost.
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    lets test it out
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    Well @Sven, @Fred, @ElChupacabra I had to put in a support ticket, and once again the 'support staff' fell short! The response time listed was 1 hour and 28 min. BUT 6 hours later STILL NO RESPONSE! Today as I write this it has been over 24 hours with NO response! This is a continual issue with 'support'. This is also not the first time I have made it known about the SERIOUS lack of a timely response by 'support! They list a time they will reply and yet they NEVER keep their word! Honestly, if they cant commit to the time frame they list, WHY give a time in the first place! PS: @Sven My frustration in this matter is not directed at you by any means. You have done a great job of the weekend events and other small things that you do, as well as you actually listen to the players, and for this I thank you!!!
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    I am addressing this to the following admins/developers. @Fred, @3lias, @Steve, @ElChupacabra, @Sven Ok... this is beyond ridiculous. I was just playing and got the chance to kill an Alien Zombie. I about fell out of my chair when, after killing it, I found this loot. 1 SVD, 1 AMR2, 1 M107, 1 Thompson MK-2 and 4 HEAVY ARMOR!!! Am I the only one to see a problem with this loot drop? This is what I have been trying to get you to change so we can acquire a better class of loot from the second highest, second hardest zombie to kill. The fact of it dropping 4 heavy armor is disgusting. Most especially since heavy armor is plentiful all over any map you go on. My frustration level is growing due to the lack of attention this issue has gotten. @Fred, @3lias, this is a bad reflection on you both due to the fact that you are the top 2 admins.
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    Hello, I have been playing this game for over 8 years now though out all of the old and new owners and 3 to 5 different game names and 10,s of thousands of dollars of my hard earned money on skins and drops and servers I have spent in those years lets not mention the thousands of thousands of hours I have given of my time... I know more about this game then most if not all of your dev and that is said with no disrespect meant. I can not believe that Infestations would even consider that wiping would help the problems that Infestations is having.. Thats not even close to what Infestations needs. if you do that you lose me for good I have written Infestations on many occasions and never received a reply back to tell you of problems some serious and some not so serious but no reply The one thing I can say is I do appreciate all the things that Infestations tries to do but you are going the wrong way and doing the things the wrong way I will make you a deal you get a hold of me and at no cost to Infestations I will fill you in on what you should be doing on area 69 in Oregon and why players have been leaving the game and what it will take to gain our players back and newer players to stay I sure hope you take this seriously I LOVE THIS GAME please stop this land slide before its to late this game is and should be one of the best games to play we are not that far away to fix this crap please lets talk thankyou.....( ruaskinsfan )
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    The mode is SURVIVER. If you want a jump sniper fest go to OW. If the items are easy to get like OW, why we have two diferent modes? And if you even note, NO ONES COME TO YOUR TOPIC AND SAY "good idea bro", just two guys saying, "you are wrong, plz don't wast the everyone time".
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    This is your second post. I report with spaw. Help you or the game? If you are noob player, making the items more easy to find no makes difference. Just will be destroyed the objective of the survivor mode.
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    Generally speaking I'd like to see camo variants for basically any item. Same pattern etc. Would be cool? Thanks for sharing the idea!
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    Basically the rare items from Super Zombies (both Open World and Survival) have been doubled, technically speaking making the rare items twice as common. Thanks for your feedback!
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    many people are playing here only pvp / others only tradeing on discord survival loot / and some just only looting 1 woodshield barricades should be available as loot because its a rly annoying when 5 noobs just only camp some locations 2 zombies should drop some symbolic gd... like 4-14 gd 3 gd should be tradable in survival (but not gd from open world) - this will prevent many problems of scum (open world - survival) 4 the alien contract should give much more xp and 10x dx and 10x riot or change to kill 50 alien for a random sniper rifle? not 3x dx and 2 ar +1500xp ... because its a joke look for the reward for 20 super zombies and reward for 20 alien zombies... drama 5 craft...80% of the stuff is not worth doing i think if u change it then pvpers / traders / looters will be more satisfied By changing the alien contract like this, many people will not prolong private servers
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    It's easy as 1,2,3. 1) Click the current avatar, (or lack thereof). 2) Click on account in the dropdown box. 3) Scroll down till you see the option to change the pic. Upload a picture from your computer and VIOLA!!! BTW... how you like my new avatar?
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    Good ideas. Instead of wipe, add some more unique pve content, you won't have in GlobalWorld. Developers mentioned they could dynamically change things like weapon or movement characteristics - why not add huge anomaly zones where firearms won't work? With melee only, for the sake of safe looting, and melee fun?
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    We have a loot of suggestions. Please answer someones for the discussion be more concentrated. Thks
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    Looks interesting I will check it out but you may not like my posts lol
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    We have been over this point a bunch of times. The bottom line here is NO WIPES! PERIOD! There was a wipe a while back. All it accomplished was to drive players away. This has been discussed at length and the majority agreed and so did the Devs. There will be no more wipes. If a wipe happens, say good bye to more than half the player base. Let me remind you …. THIS IS NOT W0W!!! THIS IS INFESTATION: THE NEWZ.
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    This alone would not be enough to get people in Survival, thats the problem. We need a new REAL Survival Mode with Shields, Gamedollar & the loottable from Infestation Survivor Strories. You postet very good things on your Topic, you dont think that a new Gamemode with this idea´s have more chance to get players than a small wipe in Survival? I know the problem that people not liking to start everytime from the beginning, but the devs could reduce the XP for Hardened and give the old players a weapons package or rare items for their old account. Infestation Thailand has shown 3 times that people start this game from beginning and they have always failed because of dupers or because of the cheaters, this things are no problem for the NewZ Dev´s, You guys can make it happen that the game gets over 5k players again, the only thing you have to do is you have to dare.
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    Agree with that. U have to do somethin' with survival but if u will wipe it most of the players will stop playing it completly. Only fresh players may want some wipe but they are like 5% of the game population. I know u want more players there but by wiping it u'll simply kill survival mode. They are some ppl who were playing it for really long time and they were collecting items for something. Wipe won't bring back old players. Oh.. maybe only some crying bambi that will play for a week and leave the game.
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    Well, it is literally impossible to please every single person in the world at the same time. But changes in a case like you've suggested are always good, as it may bring more for players in general.
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    Those are the requirements for Open World! ~ Don't apply unless you fit all of the requirements ~ ~> Requirements <~ - 350 000 OR + 150 000 Minimum KDR 2.00 Minimum Rank Gold 1 Teamwork! Filled GI! English knowledge! Be active! No loot whoring! No Multiclanning! Be at least 16 years old! You can apply by clicking the Button below! Application If you have any Questions ---> PM me!!
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    Yes, I understand the idea, but it should also be some value in finding a heavy armor compared to a light. Either we should address rarity of items or that they have different properties.
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    We need a CHANGE. This is unacceptable IMO
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    You know that is just a part of the weekend event, just to yolo and have fun, these changes won't stay. So jst give everyone the same chance.
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