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  2. This will surely help my daily masturbation ritual a lot. Thanks!
  3. You can also find players and clans on Discord.
  4. If you suspect a player that is abusing a rapid fire macro make a small video clip of this and upload it so we can review it without evidence little can be done.
  5. Fred

    Crawling problem

    Have you been able to do it in TUC?
  6. Have you been able to reproduce it in the TUC client?
  7. This was fixed recently
  8. Fred

    Perma Glider Bug

    Glider was reworked in TUC, this is no longer possible
  9. This happens because it needs to recapture the light environment to be able to display reflections. Seems like i'll have fun fixing this.
  10. Fred

    Texture Clipping

    Moved this to Map Bus
  11. What keyboard do you have?
  12. Would be good if finding the items was easier to be honest!
  13. First of all, a good decision on removing Colorado v2 and making it available for pvt servers only(survival). A lot whole new experience on pvping on different map. I think colorado v1 needs more obstacles in it, coz it has a lot open area than you think. Spawn should also be fix. Overall we need more survival update and events.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi, I play a newz from the biginning, I'm looking for a clan for pvp team, i speak english pretty well, at least to make me understand, i have a good experience of the game, a good GI, i just miss more teammates with whom to play. https://gyazo.com/e5ad39e7212bb370f845d5a36bae96fc
  16. 90% of people use macros. The devs have basically surrendered.
  17. if you check last days his game the macro fire that he use is for sure,and he still not banned?all people at survival say same, so pls check him out,thx for listen
  18. Toujours d'actu ? le discord ne marche pas.
  19. Would like to extend the activity
  20. so great! I like this patch and I hope there is more coming good ideas and awesome update! Keep it up!
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