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  2. Well last night was a bust

    Im sure next time all will be fine.
  3. how to ninja

    Ninja vanish
  4. ERROR

    Hello dying to zombies is a risk that you face while playing the game same as being killed by players to take your loot the only way to avoid being killed by players is to play in a pve only private server as for being killed by zombies you just have to be more careful and learn from your mistakes.
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  6. Few ideas for game

    you mean again cuz they already did a sniper wipe
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  8. New Montage Dont Forget To Subscribe
  9. Z.E.R.T Clan recruiting

    Hello .. i would like to join ur clan
  10. how to ninja

  11. Well last nights stream was a bust, Sorry everyone. Twitch did not want to give me a stable connection what so ever. Everything was good on my end but they just wouldn't let my kbs make it in. So it is what it is. I will be back though rest assured.
  12. Infestation The New Z- SuperCup 2018!

    TEAM : TH 69 TH COUNTRY : Germany, Russia,Estonia,Turkey,France Contact: U got my discord Players : Crimson, N0ksit, Prodeuca, Dyness, Skrapy, Nirassa,Grumpy,AlmostNotHikka
  13. Price Check of M107 Blueprint ??

    Hello can you tell me how much cost skin "M107 Blueprint" ?
  14. Will FN57 pistol ever get back 20 round magazine capacity from the original game in survival? 10 Round magazines are only for restricted civilian use,and since we only find them in military bases it makes sense that it would have standart 20 round mags, with 30 round mags maybe as extra,Hope Sven sees to this
  15. Last stream this week for me

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Last tream this week for me, How many Box's have you found ? @infestationnewz
  16. Few ideas for game

    i mean if they wipe sniper and make then Rare the game will make so much fun but atm its only cancer
  17. Last week
  18. Survival - Loot Feedback

    I have a couple of issues that I think are kind of a problem. First, I find weapon sights WAY too much. I find 8x swiss scopes a lot, and holographic sights are very common as well. There are tons of boonie hats and body armor everywhere. Lastly, would you guys be willing to have the loot reset when private servers are not being used? I ask because when I log into my server, I find the same stuff in the same spots over and over. Its very time consuming to pick everything up and drop them. Thanks!
  19. looking for a private server

    looking for a private server just to farm some superzombies can pay in loot (no dx or gd)
  20. skins unknown

  21. ERROR

    I was killed by a zombie, while I was looking for a shelter, a mistake was made. most of it will pass in the very moment when you are zombied. and always next to a hundred people who are ready to steal your loot weight! coincidence? I do not think so. I lost a lot. I'm loosing time to play, I'm trying for myself and some kind of stupid mistake ruins (ERROR) the weight of all my work! despise what it is. error reported every time . couse i have all C++ 2005,7,8,11,12,14,15 all Drcx 9 10 11 JAVA netfirework everything is a great but again ERROR ERROR ERROR . I reinstalled windows 3 times. because of this shit, I lose almost 30% of my 50% . not to mention that every third already appears with cheats then I do not really care . because even on a private pve server. I do not feel safe there. and the fact that you threw off the link, I have already created a ticket 2 times. and I'm waiting for more than two weeks to respond! Sorry for my English.
  22. Special Weekend Event!

  23. Special Weekend Event!

    We hope everyone has a nice weekend!
  24. need some help

    Hi, here is a great guide one of our moderators made for finding and killing the Alien Super Zombie! If you still have questions please let us know.
  25. need some help

    where are location for alien zombie only 1 place i no
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