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  2. Infestation: The New Z - Best Moments #3

    I literally laughed during the 6 minutes of the video the best part is that of steve and his invisible backpack
  3. [HIGH]Hentai pvp montage #10

    nice montage +1 kills

    hahaha thanks sir
  5. Please email [email protected] to receive assistance in your case. Thank you!

    i love this montages!! i need more +1
  7. First of all I would like to start by saying sorry to the community. I did hack accounts along side with other people. I do owe a huge apology to everyone I really don't know what I was thinking. I would literally do anything to change the past of what I did but what I did is done now. I understand you guys probably still won't want me unbanned and is understandable, but can we please have a mutual conversation or something cause I really want to redeem myself and progress with playing NewZ. I understand you will probably reject me again. But it's worth a try of joining into this amazing community again... I would litterally do anything to be unbanned and given a 2nd chance at this point. I would have said this is a support ticket but I currently don't have google authentication on my phone so I'm unable to access my account. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, I wanted to contact support. To do so I must be logged into the website and be able to provide the google authentication code. Unfortunately I deleted the NewZ code provider on my phone is there a way of getting it back?
  8. Looking for a clan (Turkish or English)

    Hello @7SP3CI recommend you use the official Discord of Infestation: NewZ. There you can find clan easily.
  9. cherche joueur fr

    Bonjour @christophe62, je vous recommande de chercher des potes dans la discorde officielle de newz, là vous pouvez facilement trouver de nouveaux amis pour la bataille royale ou le monde ouvert. Vous avez également d'autres sections intéressantes où vous pouvez acheter des skins ou même des armes. Cordialement
  10. Montage #44

    I know. Opened off stream. So i had to put it in there
  11. 1st montage

    i wish it could have been better quality but my toaster can only toast one bread at a time.
  12. Alrighty then let the Saturday stream begin

    leeeeets gooooo!!
  13. cherche joueur fr

    bonjours je chercher des joueur pour jouer en battle royal si vous vouler envoyer mess stp
  14. I stopped playing for a while because of my school. Now i have time to play and i dont have a clan anymore , so im looking for a new clan. I have a fully loaded GI and I can use discord or anything else. I can speak english fluently and i have a working mic. My character is warmonger with -30k rep. If you want to recruit me please contact me on this forum. Thanks Oyunu bir süre için bırakmıştım ancak okul kapandığı için şuan bolca vaktim var ancak önceki klanımda artık aktif olmadığım için atılmışım. Bu yüzden kendime bir Türk klanı arıyorum. Depom gayet dolu ve herhangi bir iletişim programını kullanabilirim ve çalışan düzgün bir mikrofonum var. Karakterim Warmonger -30k rep. Eğer bu kriterler size uyduysa ve klana almak isterseniz lütfen bana ulaşın.
  15. It's 5 hours play time through steam, not stream time. Just connect your Steam account and you should be able to unlock it instantly as you probably already played over 5+ hours.
  16. Dear everyone, I finally got the time to finish the Best Moments #3 video! In this montage you can see some of the best and funniest moments caught of people playing New Z. I want to personally thank all the amazing streamers and content creators for making this possible. Keep sending new clips for a best moments #4 video hopefully very very soon! Have a nice Sunday and enjoy the video! Best Regards, // Sven // The New Z - Staff Team
  17. Fredaikis Official Partnership - Now Open Again!

    Ello again im here becouse i have all what you aply for partnership i now probably i want be accepted but im asking if you can give me streamer tag in game tnx for anser alweys yours alienlifeformtv
  18. ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream Starting Soon BIG PATCH COMING, 3rd Mini patch active, Drops We Got's Em, Some BR and other info Come Get Some !!! @infestationnewz @StreamElements @OBSproject @Twitch @Lachhh @anykeyorg @fredaikis
  19. May 2018 Giveaway #2- SVD Shark Attack

    My only problem with it was the +5 for the 5 hours streaming I have it set to public but it still wont let me continue to get the +5 ? I mean I think I have streamed this game for 5 hours lol
  20. Last week
  21. Montage #44

    nice montage and insane revolution skinbox opening
  22. 1st montage

    amazing skills and 1337 moves Coco, zhao loves
  23. Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #2 [GODTAGE]

  24. why, you do nothing against the macross ???????!!!!!!!!

  25. DevBlog - Weapons Rework

    As long as I continue playing, I will continue contributing. Thanks for answering. Have a fun filled Weekend!!!
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