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  2. I do have to admit. It does look impressive. However, as I see it, it presents some interesting prospects. 1) If unchecked, I can see massive buildings strewn around every map. This is going to be distracting and counter-productive to the game itself. There needs to be a limit as to the size of the base. What I can also see, especially on a PVP server is this. A clan builds a massive structure. This sets up the possibility and probability that the members of said clan can simply sit in the tower and snipe other players at will. 2) I also noticed that it is in close proximity to another already existing building. This presents the issue of possibly blocking an area where zombies spawn. This would be a major issue on a PVE server in that we are already having to move from place to place to find enough zombies to kill to be able to complete the existing special contracts. It already takes an extreme amount of time to complete because you have to kill 5000 zombies. To solve issue #1, I suggest that there be a limit on how large and/or high a base can be built. For issue #2, only allow placement of a base outside the chain limit of the zombies that inhabit the location containing existing buildings. In addition, there should be a limit placed on how close you can build to another base. As I said before, base building can add a new dynamic to the game. Especially for the Oregon map that has only 1 safe zone and no bus stops. This also applies more so to the Caliwood map. It has no safe zone. However, like everything else, if it's not kept in check, it can be a detriment to everyone. And could turn in to a game breaker. @Gotz2Poo, I am impressed with your creativity and diligence. Had it not been for your images, I could not have thought of the issues presented here. Thank You. Have a Good Day!!!
  3. Hello everyone! come and join us for some wonderful adventures in New Z with Stinefelt! woohoo!!!
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  5. You are only allowed to use macros to heal and for shields! On January 2nd 2019, in the Open World, General Discussion, Macro's and Hacks, KOTAZ said: "You can use macros to shield and heal any other eg rapid fire or recoil dampening are bannable." So based on what KOTAZ stated, you are cheating!
  6. JKS

    GI Suggestion

    Use client side like a manual mode. The server will no have a problem, make a button in "GI-NPC trade "organization" and pass items one at one. I can make it using macro, why the game don't have this way? I use macro to loadout rifles, desclip, and drop trash itens in trading lounge. Just I need to set in loadout the itens and make a "circuit".
  7. Hello, v1 map Survival has more loot and less powerful and less grouped zombies - good for noobs to start out or just anyone to build up their vault quicker. However v2 maps have more aggressive zombies and more powerful like the screamer and runners, and yet there is much less loot. I like the Colorado v2 map best but the loot seems not enough for the amount of zombies and work. What would be better is to keep v2 as is but add just a little bit more loot all around. Somewhere in between what you see between the two versions would be great. OTHER: Also the "tension" background music in v2 is too much (the one you still hear even if you turn down MUSIC all the way down.) That should be much less frequent, at least half as much as you hear now if not less then that. (In v1 you hardly hear it at all.) OTHER: Also for vehicles in general need some camera Y-axis up and down control - going down hills in vehicles is very bad angle and camera gets stuck there. Can be very difficult to see sometimes. (edit: oh and need e-brake or something to stop from rolling) OTHER: Oh and maybe at least 1 or 2 more public servers for each map? (I remember when you guys had 10 servers!) Thank you, 2mins2midn
  8. I guess that all depends on how common such " explosives " are and how much is needed to damage or destroy a structure. The whole idea sounds cool, im just waiting to see how it goes in implementation
  9. Hey Guys, i am looking for a car spawn map for colorado V1. I already searched the whole forum (maybe i am just a dumbass tho), but i can only find v2 spawn maps... Maybe someone can help me out! Thanks!
  10. Sven, do the Cliffside Sever on Survival stay forever? I really love them!
  11. You do know that AR Scopes work on this sniper right? I can't remember exactly why but I am sure it has a good reason.
  12. The point in the end is that they are indestructible we just didn't get to that part yet in development. My idea was to add some kind of item(s) like explosives and these are the one and only items that CAN do damage to building objects.
  13. I am going to look into this! Hey, so you mean that there is clans owning points that don't exist anymore? Thanks for the feedback on the building system! We are definitively going to use this in further development! Thanks! Great to hear that you like the new Thompson variant It's just for testing and yes you can look at it like that but you can also look at it from the other perspective: premium players and above now also get a little extra benefit. I personally don't see anything wrong with having the beta testing like this for now. These kind of things can happen in a free to play game. When the full system gets released it's going to be accessible by anyone. That's the most important.
  14. Salve galera! Somos um clan brasileiro recrutando uma galera que procura se divertir. Eu e meus amigos voltamos a jogar depois de um hiato de mais ou menos 2 anos. Jogávamos NewZ em seu começo e também jogamos por muitos anos o Infestation/WarZ. Temos uma baita experiencia e queremos nos divertir com uma galera nova, já que não conhecemos ninguém. Requisitos: - Ter ao menos 1000 de reputação (seja ela negativa ou positiva). Iremos fazer limpezas do clan quando aumentarmos a reputação minima. - Ter loot próprio (iremos pedir print do seu inventario, para sabermos qual a situação do loot) - Ter premium (de suma importância). Caso não tenha premium, que tenha GD para continuar no PVP sempre. Adicionaremos apenas UM char ao clan. - Saber jogar no mapa em que o clan estiver. Temos algumas escolhas principais de cidades como: Clear e Campos. - Saber se comunicar, isto aqui realmente faz a diferença no nosso clan. - Ser uma pessoa bacana, que ajuda e não sai pegando loot do amigo por ai. Lembre: Respeito gera respeito. Tenha em mente que queremos ser um clan relativamente grande, mas iremos priorizar a QUALIDADE, ou seja, não queremos um clan cheio de gente que não sabe jogar. Se você aceita todos os requisitos e ainda sim quer ser um Dream venha ao nosso Discord (click no link <) e aguarde na sala de espera. Caso não tenha ninguém no servidor de Discord, responda nesse tópico que entraremos em contato com você via DM. **Atencao: Temos planos futuros para servidor privado do clan
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  16. I agree, we actually have those severs on survival on that event, those cliffside severs, like in the good old days in Infestation!
  17. I really enjoy cliffside on survival! Pleas let atleast one cliffside on EU severs, it's just awesome!!!
  18. looks very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Saturday Hey, Saturday Hey... ATTENTION EVERYONE Stream Starting Soon https://www.twitch.tv/ofctb Patch 2.35 HYPE!! Drops Enabled @infestationnewz @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchTVOnline @fredaikis @TwitchReTweets @TwitchRetweetsU @xidaxpcs @ThatTechShopRT @ThatTechShop
  20. I agree. Bases should be indestructible. The only damage they should incur is through deterioration. Since bases would not be built where zombies have access, there is no need to even discuss that aspect. Base building should be intended for a safe place to store loot. If they are made to be destroyable, why not make safe zones the same way? Or for that matter, why not add the ability to destroy all buildings in cities?
  21. Nice suggestions, i would like to see building more stronger, actually it's destroyable with 1 grenade. Maybe 5 grenades would be fine to build and take advantage of it
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