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  2. AR Stats - Feedback

    We actually went into the AR stats and balanced few guns. The Scar CQC and NS will be in general better from now on. Few other OP gun like Thompson or AS VAL got nerfed. We actually made a lot of work on the attachments to make them way more OP. All of them are reworked and so, the spread will be definitely better with those.
  3. Bring back the old rocky ford.

    But... why is that in survival suggestions
  4. Today
  5. If you are the winner you can write your username here and your prize will be linked to your account, or send me a private message or you can send a ticket to official support.
  6. Enough is Enough

    @CampersRUs agreed well done and much needed!
  7. PvP Montage rhz

    nice montage!
  8. Here we go again :)

  9. Enough is Enough

    You are lucky I keep getting ak drum elite, dx's and aw clips
  10. montage #9

  11. Here we go again :)

    Always a pleasure to watch your streams
  12. Here we go again :)

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Stream Starting Soon BIG PATCH COMING, 3rd Mini patch active, Drops We Got's Em, Some BR and other info Come Get Some !!! @infestationnewz @StreamElements @OBSproject @Twitch @Lachhh @anykeyorg @fredaikis
  13. Round of 32

    Why my kills not on stats
  14. Enough is Enough

    Ok... I've been silent about this issue for long enough. I am sick of paying for a premium (and above) account and for the majority of the time receiving K. STYLE HELMET, CUSTOM GUERILLA ARMOR, AND K. STYLE NVG. All three of these items need to be removed from the que for daily rewards. I have 2782 K. Style Helmets, 2439 Custom Guerilla Armor and 2219 K. Style NVG in my inventory. 3 of the last 4 days I've received K. Style Helmet as my 'reward' for paying for a premium account. This is not acceptable. All three of these items are beyond plentiful as loot laying on the ground and acquired by killing zombies. I have spoken of this in the past, and am not pleased that nothing was done. This would be almost acceptable if you would institute a kiosk in a safe zone where people could sell back excess equipment. (I know this can be done, it was a part of another game of this same genre that had a lot of the building models you are now using in New Z.) It's the same for all those haphazardly placed piles of boulders. Add to that, the fact if you are unlucky enough to jump a hill and land on one of those boulder stacks, you are unable to exit the vehicle which forces you to quit the game so you can once again move about. This action ends up with a loss of whatever vehicle you happen to be stuck in. I applaud all the work that you have all put into the game, but you are still not fixing the key issues that hamper smooth gameplay. For example, exiting a vehicle, trying to retrieve said vehicle, and the game freezes for a period of time. All the while the game world stays in motion. (I have died because of this issue a number of times) Another issue I presented is the fact that the hit radius of the super zombies is way too big. I have climbed up on buildings, only to be hit by a super zombie, even though I was out of his reach. I estimate the distance is approximately double the arm length of the super. Another issue is the time it takes to retrieve a vehicle. It is too long. (I mentioned this also previously) Another vehicle problem is still NO PARKING BREAK even on a slight slope. (That trick of hitting the opposite direction to the one the vehicle is pointing downhill DOES NOT WORK) Also, the time to access a GI Access Locker needs to be shortened back to what it was. It's ridiculous to have to wait to access your inventory, when you can all but instantly access it in a safe zone. How about, instead of having so many different Riot Shields, cut it back to only one and create skins for use by different clans and/or groups. This will make it a lot easier on all players. Next issue is Airdrops. The drop zones are way too limited. There are players that can predict where a drop will occur and be waiting close to that spot. Players take advantage of this poor planning. I suggest that you widen the drop area to encompass the entire map and randomize the drops so they are actually unpredictable and cannot be exploited. Server hopping is still an issue. Especially during a weekend event that adds extra special items to a super and alien zombie kill. 2 weekends ago, I witnessed a player who would appear, wait a few seconds, then leave. Only to reappear again a few minutes later. This particular player appeared a minimum of 3 times in the same location till an alien was present. He proceeded to attack the alien, gather some of the loot, (I was able to get about half the drop) and then, after moving to a high vantage point, disappear once again. I call it server hopping, but no matter what you call it, I consider it glitching which is cheating in any game. It also punishes the players that stay on one server the entire time they are playing and sticking with it for the duration. I know some will try to explain it away saying, 'Oh, they probably got disconnected from the server'. The rhythm of the disconnect and reconnect is too methodical for this to be a fact. Why are there still no improvements to Survival? Every update it's explained that 'We worked hard on other issues and promise that Survival will get an update soon'. This has been the story since Survival went from beta to live. Still no added crafting and still no special currency. As an experiment, a few days ago I tried connecting to the different regions to see what the ping was for each one. The South America region had nothing listed. Hong Kong had a ping of 228, Europe had a ping of 195 and North America, where I play, had a ping of 118. These are averages for the few minutes I spent in each region. The FPS was the same for all regions, but it fluctuated between 25 and 50. These number are affected by the individual IP address and computer equipment. However, these differences have a direct affect on gameplay. One more issue about vehicles. Yes, I have addressed this one before as well. The only 2 vehicles that are more or less controllable are the ZK and the Stryker. However, the Stryker is so slow and weak, it has trouble getting out of it's own way. ie. climbing hills. The ZK is quick enough and has enough power to climb but still has control issues. The ATV, Buggy and Sheriff Roadster are fast yes. But, when driving a straight line on a paved path, and you back off on the accelerator or tap the break, they wildly fishtail out of control. (notice I didn't even mention the Bus) All the new skins are great looking. However, Why are you only creating new GC skins for the small backpack? For anyone that has played any length of time, a small backpack is totally worthless because it has no space to carry the items you find or garner through zombie kills. I don't play PvP so this will probably be argued about by those that live to PvP. I am on the last few days of my current premium account and will most likely not renew it. I am even considering quitting the game all together. This saddens me because I do enjoy playing. That is all I have to rant about. If I stepped on any toes, I apologize but these issues needed to be brought out into the open. The bottom line is, if you want this game to continue to grow and flourish, you need to address the problems and fix them. All the pretty skins and maps are nothing more than what I call 'Window Dressing' They look pretty, but if the game doesn't operate properly, the game will eventually fail. Anyway, I hope you all... HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
  15. montage #9

    Good clips
  16. when im win how to claim the skin ?
  17. montage #9

    god good montage
  18. TEACHER Heartbreaker taught me well , thanks for the classes haha
  19. montage #9

  20. Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #16 [GODS]

    I see that the hours I was teaching you have been worth it

  22. DevBlog - SVD Shark Attack

    HI Sven, Good work very nice look I like it
  23. PVP

    I think the same as you, the new spawn system is really good but only for PVP Maps, for Open World I do not say it is bad but now the respawns are quite far from where you die, this is also due to avoid spawnkillers.
  24. Infestation: The NewZ - PVP Montage #2 [GODS]

    GODS are here!!! nice montage!

    nice kills , beatiful moves i like it!
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