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  2. Hey all , i have make a few tutorial on how to snipe in newz .
  3. He/she right certainly right though even though his English is terrible. I have to agree please add pve servers to premium server list. I haven't seen a single server that isn't pvp server except for private servers which is ridiculously pricey.
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  5. Hi, Ive been looking for some time now and I cant find any place how to host private server or lan server at that? Any info how to do it? Ive only found information that it is possible from community and devs.
  6. Looks really clean Would be really sick if this was a thing, I'm sure it could potentially run better as well. Definitely a thing to consider!!!
  7. I'll post more images soon... FYI: Redoing the mechanics (safezone, packages, etc..) is not difficult.
  8. AQui the clan leader DKR ..involving family within the game in voice chat server colorado NA, following in the stream until CALIWOOD NA at 21:00 HRs Reported in server CALIWOOD. for any doubt I pass the original file of my stream ...;) AQui el lider del clan DKR ..involucrando familia dentro del juego en chat de voz servidor colorado NA , siguiendo en el stream hasta CALIWOOD NA a las 21:00 HRs Reportado en server CALIWOOD. para cualqueir duda paso el archivo original de mi stream...
  9. A game I thought would sadly be buried forever in the gaming cemetery has ONCE AGAIN arisen. I loved the unique monsters and atmosphere the game provided and was far then saddened by its demise because it had SO much potential. I just have one question how passionate is the dev team about actually working on this concept/project? Is this just some quick money grab or are you guys actually serious about it because this game concept needs to be a thing. I loved the sneaking, looting, fighting aspect of the game. I truly felt fear around every corner from man and monster.
  10. Last week
  11. I play every day ,. only on the PVE servers, so I often go to sales , not the first time I notice this error ... please sort it out .., or should it be ???
    I like the game so I will report disinterestedly. Further errors))

  12. With SVD, too, it was ME NOTICED

  13. laid out for sale 43 VSS then canceled the transaction ,. stacked in the inventory left 42 VSSNOTHED NOT SOLD !!!!

  14. one rifle is lost on trade

  15. dear, I found a mistake

  16. Seria interessante aumentar a densidade das paredes e cercas para evitar que players enxerguem do outro lado sem sair do local. Outro ponto é o alcance dos Zumbis, para jogadores novos é difícil farmar sem (morrer) ou explodir carros por passar a 10 metros e mesmo assim tomar dano. O alcance da granada poderia ser revisado, katanas, shanks e armas secundarias poderiam ter o dano revisado já que existe o barrel sniper +5%, fica difícil tomar um tiro de sniper + barrel e um golpe de katana. Precisa equilibrar o jogo entre sobrevivência e pvp, mesmo sendo dividido por (modo) as duas opções estão presentes em todos eles. att... FahirPlay -> www.twitch.tv/fahirplay
  17. Have you seen the hotfix we rolled out? Here is a link:
  18. I got a suggestion to resurrect the game called shattered skies. That game is awesome.

  19. Steve


    Thanks for the report, we will look into it.
  20. @Sven Here's something the community would absolutely love to have and I am sure would bring many subscribers as a result. Make one PVE server for each region on the map Colorado for premium servers. Also even though population is greater on on eu I think there is to many servers and not enough players. Also please make zombies more spread out in the entire map for example in the woods not just in city's the update where you doubled the amount of zombies made the game so much more fun to play and what brought me back after a few months of not playing.
  21. @CampersRUs Oh but they all drop GD.... right... BC Steve said
  22. In my time playing the last few months, I had noticed that an increasing amount of zombies drop NO GD. @Tyrelis I also did the experiment of killing one zombie and then checking my GD. When the zombie drops and shows only XP, that is all you end up with. This issue is especially frustrating on a weekend event like the one that just ended.
  23. @Tyrelis I wish the powers that be would have taken this seriously. Sad when they don't
  24. @Tyrelis We always do, as well as add the note as to what we were doing. ( there is that option there on the pop up if you look) . These are very important to send in, but again, doubtful it will help get anything back. Good luck there guys, I really do mean it!!
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