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    hope you like. im testing new video effects
  3. I got bored today, so i made this.

    where is "KIPER" the best player in this game
  4. Today
  5. ERROR

    constant error, the moment when you say you kill from a zombie you want to find a convenient place and flies. very often it does when there is still a person nearby. I do not understand what that means? coincidence, or intentionally knock me out so that when the zombie smacks me the weight of loot is chosen. I already have a stock of things lost that I already think to remove this game! I'm trying to assemble a naughty, and I lose everything for stupid mistakes. I have 15 games running on my computer. and nowhere shit is not going on
  6. Special Weekend Event!

    Farm or die.
  7. Special Weekend Event!

    Easter weekend comming
  8. Survival - Loot Feedback

    Ok nice update. But good weapons are too many common... decrease spawn rate. AND ADD news weapons (AR « op » good damage good decay / Shotgun « op » with silencer automatic...for exemple ) rare like snipers !
  9. Infestation The New Z- SuperCup 2018!

    TEAM: GG PHILIPPINES COUNTRY: PHILIPPINES CONTACT: // [email protected] I prefer Facebook PLAYERS: - Vital -GG- - Artwork -Nagutom ko - Callmeyokai -X enna RESERVES : Slave0895 // Three22zv // WUSSA
  10. Special Weekend Event!

    When is the Double XP Event comming?
  11. skins unknown

    It's techincally a clanskin but in her case, it's offcially a Sub-Skin. To get invited to this clan, you will need to SUB and there is only this way to get in. Or you need some kind of corruption, for that you may call Poutine
  12. New Map

    The new map will bring so much new exciting stuff anyways! Hype
  13. skins unknown

    Sub skins for inactive streamer Still waiting my shield since 2k16
  14. New armor

    A new item would just help players to have new things to farm / trade / Scavenge. I like the idea of the SWAT Armor. I was also thinking about Heavy Armor. What you guys think? Of course those 2 armors would be really really rare. There is no doubt about it.
  15. Partnership video

    Good job!
  16. Special Weekend Event!

    Dear Survivors, finally it's friday again and what does that mean? You're right, WEEKEND EVENT! After the very positive feedback from the last event, we wanted to do something close to this but also a little bit different. We also try to make both sides happy, which means the one who wants to buy something special and the one who just wants to farm hardcore. We are also trying to not make it too big, because next weekend is Easter 🐰 📢WEEKEND EVENT INFORMATION📢 ✔You can get the Revolution Skinbox from the Alien and normal Super Zombie. All game modes and also private server. The chances are higher on the Alien one. ✔15% discount on all Skinboxes. Only the one which are available in the Marketplace. 🕛 Start: March 23, 2018 12:00pm (CET) 🕛 End: March 26, 2018 12:00pm (CET) The Staff Team wishes you guys a great weekend! Register:
  17. skins unknown

  18. Infestation The New Z- SuperCup 2018!

  19. Lets Do It again

    ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!! New Week new streams and allot of fun to be had all around !!! @infestationnewz
  20. skins unknown

    The memes are stronk with this one.
  21. skins unknown

    You, sir, are a great man of culture.
  22. skins unknown

    I know so was I
  23. Partnership video

    Great video, sir. Good explanation
  24. why all the lollipop Skins

    so much highlighting and stuff x'D
  25. skins unknown

    nice photo @AfYnE
  26. skins unknown

    we are just kidding
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