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The New Z Update

Patch 2.36 in Infestation: The New Z is out now!

The New Z Competitive BETA

The time has finally come where we have decided to open up the Competitive game-mode to the public.


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    • Hello to everyone. First of all - I'm WarZ veteran, playing since 2012.Since my adventure with this game (from warz, infectz, to newz) i felt almost every happening, event , closing servers. 6000 hours in total. Please Devs and community read it.   Our community dying, slowly or fast whatever..  Here is what can be improve to attract NEW PLAYERS and make OLD PLAYERS comeback, i will make TOP 10 MOST EFFECTIVE IMPROVES.   1:Snipers-easy to farm, people have TONS of it - server with 50 ppl on it? around 95% have sniper and just waiting to HS u from nowhere.Excuse me but.. what this game supposed to be? Sniper shooterZ? maybe experinced players can deal with it.. but where is survival, where is good fight in the town like it was in WarZ i can bet 100$ that almost everyone would have better experience with game if snipers will be extremely rare, u find one? OKEY! Lets beat off all campos till u loose it. ( survival have good sniper spawn)   2:Begginers-Since NewZ is on steam, new players coming BUT what they have on BEGGINER SERVER? A guy with rank "Agony" He just create new account to have fun killing ppl fresh respawn, so whats then? He just quit becuase he log into SURVIVAL WORD, and everything what happend to him its guy who sitting and destroying everything what can move with of course.. SNIPER - its like first day in CS;GO and u play against GLOBAL, i was testing begginers servers and i have still loadouts from my 1st account so i think u can handle that and prohibit to play experinced players  (ip or smthg)   3:Make recoil- its truly worth to make it difillcut, now its just click and die, make it a lot harder, like one of emulators ( u know what i mean)  But why? Because make riot shields RARE or EXPENSIVE, recoil will be decreased so it will be easier to run over, not hiding behind 3 riot shields or even more. Adjust to weapons will help a lot ( but they will cost something, not like now   4:Open world  + Surival Merge- As u can see my ideas are for NEW BEGGINING it will attract people who saw in WarZ good survival with extremely pvp, but not with full equipment not that usual, sometimes M4 with iba, sometimes just mosin. 5:Generally population - on Steam from monday to friday around 500 WEEKEND is around 1k  + players without steam ( i think in total 100 pl left ) slowly but still new CIVILIANS joining- lets make another time survival game with hard loot !                                                                                                                                                                                 My last words: Everyone know if something like merge wont happend and make it more survival. This game will die, slowly but its not avoided, and i think ( i want to be honest) U will just answer me, community,  but nothing will be done, its my personal opinion but i want to give it last chance.
    • Jumping bunnys pvp!!!!
    • Nice pvp montage !
    • I liked reducing spread on AR Rifles, i think it's high too, what you guys think about adding a skill for recoil or spread ? It sounds good
    • Nice event ! I will be doing streams ! Join me later guys !
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