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The New Z - Update

Patch 2.37 in Infestation: The New Z is out now!

The New Z - Base Building (Coming Soon)

In development: base building system. Build your bases, defend them and raid for loot. Coming soon in Infestation: The New Z.


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    • O número de jogadores nos servidores de  sobrevivência esta diminuindo com o passar do tempo, esse modo de jogo não oferece oque os jogadores gostam é impossível de achar rifle de francoatirador no chão das casas é impossível achar ( riot shield / escudo de ferro )no chão das casas, essas coisas não estão aparecendo normalmente no mapa, antes servidores de sobrevivência eram cheios hoje estão vazios  pois os administradores do jogo deixaram esse modo a deriva de uma forma que nem eles mesmos jogariam o próprio jogo, quase impossível de se encontrar um rifle de francoatirador e quase impossível de se encontrar ( riot shield / escudo de ferro ) deixando o jogo totalmente sem emoção alguma, você não sente o gosto do tiro a distancia e nem pode chegar ate seu inimigo caso ele saiba que você esta ali pois nao da pra ir pra cima dele sem ser morto por não poder se defender usando a ( riot shield / escudo de ferro ) ou seja os player ficam esperando 300 horas o outro player sair de trás  da arvore pra morrer ou sair do jogo porque não tem como ir pra cima do adversário tornando o jogo um saco. 
    • Note: Don't make FPS only event again. All regions with Max 3 players.
    • The system will be use?
    • hi my in game name is Reaper002 in new z . and steam account name is Star_Wars_Buff and my name is Will . i realy love this game but i found 2  things that could be improved . 1 the lagg and server crashing is plus booting me out of game when playing is a problem . 2 there is a lot of money to be made GC gold currency allrdy because this game has lots of ability to improve . but strat to the pont there could be a open player market where we can sell the game items for a little bit of silver credits ether selling them to the valt or selling them to other players on the game . over all this is the best game i have found for a free to play . but if you guys fix the lagg and make a market where players can sell to others or mby just brake the items down for silver at the valt . this game would win the best free to play game of the year thats just my opinion . over all the best free to play like i said plz fix the lagg thx Reaper002 . and on another note that would make the game a lot of money in gc there are so meny of us that just want to make a server but are afrade of the loss of gc if it laggs out . so plz read this and msg me back if i can help you with eny thing .
    • Thank you Campers and Bravodog. I think something might be wrong with my login. I click to login to the site and it logs me in just fine. I can post and vote on suggestions. When I click on the 'home' button it tells me that I need to verify my email (even thought I am already logged in) so, I go through the process of 'verifying my email', it says it sends the e mail, but I never get it in my inbox, spam folder, or anywhere.
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