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The New Z Update

Patch 2.35 in Infestation: The New Z is out now!

The New Z Competitive BETA

The time has finally come where we have decided to open up the Competitive game-mode to the public.


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    • Ok guys; it seems so far so good....its just the  material damage counts are throwing everyone in the test server off.... until other items are added, we won't know what causes glitches. Like I said earlier, just start with adding NVG's (so you have 1 USEABLE ITEM to bind on pickup) and 2 or 3 Consumables (like MRE for food & water, Badanges DX for health recovery-you give them to us, why not throw them on the ground??; and grenades for open world damage--again, you give them to us, so- why not?). The test server is small, and adding these items will make players cross the zones to stay alive, making them learn both sides of the server testing forcing them without knowing (operant behavior)  they have wandered to the other side of the map to stay alive. OK, onto some weird finds (but not really glitches) Nobody expects building to be perfect, but depending on which the wall is laid (because you do have log design on front, plankwood on back) sometimes when you lay a wall with log facing out, and the next adjoining wall the other direction, there is a severe offset...not enough to create "gap glitches," but enough to get hung up on, if you strafe the wall. I'm sure this is just a "centering" the object issue. This just means, you may have to define a "single maximum width" for all wall designs & use "absolute dead center." I would rather the wall be thicker & hang over the foundation edge (this will also help protect the foundation from damage via players with the high ground advantage--snipers), than protrude from the side due to width inequality. Some players will whine about this, other players will find a way to use it to advantage (like with explosions; damage to 2 sides of an object destroys it faster than to one side; it exposes the adjacent wall to gain MORE damage because there is surface reflection available). I know the reflection damage already exists in game, I use it to my advantage with zombies  behind walls at hangars using grenades.  Speaking of preset buildings (like hangars); there is a vulnerability here for ppl who build into them. They are PAPER structures (IE the actual walls are just a mapping placed against another mapping to look like both sides, no gap space). When you build into existing structures (such as the houses on the test server) they do continue into any rooms that are accessible. which means, anyone attacking a player who has built this way, can just get into the house to knock down the wall and then go in it. This is something expected (& expected not to change).  However since lockers CAN be placed in buildings, building a "fortification structure" at the entrance and/or exits (or you could build around the entire if enough materials) to control it is all that is necessary. All you have to do is make sure once you build into it, you also build a few FOUNDATIONS thru it to keep control over building management. If you follow my recommendation of LIMITING  building allowance to "quarter build" upon city zone entrance, this will make for exciting game play. Make a mission pack (of 5 or 10 missions) to go along with the new update patch!!!! a mission where you have to successfully build (1,3 & 5--you can turn this into 3 missions alone) an enclosed safe house. a mission (again turn into many possible) where you have to knock down a certain number of doors; walls; and foundations; Players will do this to their own buildings as well as other players. a "hack locker attempt" mission; a "hack locker successfully" mission; use explosives mission; you can see the endless possibilities here. This would force players to not only LEARN the build system, but encourage pvp play. Some players, may be more inclined to adapt and increase pvp kill play, if they felt they could try to do NOT do so at first.... breaking into a safe house with someone in it (& not knowing) will force the behavior on its own. I agree with completely removing vehicles (for now) and keep it as a perk to your LONG TERM PLAYERS. Make them buy-able later in the MARKETPLACE, for about $25M GD or "xxx" GC. This will not only give them more value to players, but those who have been here long term with banks built will spend, & now have a permanent leg up, even if still FREE accounts. This is one way you can use the time to fix them (the population spawn errors, the roll glitch, server exit upon enter/exit of vehicle) and simultaneously payback your dedicated players in one fail swoop.
    • First I have to say that I did not expect any reaction, so I did not spend time explaining item by item. Apparently topics generate more comments and develop better than extensive texts defending several points. After the interest I can explain to each one and with that answer more than one person. At first I would like a black market for browser, but this would consume manyresources of the game. So a way to sell the items without having to stay in the trade and even sell items that have low value would help beginner players. Some items not have value because they has in store. If you have GD you can buy any item and go to pvp, lost it and not have problem. I play pvp every day and the players not use multiple armors. Just guerrilha and Heavy. And the curios is, they use guerrilha because have is hard to get a loot of heavy in trade lounge.  My opinion is, "top" itens no have to be in store. Like medkit. The price in trade no have limit because no have reference in store. And some players use in PVP because they buy in trade lounge at hight price or farm that. 90% players use DX because is in store, the price is low than 2k in trade lounge  (1.4 ~~1.8k because the price in store put it low) but get DX is no to easy. Only in radiation you have more chance to get 2 digits of this item.  And this is another point. Radiation is not atractive, only some players get in. BUT if the DX is now out off store? Think about that, why the players not use all the times adventure backpack in pvp? It make the pvp more competitive. I agree with the obvious advantages of the muffler and its importance in the game, especially for solo shooters. Do not get me wrong, I want it more rare and not eliminated from the game. But this item makes all snipers silenced, and only the most "veteran" players of the game have access to them for their GD price. New players could profit from an item that was recently placed in the game. Why the sniper barrel is out off store and silencer is in the store? I disagree. If you use the rifle you have to shoot 3 or 4 times in head to get a kill. If the game no have macro players at med and riot, we do not have a problem. But we have. In BR we do not have that. But in open world one rifle shot make the player build a wall and shot you in left peak (yes, it has in game now). New players have a chance? Rifle at short distance 50m less should be a advantage. But the game is focus in sniper. Rifles no get damage in body to kill. If you shot a guy with DX you can't kill him if you can get 2 headshot and 10 body shots. They med at macro and have 100% again. Rifles right now are use like a shotguns. That make useless sell this items  in trade. Also if you have GD (like me) you can buy a loot of stanag 60, asval 60 and a many of special sniper ammo. The ideia is move the players from the game store to trade lounge.  It make all itens in "PVP drop" more value. I see playing and in stream players ignore loot because they no need than. Have in store. But elite ammo, heavy, adventure, medkit, snipers, sniper silencer, sniper barrel, all players pick up the dead player items. They pick up expencive itens or rare itens. yea, you understand me.    Short cooldown is same at no cooldown. Also, "time to use" is better than it. Like time to get items but more short. Market place in lounge to sell itens. Can you send me a print off this? We do not have in the game a sniper with a damage of 165. It would be unfair to put now or just change the status of the current awp. But considering the rare drop of this item and that it is little used yet (it does not have in the store) increase the effect is the best move to do, if you want a use to this item in game, because right now no have diference clip this item. AWP dont kill, you have a player at 0,65%. The item is  useless.   The firerate is unfair in PVP. The player shot you more fast tha you can heal. And is a 9mm shot and get the same damage in body than a SVD. Is +-1000 Muzzle Energy (in best thest) VS 1500 Muzzle Energy.   But I have doubts if the players are not using a way to cancel loading using macro.   I said put some why I never noticed any, because apparently it hardly even exists. Thanks for the attention and I explain beforehand that I do not speak or write in English. 90% of it all came from google translator, so if there are any understanding problems, just ask me again, I try to relay the information
    • Wymagania : - Wiek 17 lat minimum - Podstawowe GI - Umiejętność gry w zespole Chcesz zagrać? Wbijaj na naszego ts3 : ts5.red    
    • мне бы хотелось, чтобы все навыки которые я прокачал остались  у меня ,чтобы  не было возможности качать заново!
    • Guys make sure to let us know in the comments / forums what your further ideas are for the game so we can use that feedback! Have a nice day!
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